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June 30, Wednesday, 2010

It's been amazing in the English ground, entire credits goes to England guys and this is an extra-ordinary performance by the team which I was expecting for a long time, they kicked off world champions Aussies in the Ashes one day international. These successive victories made England a powerful team that too most considerable won against Aussies, this shows England will rise more and come back with extra power pack performance, I wish this could lead the team towards the success in world cup 2011, sure England need this kind of success to acquire the top position in cricket world.


June 25, Friday, 2010

You just look at the outline map of India and compare this boundary with any other country in the world, this is the only country which ultimately have a shape of human structure, just go and get a India's map else try out in Google once you get India's outline map just compare this and observe the north side which is the top merely resemble a human top(head) and both west and east widens on either side similarly resembles like two sides(hands of the human being)and the bottom most part I mean the southern states in India's map which ultimately looks like footer( legs and foot of human being) with sharpen edges.

It's just a wonder man, didn't observed this kind of things with any other countries boundary, but if you have something like this with your country just share it and I feel proud to be an Indian.



Author: Vijay

June 23, Wednesday, 2010

Though cricket is pretty popular in almost all nations but there is some special place for the game FOOTBALL, so much of fans compared to all the other games. That too now this is the world cup season, South Africa is sparkling with huge set of fans and enthusiastic players from the different nations, there are few mighty teams which already gained the famed and hoping to win this 2010 FIFA cup, other teams also they developing themselves to hold the title of 2010 FIFA cup at Africa.


Though I am a craze ajith fan, I like Vijay a lot, because of the few reasons:

As personally, he is such a calm person, won't talk a lot unless and until he get mingled this I like a lot, second he won't interfere in others issues , he is the person who looks his duties and things alone.

Apart from this he is the sweet talker especially in cinemas while expressing the dialogues that too in the film Ghilli such a natural pronounce evaluated from his voice and even in the age of 36 his broad and straight shoulder shows him like a sweet sixteen.

And mainly see how slim he is in this age also, no need of six packs or eight packs those things are just a show but this is real, for these things I like Vijay a lot, we wish you to provide some good romance movies.

You rocking in the romantic scenes right from the Khusi, similarly romantic scenes in Vettaikaran are so superb than the action scenes such a innocent way of acting in those kind of romantic scenes.

As fans we all wish you right from here and please do engage in similar romantic movies, just throw action kind of movies for some years.



Author: Vijay

June 22, Tuesday, 2010

You all know the proverb OLD IS GOLD.. Rite?
Yes that suits for ancient period, all proverbs and inventions was founded by our grandfather's at the ancient period.

Now see the position of the world, entire changes from A to Z things, I think these old proverbs won't suits for modern period, so let me consider this as GOLD IS GOLD, new proverb, fine we can buy even one's heart by paying certain money in this period but buying the Gold is quite tough, you can't buy it easily that still u getting by paying high amount and we can't estimate the quality in means whether the Gold is pure or not, in such way the modern world is running on, so how you going to buy bold bullion in a comfort mode with good quality at nominal rate, here is the one solution and also this is the best solution to buy gold bullion through online.

To buy gold bullion you need some assistance so here they providing aurum advisory with all set of information from history of gold to up today rate and catalog of gold in stock market for all who ever you might be and what ever amount you buying, they assists to buy bullion from organization to individuals with clear information's with accurate rates, models and all world gold coins.

Also here they providing free gold guide for you for the better understanding about the certified gold coins. Also gold IRA account types are available, massive US providing Gold American Eagles and Gold proof American Eagles, which are quite famous gold IRA accounts, see one more wonderful thing the the fees for establishing a self-directed gold IRA is just $15 for one time, this is quite interesting.You can also get free guidance and tags about the bullion, here they assist with clear set of information with detailed description of bullion such as American buffalo, Chinese gold panda, Australian nugget and more with price and set details for you to buy gold bullion in a better way that too all these mode of assistance and guidance through online in a simple and quick manner, more over you can contact them through this number for easy process and methods 1-800-940-7793.



Author: Vijay

June 20, Sunday, 2010

I didn't read the complete message that they delivered in a specific weekly magazine but I got a chance to see the outer cover and they displayed a message as "Decline of Engineering Studies- educationalists are in sorrow", rite thing, if one taking a path means is that necessary for all to take the same path, I don't know why peoples blindly following this kind of choosing methods right from the education to personal life.

Make a different choice on yourself, choose that as per your wish, if you doing that with your full interests then you are the master in such thing, after finishing twelfth all are going to in Engineering degree, I too want to go for the same means it really won't give a clear meaning for you, parent's stress also there in that case you need to express your mode of interests towards your parents and make your way in the thing which you interested.

For example if you are taking a educational course out of your interests means eventually you spoiling your interests also you won't enrich as a master in that course you took with someone's force, it simultaneously suppress the name of the course or degree program so all you need to do is be clear right from the tenth standard and choose the right thing in which you interested in this will really helps you to get shine as a popular professional in such field also because of you that field also getting good names(example take Mr.Abdul kalam he interested in atomic physics and his engineering helps him to get in a research industry because of his interest from his childhood Mr.kalam is very popularized scientist, this eventually creates a good name for him also behalf of him the specific field atomic space industry also gained good name's) this is called education plus professionalism,reading for the sake of marks and getting into a industry means then it's dumb education with blind degree courses.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you heard of Virtual Barrack, who eventually popular for the online MMO yes massively multi-player online, no one say no to games, all are gamer minds each one love to play games. Yes here one of the famous NewZealand based MMO account buying and selling provides predominant offers for the players in the market. There are lots of buying and selling accounts there, one famous you can Buy Aion Accounts this is the most popular and so superb format of account filled with various levels and top ranking, lots of users are fans for this more over here in virtual barrack there is always live support is enhanced which always assist you, moreover all your payment account will be more secured here, also the response is so fast here they will provide within thirty minutes from buying, once you get into a live chat service you can fill the order so easily, similarly selling the account has also been processed here.

There is World of Warcraft Accounts which such a live format it is, you need to do a thing is once you created your account you need keep the information of your account in a confidential manner, they sold about ten thousand accounts with zero ban rates, so buying and selling the accounts are quite approachable with complete online assistance through their privacy chat provided. You can reach them through the following mail id;cs@vbarrack.com all round the time for more information about the procedures formulated in MMO accounts at any time, they have a good team to assist you clearly and customer friendly with customer satisfaction as their goal.



Author: Vijay

What is linked-in?
I ask to many of friends, I got invite from one of my friend but it seems thats only for professionals, I think that's best place for professionalism and highly skilled persons with a lot of technological evaluation in a pretty decent manner without any junk materials, good to get in contact with professional sites like this, thanks for providing such a useful site for the professionals.


June 11, Friday, 2010

Whatever the degree if they did, right from the arts to engineering graduates the word they breath after finishing the degree are these things Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Cognizant technology solutions(CTS), WIPRO, HCL technologies, Infosys and these organizations attracting the graduates in all forms through various divisions of designations and department regarding the projects they will hold. That's right if you have passion towards you can do it, but friends why can't you think with other form of sources apart from these, take for an example if all peoples wishing to get into a same sector means then other sectors will eventually get depleted with lack of skilled persons and resources, so just think in this form try to explore different kind of things, instead of looking forward on the same thing.



Author: Vijay

June 07, Monday, 2010

It's surprising climate here at Chennai, this is the month of summer more over much hotter days in recent months, that too in this extreme summer month the climate is pretty cool and seems to be pleasant for all who suffering a lot due to high temperature in the recent times at Chennai, more over one interesting thing the climate looks romantic too, vow that's great right.



Author: Vijay

June 05, Saturday, 2010

What to say? Really confused while watching the match between India versus Zimbabwe, I think even Indians played with senior players in the team then also I think Zimbabwe will win, that's sure and this is not based on the home pitch series or factors favorable for the Zimbabwe team and nothing like so, for the recent months this team is amazing already won against mighty Australian's and Strong Pakistani's, just want to say one thing from all these there are higher probability for the Zimbabwe team to reach the finals in the world cup 2011, winning or losing in the finals it's all depend upon the opponent team....!


June 02, Wednesday, 2010

Yes I agree cool blogs seems silent for few weeks, again to encourage other blogger and to maintain co-ordinal friendship with other blogger's, to provide a treat to all visitors and encourage others who have their interest in blogging, here Cool Blogs en-lights again, sure Cool Blogs will continue with the same effort in this blogging world and always stood as a best blog in the blogging world and also a best blog in the readers heart, so hai to all, it's a great pleasure to rock int he blog-world again.