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So funny, it's raining here. I just got phone call and this person talking in other language which I don't understand. I just answered back to him and speaking other language as well. You know what? He still kept on talking in his language.

If you are wondering what language he's talking about. I can tell you that it's indian language. Anyway its just a wrong number which the guy dialed.

I can't believe is that he even reply me back in his language. Well, nothing more to say, it's end of phone call. I don't think he will called me back again as I have no idea what I am talking about as well.



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So tell if you have sponsored some contest. What do you think of it? Is it a good idea? Personally, I am so lazy in holding a contest. That's why I have choose to sponsor my ad space for contest.

I am getting kind of lazy lately that's why you don't see me dropping much card. Anyway if you have thought about sponsor contest whether its a good idea or bad. I like to hear it from you.



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Hi my dear blogging friends, this is the picture for all you and a small message through this:



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I just want to tell everyone that if you have an online account be sure to secure them. The best thing to do is always change your password. I think it's best to change password every 3 months but I could be wrong. You can tell me how often you change your password.

I am trying to change as often as I can and I don't to lose track on the password I changed. If you are having an online banking account. Do you change the password often?


I just couldnt believe this when i heard it but someone actually was able to make italian lasagna in their dishwasher. Now isnt this the strangest thing you've ever heard? No joke but someone actually was able to do it not that i would ever try it. I havnt tried to cook lasagna yet but i think i'll stick with my trusty oven.. hehehehe Here's the low down on the recipe. Bon apetit!



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I got to know from another friend that her daughter's email account been hacked. Do you want to know who did it? Her daughter told her that's her friend that did it! How sicked is that?

I don't know why one friend would want to hack another friend's email account. She did not tell her about her password. The friend is so smart to have figure out about the password. Tell me how genius is that! Maybe the friend must have know her too well.

Tell me if you will still want to be friend with the person that hacked your email account!



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My BOSS just loves cars and tonight when we finish our bible study we drive home but i forget to mail a letter so i run by the mail box next to 7eleven but then my wife is hungry for hot dog so we stop and by hot dog and my son see's some car so he automatically glued to those cars so i buy him one. I'm a bad father coz i spoil my son too too much with toys. I think I'm a bad father. Anyways, this is the picture of the car we buy him. Let me here from you.



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All should have their thought to keep their health fit and well. Most of them will take many of steps to make their health fit and right. Some will go for the various physical treatment methods. Most of them will think that wont worth so they should undergo many self practices such as exercise and various work out through self mode and through gym materials. But in this machine world that too also a tough task to do, so I too have think about all these stuffs and turned my mind to the diet pills. As far as present situation, one of the easiest and best mode for to make our health for the better and well fitted is through diet pills. But so many diet pills are there so I got confused a lot to choose what is the right choice to undertake, finally through my friend I got the right thing. I found this is the best diet pill, which will satisfy my problems regarding the health . Yes, I got acaiberry diet, one of the best diet pill for our health and to mainatin our health in a better and good conditions. So friend don't miss this pill, this is the pill which posses very high quality of drugs for the right diet. I enjoyed and got benefited through this diet pill.


I have always been a fan of strawberry ice cream. And when I tried vanilla flavored ice cream, I started to like it also. When Dairy Queen opened at Gateway Mall (I think that was 2 years ago), I tried there brownie temptation blizzard & I was addicted to it. The other day, I went to Robinson's Galleria and I was happy to know that DQ opened a branch there. So I ordered my favorite blizzard. And it was the same yummylicious ice cream that I have tried years ago. Super yummy! If you happen to pass by a DQ branch, I suggest you try this one. Forget the guilt feeling just indulge!



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Yes,ansones is one of my favorite tropical fruit. It's very delicious and juicy kind of fruit. The leaves, bark and seeds are also useful as it can be used in treating some medical problems. The dried fruit skins when burned emit an aromatic smell which repels mosquitoes.

I still remember during those time that my grandparents bring us to Camiguin Island, the place where you can find tons of Lansones. But the reason why I posted this is because of the shocking price that welcomed me here in the Philippines hehehe. Can you believe the lansones here in the Manila is now 160 per kilo?



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I'm really happy with my life now. Don't get me wrong, I still wasn't able to get all the things that I wanted but I'm lucky because along the way, I've met new friends. I'm getting used to my work as a CSR, though it has nothing to do with my real profession. I'm enjoying my life now in a call center. I'm happy that I have a lot of new friends & I'm grateful that I was able to get in touch with my old peeps.

Although there have been a lot of trials in my life now. Right now I am living with a friend, let me just clarify that the friend I'm referring to is a girl huh! Haha! I just don't want you readers to think that I've gone crazy. There have been some misunderstanding between me & my eldest brother that forced me to move out. It's hard to be away from home but I wanted to prove something to myself & also to all those who have been underestimating me. In time I'll be able to do that. I'm very positive that things will be better for me.



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My vacation to the Philippines will be coming up soon. I expect that this will be my last long vacation for awhile; because my eldest daughter is going to school next year, and I will not have much time for traveling for that reason. I don’t know when I will be able to come back again, but, most likely, I will get to return some day. As much as I can, I want to have quality time with my family there and meet my co-blogging friends.

Anyway, it will not be easy to travel with two kids; if you know anything about kids, you know how hyper active they are. Maria will be 4 years old in May 2009 and Bianca will be 18 months old in March of the same year. At their young age, they can’t hold still; they just want to play and run all the time. What I am afraid of is that they will get lost in the airport. I will need extra hands to keep up with my children; so, I have decided to mail my “balikbayan” boxes. Half of the contents of the boxes are my presents for my family, and the other half are my supplies. I hope it will arrive on time; at least, I hope that the latest it will arrive is as soon as I get there.

Therefore, I plan to be traveling very light, with only one hand carry bag and my two children. I think this will be easier to manage; and it will be quicker too, because I will not have wait at the baggage carousels to pick up checked in luggage.



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Hello dear blogging friends, here its came a grand festival for all of us in my country. I love this festival a lot, not only me right from the age of six to the age of sixty the festival that has been enjoyed by every one is none other than that DIWALI. For a month before itself the celebration towards this festival has been started, I too started celebrating this function through lot of plans. Before a month itself along with my friends and family we started planning how to make over this function as grand success in a grand manner, such as buying of new clothes, buying of new eating items such as sweets and snacks items. More than that I planned to buy crackers, but I lost my interested towards the crackers. Since that and all one age, up to that I had a great expectations over the crackers, very much interested to burst crackers and all that stuffs. Now the real interest is not on the crackers, laziness is the best reason for such thing, I felt to spent time before the television by watching the new programs is better than that of bursting crackers. More over bursting of crackers involves more safety measures while bursting and also wastage of money unnecessarily on the other hand. So I enjoy this light festival in the media lights rather than before the bursting lights.



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I already bought my new ACER laptop computer this afternoon. This thing , I considered is the 100 percent comes form my online business. I have been in the online business for several months now and I can say that it really helps me in all my household expenses and even my daughters elementary education and our daily expenses. This type of Acer model is so good because its processor is already 2.0 Ghz with all the built in accessories. The reading capacity of this Acer 4730Z is so fast compared to my old desktop. I am so happy this time because of this new high end gadget. I am hoping and that I could get more task so that I can continue sharing more interesting articles and stories.



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After 3 days of weekend escapade we've got home late last night. It's definitely a fun filled weekend for us and enjoyed every minutes of it. I even have a chance to roamed around in the mall for the Labor Day Sale (lol) while hubby enjoying playing golf with his friends. I am pretty busy this day and I dont have a chance to peek with my computer and still doing some stuffs at this time (waaaaaaaaah) life of a stay at home wife! I am still washing clothes and later I have to fold it.

Glad that hubby loves the fish that I fried for dinner. I dont want to get busy in the kitchen while I'll have a lot of stuffs to be done. Have a wonderful night everyone!



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Even though now days are holidays for me, so much of work is awaiting for me. All such works are primary works only, but for that itself found no time to undertake and finish all the process soon. I started yesterday with washing my clothes, this washing itself continued for more than three hours, such a amount of clothes are there for washing. Then I started to arrange my bag, it was so dusty and tore, first I took my bag to a bag shop for stitching the un threaded parts of the bag. Hence after coming from the bag shop, had a separate wash over my bag, since it was so dusty, then arranged my files and folders that I had in my system for the easy tasking. Within these time the bag and clothes got dried, I ran to pick my clothes from the dryer and then switched on my iron box to make a iron over the washed clothes, it again takes nearly a hour, no time to eat the snacks also, such a type of running schedule for my primary works itself to get the arrange and keep my things neat and clean.



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I am the college student this is the time for my enjoyment and happiness. More than all this I like loneliness, while am alone one of my great twin soul which always stays and smoothness is one and only music. without music I can't even spend a hour, that much I love the music, more than that I had great interest towards singing. I will start singing together when I hearing the songs in my ipod. I love my ipod since it's a greatest device for me, as a music lover without ipod I wont eat the food also. While eating also I always hold my ipod in my ears and I will concentrate all my favourite songs. I have a large number of play lists that are my most favourite songs, all those songs I stored in my computer. The songs which I have downloaded in my computer are stored in my favourite play lists, but more than my computer I love to hear my play lists in my ipod, since I had ipod nano, which is very compact and portable. I will take my ipod nano where ever am moving more than that I hold my MP3 player in my bag along with my ipod nano since some of song formats such as .wma are cannot accessible in my ipod, so at these times my MP3 player supports me, since already said am the great music lover always needs music more than that of foods. Also I can hear FM in my MP3 player but it can't be adopt in my ipod, so am happily enjoying with my ipod and ready to buy a new ipod also to give a present for my friend.



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Last night the temperature suddenly dropped down from 50F to 25F 2C. I cant believe that in the middle of fall it would get so cold like that! My friend turn up the heater cause its getting chilly inside the house and I have to wear a jacket because my body is not used to with the cold yet. I've noticed that some of our trees got no leaves left like this one in the picture. Just a couple of days ago I took a picture of it and it was still full of leaves, now it looks like its dead. So early to be so cold, we still got a lot of plans to do outside, I guess we have to postponed it for next year. My friend said that there still be more warm days like in the middle of November and December, well I hope so! I have to remind myself that I need to do some shopping for winter clothes and shoes for JJ to keep him warm whenever we take a walk around the yard.



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This is for all my blogging friends, enjoy



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..first day of work week. I woke up discovering that my car was covered in frosts. I was kinda expecting it even without watching the weather network because it was really cold inside last night. The furnace was on most of the night. I have to warm up my car ahead of time, the ground was just covered with frost. I think it was -4 deg Celsius this morning. It's gonna be up to only 6 deg Celsius today, so it is still chilly especially with a bit of wind. It is a really clear day though.



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First I want to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays for beating the Boston Red Sox and be the winner of the 2008 American League Championship Series. I just learned all this stuff in 2 months and I am so proud that the worst team in baseball last year being able to compete in the 2008 World Series this year. It is truly a Cinderella story for the Tampa Bay Rays and being able to prove to the world that they can do all this and win their games.


It was really funny; yesterday I decided to cook some dried fish outside. The three neighbors that were surrounded by our house own a dog. I think it was only us who don't have a dog. They usually put their dogs in their back yard. Now, every time I cook a fish in our back yard, the dogs of my three neighbors will really bark in chorus. It was just funny how they react with the smell of the food that I was cooking...I also noticed that our neighbor came out from their house maybe to checked what happen why his dog was barking. And when he is about to go out, he maybe smell my food and immediately close the door. I could see that he was covering his nose...hopefully he wont complain about the smell...I don't really know why white people found the smell of the dried fish so awful. For me, the smell of the fried dried fish will surely enhance my appetite!



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My dad has always been good on predicting stuffs. And now he predicts that Obama will win the presidential election. Well I guess on this he does know what he's talking about. Obama did win the Presidential election. Congratulations to him. Change will indeed come to America. I hope it's for the better. It's really hard to think about a lot of problems. And the United States of America has loads of them!

Since it's one of the first world countries and is indeed One f the most powerful countries nowadays, America is facing tons of things. Good Luck to Mr. President Obama. I hope he focuses on helping third world countries. haha and a lot of Philantropic works. LOL. or stuffs like that. I hope he won't be all too consumed that he won or be air headed or something like that. blah blah blah..

but who cares what I think about?!. The point is. My dad is a very good Psychic. hehe. He really knows what he's doing and his predictions are 90% accurate! weeeeeee!!



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While I was browsing online, I found this cool information. Is it really true that caffeine is good to our skin? Well I don't like to drink caffeine for the moment I drink, it will surely keep me awake until morning and the following day, I need to expect to have a very bad head ache. But the information that just read just really caught my attention. Wow! One thing I've heard that caffeine can also help you remembering things. Looks like you can get a lot of things from caffeine. But the fact is, it is still caffeine and when you drink too much of it, it can definitely lead you to harm. So, I think one cup of coffee everyday is enough?



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Today we suppose to go to Disneyland Paris.We already planned it almost a week but it is just happen that my sister in law decided not to go there.Grrr!!I told my husband that how come that she change her plan just this morning.He said that he can't force her sister,she always like that.There are days that she just sit,read and watch TV.I said that i am very bored,normally weekend we have our small shopping but since they are here we thought that our weekend would be more nice but it is the contrary though.What i did is i just planted my roses that i bought with my husband during our food shopping.And when our neighbor saw me that i am planting roses she kindly gave me some nutrients products for roses.She is so nice lucky to have this kind of neighbor:-)



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I am into watching dramas right now particularly the Japanese ones. I love the way they act, not because they are great actors and actresses or they're considered idols in Japan but I like the way they portray their characters, one would think that they were actually the real ones. I also like the unique types of dramas they're producing deviating from the usual guy-girl relationship that for all we know would end up together at the end of the series. But that's for another post.

Since there are only select few Asian dramas shown here in the Philippines (and all of them are dubbed) one cannot choose what to watch. There are MANY dramas out there that can give networks a chunk in audience shares but I am quite surprised that none of our local networks bought right to those dramas. So, my only recourse was get subtitled ones from forums or watch it online.
Watching it online will do but quality sucks bigtime! Not to mention poor audio on online streaming sites. Although I watch the first few episodes online to test if a certain dramas is good, I usually end up downloading them through torrents. I first thought that having this SmartBro connection doesn't really help when you download dramas where each episode can be as much as 700MB, imagine the period of waiting I have to endure with a sucky internet connection. But I was surprised to find out that my downloads can go as fast as 80 to 90kbps, just when I thought that I'll have to keep my laptop on for long hours just to get one single episode. Getting 80 to 90kbps speeds is pretty fast for a standard SmartBro connection where my usual downloads would only average 10-12kbps. I once concluded that those almost-unbelievable speeds were caused by multiple peers online at the same time. But when I tried downloading a few 100MB files from file-sharing websites and tried buffering videos from YouTube, it's actually FAST! Faster than my expectations from a SmartBro connection, are they getting better at it or is it just me?


I took photos of these flowers on my daily walks here in a foreign country. They are breathtaking... They are multi-colored --- pink, yellow,lavender, orange, white. They made my day...They are called tulips.

Although tulips are connected with Holland ( dubbed as "Land of the Tulips") they can actually be found anywhere especially on mountainous areas with the dormancy of cool temperature. Hence, it will always be found in temperate regions. Since i am in the European country, tulips abound everywhere. I love tulips.

Here are some of the photos that i took. I hope i can go to Holland one day and so i can take photos of millions of well-manicured tulips. For the meantime, i am quite content with these ones...