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Author: Vijay

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To make the game of cricket interesting the international format of the game has been changed a lot in the recent years, since world is like that along with a product they asking some thing to offer as a free the same is applicable in the game of cricket. So lots of entertainment mixed cricket has been introduced through the TWENTY TWENTY, this pushes back the standard game format of fifty overs and the test matches as like ancient following games.

So to make that too a new one, cricket is modernized by evaluating the values of game format, thus it paves a way for day and night test matches soon for the world cricket fans. Enjoy the game now, even test matches will look like a twenty twenty, think so.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is not England's dream, it my dream too, the two best sides England and South Africa never got a chance to win such a big trophies for a long time from the ages of cricket. Thus more than Australia, I love England team, it's so decent team and the players also seems to be pretty decent and handsome guys thus these factors make me to like that team, but the team didn't evolve much in the recent cricket but all of a sudden they won it in a big manner that too ICC world cup 2010 series of twenty twenty games, by beating the giant of cricket Australian's that was a great thing, I love you England team and the English players.



Author: Vijay

Friday, May 14, 2010

Previously I ran with a bat and ball to the cricket and always play cricket, all round the time I know cricket only a huge set of friends all we were so craze of this game and enjoy playing this even in the sultry sunny day. But slowly there are so many changes it's hard to play in such a manner, there is no chance for outdoor games in this computerized world, why even I started playing the video games in computer.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First as a player that too as a captain of the team one should not say excuse(s) and put the blame on pitch is like that(damp and wet), opponent bowling like that(fully short pitched balls), we are tired of traveling(match is totally three hours that too for sure one hour you will be at the dressing when your team on batting) there is no rest due to IPL and other continuous session of games( will ICC arrange the schedule as per your convenience? If you need to concentrate on this means why are you taking part in IPL? whether IPL is international or ICC T20 matches are international). Sorry Indian team cricket fans I never saw a captain and a team player like this, he always blaming others and other stuffs, dunno when this captain going to admit his mistake(s).

Dhoni still we are your fans, instead of pointing out other cause, try to minimize the causes for failures in preventive manner,,, cheers Dhoni, all the best my dear.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

The first super eight match for India was an important one, the team knows it well, similar to Australia, but Aussies played with all levels of knowledge from the depth of game level, again this Indians are over confidence and sluggish mode of play provide a superb failure, well congrats to Aussies this is the awesome innings by Aussies and excellent bowling performance they are stronger and they growing much more stronger, all the best Aussies.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Though they Knocked out in the preliminary stage of the 2009 20-20 world cup, it doesn't means the team is getting dark, it eventually means as they are becoming bright day by day to give the better light they are saving their energy to provide very powerful light in future, the team consists of most talented players in the world of cricket, most of them are all rounders, we love the team Aussies.



Author: Vijay

Friday, July 23, 2010

While getting back and chatting with other country peoples and in general all saying that India is a great country know for it's traditional culture. So even the US peoples love this culture, as far what level they think about this issues in their mind is out of my knowledge. More than that those peoples loves our country music, even cine songs, they admire our music style to the greater extent. Our country composed of different styles of customs, traditions, languages, races and music hope all these features attracting the western peoples towards our country. Music is the heart of soul for any human, in such a way our music style is really rocking in all parts of the world.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

The overall champions for the past ten years in all formats of the game, CRICKET is none other than AUSTRALIA, though they seems as mighty team and unbeatable by any other team in the world of cricket, in the last two seasons of the TWENTY TWENTY world cup they knocked out in the semi's that's not a good credit to a might team in the game of CRICKET, will Australia remind their name of championship in this 2010 twenty twenty world cup, hope Aussies do well in this season of 20-20 world cup.