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Oct 11, Monday, 2010

Indian cinemas are famous across the world, among Indian cinemas, Tamil cinemas(can be called as Kollywood) holds a prestigious position and famous across all the states of the country. That too while telling the names of Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan means the entire India, why not the entire world will turn back and listen, such awesome actors cum hero these two people for the decades.

Right from 70's to now there are lot of couples in the on screen, Tamil cinemas experienced huge set of actors and actress, among those I would like to provide the best on screen pair's( best hero-heroine pair)

1 Kamal and Sridevei

2 Rajini and Sri priya

3 Vijay and Simran

4 Ajith and Jyothika



Author: Vijay

October 8, Friday, 2010

Fantastic test match it is between India and Australia, peoples are addicted towards twenty twenty matches in these days, yet test proven his vitality in the game of cricket and delivered the standard form of cricket in an interesting manner, the mighty Australian's putted a excellent fight back though champions of test cricket smashed the world champion team Australia and gain the fruit of success in first test.



Author: Vijay

October 3, Sunday, 2010

This is the blog which simply had no meaning for any one why even for me, but with these years of experience in the blogging world, it's not only useful for me. Use foul for lot of peoples all around the world, have huge set of fans, followers, comment writers, content lovers from all ages for both the genders, right from Chennai to California, let me show thank you for all and this might be like a thank giving post for all of you, with you I can't, your support is so valuable, am grateful to all of you.


October 2, Saturday, 2010

We are so liberal in recent years, we have such rights because our country is sovereign republic social democratic people country, all these because of the freedom we achieved. How we achieved freedom, all because of this person

There are lot of persons beyond our freedom, but he is the key, if he didn't came front at those times, then we can't come outside in these times.

He made our country, he made our people, he made everything and he stands next to GOD for all of us.



Author: Vijay

Sep 30, Thursday, 2010

Congrats Mr Dhoni, again an excellent tournament for you with your guys, this is spectacular while comparing to IPL, because here different countries from different parts of the world of cricket participated and fought hard for their country, at last with great effort Indian's proved as Champions, Chennai Super Kings(CSK), a team from Indian premiere league and champions of IPL succeed again, cheers!