Sunday, February 28, 2010

Initially I took many things as easy for myself, I thought who can do if we can't, within a certain years I realized, Every one can do but how can I? I recognized my position, of course GOD made me and offered me to realize who I am? That much of failures, though in these failures apart from realizing myself I realized a important that GOD is with me, if I continue placing my efforts in a sincere manner means sure GOD will provide the rights things by overcoming the failures, GOD's belief and hard work is more than enough to succeed in anything, I realized these things and still practicing these things to overcome the failures with GOD's grace.



Author: Vijay

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You can find any nation with cricket, I think almost all nations practicing this game, sport or game what so ever, CRICKET stands alone apart from the categories of sports and games. This is the single name which captures every one heart right after 2000, but while thinking about USA, Cricket holds less fame. I had many friends from US that too through blogging and I tend to ask why Cricket is not so popular in your country, much of them don't know what to answer for this but they keep on saying I play Baseball, I play Volleyball, I play Football and I play icehockey, they keep on making a lists like these but for Cricket alone they saying, I watch but I don't know to play.

After analyzing in online, I found the reason behind this is American's have the nature to adopt their own tendency towards their culture, as same they following in their own methods in the games also, they not wish to adopt this Cricket. Hope the generation gap will focus on this game much they try to bring best teams from US to the world of Cricket.



Author: Vijay

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can we change our Sachin Tendulkar name as Recordulkar?

How is this name friends?
Best name for sachin know? Right!

Since his records are like that, I itself expect when this man going to break the highest one day international record, but he did it, he hold all things with him, a luckiest man more than that a hardworking player, his career aim came through his bat on the second one day international match against South Africa, don't know how to praise. There were many peoples there to praise, why can't this world itself waiting to praise him.

Super Sachin...



Author: Vijay

Friday, February 26, 2010

Very much hungry now, were searching for something to eat, dinner time. Thinking of what to eat now, then a pleasant my regional food, famous all over south India, now getting famous in US also, of course Dosai, some people say as Dosa, the only tiff-in which holds quantity plus quality in a variety format, that too if this Dosa is served with a best side dish, no words to say, hunger will ran away. A fabulous food that brings a wonderful taste at your mouth, wow I really love it.


Monday, February 22, 2010

As I already said, my mother tongue is different, I had a good practice in my mother tongue, I will do that language with good accent, good modulation, good pronunciation and also with a good presentation. Though i studied in convent school, they gave much importance to ten subjects for the public examination, along with them I too didn't focus on Spoken English(communication) since I too don't have time to develop such skills, as an average student I keep on concentrating on my subjects right from my school to college studies, so in such case they asking to develop your communication skills particularly spoken English means, am struggling a lot. though you hold a technical degree without a good communication( that too specifically with a language of English) it's not easy to acquire a job. Do you know why they telling like so, since we all independent on other English countries in all official aspects right from Software development to production technology sectors. So how one can improve a good communication skills for official purpose that too in a shorter span of time with excellent grammar and fluent in speaking. I too have did so many mistakes, right from the school I don't have the habit of reading English novels and general books apart from my examination subject books, because of this am individually struggling to improve my communication skills.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love is GREAT
Marriage is holiness.

My dear friends these are the quotes which are suitable for ancient period, not these two quotes alone most of the framed quotes won't applicable for this period. Do you know why?

Since we are at Modern Cosmopolitan IT(Information Technology) world hope you know the meaning for this, simply to say we are in Computerized world.

So the modern quote that I accomplished for both love and marriage are as follows:

Love is for time pass.
Marriage is just for that three letter pleasure(hope guys and girls you know what it is).


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Though there are many methods to improve the communication skills, I found the best one is self-practice, I am not a quick learner though one educated me, I need some practical form of learning, means apart from book I need practical form of learning then only I can learn the things by understanding clearly. So to improve my base communication I suggested to practice myself, yes I planned to think in language(English here) since that's the base, this is converted as Global language without fluency in such a language it's hard to carry out the official stuffs, this is the mode I adopted, since my mother language differs from this language yet I am struggling to get the fluency because am not a American or British (to born with English language), I myself need some more self practice to learn the things clearly.



Author: Vijay

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Though I studied in a convent right from my primary, after my college only I realized how much I lack in communication skill, especially speaking skills, as per today's position you can gain any kind of degree but without communication you can't get anything right from your personal to professional things, English is so much important but I struggled to acquire this language since my mother language is not English, I have practiced all things in my mother language, so it's a struggle to improve a foreign language but this alone helpful for professional things though you can have so many degree's, as frank after blogging only I improved to some extent in the English communication but I need to improve much, hope I will. Cheers....


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

With advance growth of media films from India are highly appreciable at every parts of the world. Bollywood contributes much in that such as winning of Oscar awards, yielding profit and fame as an artist, advancement of technology employed in the movie along with hits now attracts Hollywood artists to play in Indian movies, also here they have high scope for commercial movies so they are eager towards Indian films, these things taking our Indian films to next grade in International level.

Similarly our music director respected A.R. Rahman who gained fames and names for his best of music in Indian film industry had promoted a step higher and entered in Hollywood, cheers.



Author: Vijay

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cricket captured all countries and won a favorable position among all persons across the world, but how many peoples know that HOCKEY is the national game of the country. Right from the British rule the country's style changed, CRICKET a British invented game but the game is so popular in Australia and India, though Australia holds cricket as their national game but for India they forgotten their national game itself, the thing in the schools they cultivating the basic lessons as their national game as HOCKEY but as of now they need to demonstrate this game through a subject or through a separate lesson also need to provide a hour to practice this game, what to do now days it's hard to find a sports period in the school and college levels, need some more changes in the education and sports level for the democratic countries like India.



Author: Vijay

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Recent ranji trophies creating many talented player's to our Indian cricket team, team also in need of such energetic young players to evolve in a best manner. Days before while watching these Ranji trophy match, Mohammed kaif played a extra ordinary innings with a century, today my friend also said that Yousuf Pathan made a hundred in yesterday ranji trophy match. I don't know why these players making in domestic matches but failing in international matches if they awarded a opportunity.



Author: Vijay

February 01, Monday, 2010

You may be a expert with lots of intelligence, but you need some thing to assist you at some point of time while looking over language you might approach Dictionary at some point of time. Similarly while looking for your business you might search for some business directory to enhance and know the things for to the process in a better manner with recognized skill of knowledge. Yes, you created a web page for your business or for some thing to be get published in the internet, creating and accomplishing your process in your website alone enough to make it popular to others? Not enough my friend, you have to find some sort of assistance in a right and loyal manner. You need a expert's solution for your web to make it publish in a extra-ordinary manner, creating and adding the contents to your web alone not a complete work, your newly generated websites need links and networks in an expandable manner for that you need a help from business web directory, they know to broadcast the things of your web in a quality manner with good links for your web site, they access the things related to your website in a professional way with the expert's for giving the quality solutions for your web all round the time in a simple and understandable form. Once you submitted your web site details, they will approach and get you all the necessary details in a simple format, further they will keep on insisting the techniques over your website to yield benefits over your website ranking and traffic, thus it will promote your web and enhance the fame of your business in a quality mode.


February 01, Monday, 2010

Right from 1996 Australians seems to be powerful team in the world of cricket, though famous player's retired and team appears to be new, mighty power goes on increasing from the team point of view with great contribution from experienced captain Mr.Ricky Ponting with his new set of guys recently with Pakistan. Some times Pakistan seems to be best side in the world of cricket especially in one-day matches, but I don't know why even great teams also failing before Australian's. Australian's secret of success is DISCIPLINE FORM OF CRICKET, even experienced or new, all players recognized their level and realizing their mistakes on own, then with co-ordination they performing great with joined team efforts thus put forth success in all form of games to whom ever they play.