Author: Vijay

I have been visiting other blogs and been reading some of their posts. I admire those who have multiple blogs and despite the number they could still maintain them.

I understand a couple of bloggers who rant that they had less socialization already because of blogging. This is what i can say, it is symptomatic of addiction, blogging addiction, that is.

I enjoy blogging. It keeps me busy when i have no office work and it diverts my attention to thinking about life's problems. Its not that blogging is my escape goat, but it is my comfort zone.It is so enjoying to be socially aware with what is happening to other blogger's lives as well. Most of all, i am rewarded because i earn!



Author: Vijay

Seeking the information from a online store is pretty toughest thing to carry out, since it is filled with so much of information's need to put some more efforts to find the right one, yes while searching some necessary references for my project, were found so much of results in online under the same topic. After a much long search fund the right information for my right project..thank GOD



Author: Vijay

I'm back!
I've been away for a week. not actually away. but more like slaving myself all week. which explains why i haven't checked my mail, updated my blog and returned dropped cards the whole week.

so what have i been doing all week? cooking.

i was cooking the whole week for the first communion party of my son yesterday. i made 5 viands plus desserts for 30 people. and boy, am i tired.oh oh tired



Author: Vijay

Eventhough after a great fight back against the pakistan team India at last entered in the final match against sri lank in the asia cup. I were so happy to see the match that our country entered in the grand finals of Asia cup and me so eagerly watching the match and guessing who going to win almost the virendar shewags innings of fastest fifty makes a fell for my self that our India will surely hold the crown of the Asia cup but after the introduce of mendis spell extreme turn back of match I felt so bad of our team performance and losing all the wickets to a single bowler and then after loss of Dhoni 's wicket I switched off my television and went out. I thought that will burst cracker for each of shewag's six and four but there in the match mendis burnt the fire for Indian palyers and like bursting crackers he closes all Indian s wickets and paved a way for his team to the grand success.