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Did you know that grass shouldn't be cut too short? i certainly didn't know that. and i had to learn it the hard way.

I only found out about this tiny bit of info when our grass in the front lawn died. yup. dead. brown. dried. it was definitely an ugly sight. especially since ours was the only one on our street suffering from that state.

I was really embarrassed so i pestered hubby to do something about it. either hire someone to do it or try do it himself. but hubby was feeling up to the challenge and decided to give it a try.



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I love to watch cooking over tv programs. But, i admit i only know cooking a few dishes. I just love the simple recipes, especially the receipes that have available ingredients in the grocery store. This time for a variation to the usual food i serve to children, i will look over simple and easy to follow Thanksgiving recipes and surprise my kids with new menus.


So, how is the word relative related here????...Its easy, i was addicted(related) to movies in the recent past..i must have watched approximately 31 movies for the past 31 nights :). 2 movies were so GOOD...its the best
A WEDNESAY (HINDI, A perfect thriller)
Others were
kungfu panda
the incredible hulk
the great debaters
three kings
american history x
micheal clayton
parugu (telugu)
ready (telugu)
kantri (telugu)
saroja (tamil)
dham dhoom (tamil)
jayam kondain (tamil)

The only stupid movie is "ROCK ON". I wasted 3 hrs in the movie...Everyone liked the movie...may be i didnt understand.. Here i conclude by requesting you to watch A WEDNESDAY :)..cos the film makes all the civilians think...



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My children enjoy carnivals, circus and fun shows. They enjoy any family getaways and the overwhlmeing joy i see in their beaming faces are enough for a mother like me to strive to save for a next getaway trip. A few years ago, i took them to one of the biggest adventure park here. Upon the entrance gate, i cold see from my son's faces the amazement of the place and confusion on where to start with. They took almost all the rides without my presence because i don't have tolerance now to going for fun rides. They always exclaim the ride was fun every after ride they get. My children's happiness are my happiness so no matter what the cost, i pay for it because it is always the enjoyment of my children that matters.

I told them the rides they have taken here are nothing compared to Walt Disney World. Upon hearing that, my younger son promised to be good always, and my elder promised he will not ask for his extra allowance in school, if only to bring them there. I could just laugh at them. But, i promised that i will bring them there, in one of their summer vacations. It may take time yet, but i will fulfill this promise to them.

I came across this site at www.orlandofuntickets.com and this is a reliable site to buy magical theme parks and discount disney tickets. Wow, this will be a great help to me. I can't wait to make this dream come true happen to my children to visit the world full of fantasies at Orlando. Well, at least i know now where to buy discounted walt disney tickets and the realization of going there with the kids will soon follow.



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Even though there are thousand songs, only one song which attracts me towards the way of the music. That song is composed with a high beep and used various back ground music which makes a incident on my ears and reflect through other ear. The sound of that song brought me back to the location of the song it self such a narrated lines with a well quoted meaning more than that of all the sounds. No others words to describe to explain my favourite song. Am not sounding for this song alone especially because of my favourite in consideration, if any one hears this song they won't refuse to hear, surely they will ask once more for playing this song, such a beautiful song composed with high quality music. Its none other than AKON, its my favourite music album songs of all.



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Before a month I started my college but now days the weekends also turned as working days, so I didn't felt any difference between the weekends and the weekdays. Since the admission of the college is delayed, classes where started too late. Thus it makes a pressure for all teaching staffs and university in accomplishing the full syllabus within a short period of time that too within this short time two unit assessment tests and two model tests were awaiting these one side urging all of us to tend to study, so hectic now days. Once we have a lot time and we don't do what to do in those span of times in the holidays. But after the college, there is no time to relax and to eat also, one side university making pressure to college to finish syllabus, for that college keeping weekend also working days, by keeping this special classes authorities urging staffs to finish their syllabus, finally they putting all their pressures by scolding and behaving strictly in the college classes..oh GOD!


Every person should have some uniqueness and cetain policies with them. For me the hrgiene and clean are those things I considered those things in to my first order ranging things. Without colour no art will rise shines. Similarly without cleanliness no pure life has been achieved. We have to keep clean ourself and want to eat healthy foods, since the world is so polluted and no pure air has been there so relieve from such a impure world. Atleast we have to cultivate some cleanliness policies. I have my hygiene methods towards my life that makes me physically better and mentally fit. If u have cleaniliness with u ur thoughts to turn as be good ones, will blossom ur smell every where. So maintain a self-hygiene first, then the society will automatically turn as clean city.



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We get happy and pleasure when we expecting some persons arrival else the person who coming before whom we had plan to meet. More than this expect person we get much happier when the unexpected person comes before us. Like wise while I moving towards college one un expected person comes before me. I didnt call the person to come and meet me but he itself came and gave a pleasant feel to me. Its none other that "rain" after so long time there is a showers of rain in my city ands we never expected this. The sky slowly turned and showers rain today I felt happier whn the rain drops fall on, even though I got wet due to this rain. I happily enjoyed walking in the rain without any umberalla also, by giving a warm welcome to the rain. My body cells got rejunvated when the rain drops falls on me...WOW..super .,



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My husband takes the train to work. i bring him to the train station. this works well because: (1) he gets to relax on his way to work, (2) he doesn't have to look for parking, (3) i get to use the car during the day instead of it being stuck in some parking lot, and (4) there is always entertainment on board.

the thing with public transportation here, whether it be the train, the bus or the streetcar, is that people tend to speak as if they are the only people on board. so, it is not unusual to hear snippets of conversation here and there.

just yesterday, on his way home, he was seated across two filipinos and their canadian friend. they were discussing how their days went and how much they love coffee. when suddenly one of the filipinos asked the canadian friend, "so have you ever tried... uh... have you ever tried brave coffee?"

brave coffee?! what IS brave coffee? this conversation has obviously caught my husband's attention. he was curious. what is brave coffee?! he's never heard of it before.

quite interestingly, even the filipino's friends didnt know what he was talking about too. my husband could see him trying to explain what brave coffee is. to no avail. he just kept on repeating the words "brave coffee... you know... brave..."

until finally, out of this guy's frustration, he turned to his fellow filipino friend and decided to speak in tagalog. "pare, ano ba?! brave coffee... yung kapeng matapang!"

like i always say, word for word translation is definitely not the way to go.



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The twenty twenty passion of cricket made several changes in the world of cricket with in th eshort span of time like the quick 20-20 games. Not onlin in the cricket mode a great adverse effects towards our Indian cricket team. Then three faces of our Indian team had been disapeared and converted in to all new faces in the matches. The three bones of team Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid are those who leads our Indian team for the past several years. They lead thorugh their own ways and promoted the position o four Indain cricket team after the resign of famour players such as Kapil, Shastri. These three players builds the roof of our cricket team and lead to the finals of 2003 world cup. But this twenty twenty paves a way to avoid those senior players even though they have a great art of palying cricket with them. Any way its a undigestable one for all circket lovers, on the other hand this twenty twenty brought up many yooung shining players to our team probably who know there may be a another sachin, ganguly within this new gang. Cheeers India!



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Today I felt too hot climate here even though its a time of nearing rainy season, the tropical mansoon climate changes takes palce and it turns on hot sun above today. Felt very sultry to avoid sultry I did some of cooling tips to make my self a relief from this hot sun and turn to be cool. I already placed water filled box in my refrigenarator, its cooled now its ready as ice cubes. I took a liitle smooth pouch and putted all this ice cubes on the pouch and gave a roll towards my face, then I sliced few cucumber pieces among those two pieces of ringed cucumber I putted on my eyes, thus make my self relax from this sun also to turn off this hot sultry afternoon today. Also to keep our health energtic and cool from tthis climate I will drink juices especially I will drink carrot juice. It is one of high energy content which rise our anti bodies and



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Todays home work is not special thing to prepare, in my college they gave a lot and lot of assignments and they ask to submit all the assignments for the internals of the first unit test more over other than this assignments they gave a bunch of drawings charts and to draw all the tasks of the elispse sector. So there is no time to play for me today, al over the time is running with my assignments and I finshed most of the tasks in the after noon itself merely two or three charts are there to finish the home work for the internal mark submission that too I will finish tonight itself. Other then this assignments I made relax myself by watching the WWE matches that are my favourite tournaments admire always. Hence I turned my time and boosted my self towards way ching these type of tournaments other than that of the assignments.



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Yesterday, my kids were playing ball in the backyard.

My son accidentally threw it a bit too much that it accidentally crossed over the fence into our neighbor's yard. so he went over and rang their doorbell to get his ball back.

When he came back with his ball, he told me that our neighbor said that, "whenever you need to get something in our yard, feel free to enter. the gate is not locked."



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Last night , after me and my husband eat supper he wanted to watch a movie. Since it's football season and it was Friday, I decided to watch " Facing the Giants" movie. This a story about a coach who is struggling to win and could lose his job. Everything is falling apart. His car won't start and his wife is longing to have a child.

Everytime I need some encouragment about my faith and walk with God, I wanted to watch this movie. Just like Grant Taylor's wife, I am longing to have a child. We have been married for almost 7 years ( although half of these years we spent separately, either through immigration, and his deployment overseas, and schooling out of state ) It's really my heart's desire to have a child, but until now God did not give me this yet. In the movie, her husband asked " If God won't give us a child, will you still love Him " ? I asked this same question to myself and my answer is YES. If God is not going to give me a child, so be it. I pray that if He really doesn't want me to be a mother, that is He is going to take away my heart's desire to have a child.


esterday, i joined the Walk for a Cause at my work station. The cause was to raise funds to finance programs and activities for the out-of-school youths of the town i am assigned with. The out-of-school-youths mirror an ugly reality of poverty in my workplace and worldwide. They are the underprivileged sectors of the society who are victims of poverty and victims of the inefficiencies of the government to resolve poverty. When they are supposed to be in school along with their peers, they are in the streets earning a living to help their parents feed the other siblings. At a tender age, they are experiencing the struggles and pains of life instead of playing with their peers. They engage in child labor. Some of them, are without guidance of parents and they go to the streets and become vagabonds. Later, you would expect them to be the next hardened criminals in the town. What a sickening thought, but it is true. The pangs of proverty victimize these youths and that's why it is a cause of concern of the government. I am happy to know, upon inquiry today, that a substantial amount was raised yesterday. This amount will augment the finances for priority programs geared towards the upliftment of life of these out- of- school youths.



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As i mentioned in my previous post, preparation is key to a smooth transition from the philippines to canada.

While being prepared does not guarantee your success, it will definitely make the transition easier. i find that things are easier when you know what to expect. when you know what is coming to you, you are able to plan your course of action and prepare back-up plans as necessary.

So how did i prepare to migrate? here's the list of what i did -


As i am writing this, i am blogging and at the same time awating for the boxing round between Joel Casamayor and Juan Manuel Marquez at Las Vegas. Lately, i have come to like this boxing sports. Most especially that Marquez recently lose a fight to Boxing World icon Manny Paquaio. I have no bet for this fight. I just love to watch.Ya am great box lover, ha ha boxing I wont miss all those matches even at any work at any span of time.



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Friends who are planning to migrate here often ask me when they should start job hunting.

Some would say start as early as you can. some would advise to put it off till you get your visa. and still others would say to wait till you get to canada. different people. different careers. different experiences.

I can only tell you what worked for us. and this is what worked for us -


Have you ever felt stupid out of your own making? I experienced it this morning and this was the second time it happened to me. I mistakenly bought in the grocery store out of haste, a bottle of milk bath for a body lotion. This morning, after taking a bath, i pushed out enough amount on my palm to apply it to my body. As i did that, i noticed a foamy and super white cream splattered on my skin as i tried to rub it against my skin. To my surprise and embarassment, i realized that the lotion i assumed it to be was a milk bath. Oh my, this was the second time that i was mistaken by the packaging of Johnson's milk bath similar to a Johnson's body lotion, or so i thought. In a hurry to be off, i never bothered to wash my skin off with water, i merely got a soiled cloth and wiped the cream off my skin. That was stupidity, for me.



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A friend from the philippines recently visited us. though he was here on business trip, he has plans of migrating here within the year.

As expected, he was curious to see what everyday life in canada is like. he asked about our first few months, what the biggest adjustment was, what i like about canada, what i don't like about canada, differences between canada and the philippines, and what pointers i can give him.

It was funny reminiscing about our first few months. feels like it has been ages when it has only been 2 years ago. and in the 2 years we've been here, i've also gone back to the philippines 2 time



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Having trouble dusting off your plastic flowers? Here is an easy way to clean the plastic flowers in your vases. Simply put a detergent powder in a basin full of water and let it lather. Submerge the dirty plastic flowers in the basi



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sunny day... sweeping the clouds away... on my way to where the air is sweet... can you tell me how to get... how to get to sesame street?

we went to see same place recently. and unexpectedly. meaning no plans to go there but suddenly found ourselves there. we slept the previous night without any plans of going to pennsylvania and woke up the following day thinking, "let's go to sesame place!"

if there is one thing i love about living in canada, it is the relative ease by which we can see new places. you can just literally grab your bags and go.



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Its raining cats and dogs. Since this morning there is no let up of the rain i fear flooding will follow after a few more hours of raining. Lucky for us here because flood does not reach through our gate, yet. I wish the storm will go away, soon. It will ruin properties and lives again if it hits the area. Please help pray that it will not struck down here.



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While I sent to my first graphic class in my collage life I experienced differentin that class especially, even though sawn many graphic and animation in television and media it self this college type of graphic class is different. I thought it would be taken through a electronic system of device but they brought our batch of students in a long drawing hall filled with lot of drawing desks where we have to face our drawing equipment before placing the chart. I dont even know to fix the drawing equipment and how to fis my chart in the focussed manner with the drawing drafter. My lecturer help me fully in my first class of engineering drawing, but from the rest of other drawing classes I hold the name of fisrt to finished the required drawing works that are given as assingment and even to class work in the stipulated span of time.



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Weekend once again. At last me and you folks out there can enjoy a restful weekend. We can do things at our own pace, sleep or spend quality time with the family, children or friends. Wherever we will go, let us always take care. Happy Weekend, everyone.



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I've been out of the blogging scene for a while right? Sorry about that guys... I've been experiencing a lot of hoopla for the past couple of days. I don't even know where to start!
School has been giving me a hard time! Projects here and there and a whole lot of readings for our Philosophy class. We had to do a report about Renaissance Art for our humanities class. So what me and my groupmates did is that we spent the night at one of our groupmate's house and we made the report the whole night! We only had two hours of sleep! Only to find out that we are not the group to report that day! Grrrr... darn it! And the worst part is we were not able to study for our Major Midterms because of that report! Sad sad indeed! =(
Another thing that's been keeping me busy is my work. I am a scholar at our school and my tuition for summer is discounted. But the catch is that I have to work for it - 5 hours to be more specific. Sound easy? NOT!!!! I've been working at the registrars office and believe me when I say that it is indeed hardwork! It's not fun alphabetizing a thousand plus envelopes from all the new enrollees! Grrrr.... grrrr.... grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
So yeah, I can rant all I want here but I don't have all the time in the world. But why my title huh? Well, at the end of the day after I say my prayers before going to sleep, I turn on my mini radio and listen to music. And by doing so just takes all the stress away. So despite of everything, I'm still thankful. Thank you radio for cheering me up.



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Hi friends, and my dear bloggers I missed out my blogging and all you in these span of time due to some tight schecule. Friend now AM BACK to blogging, here thus will going to put a great effort to enrich my blog values and to have a great friends cirlce here. Great Bloggin, Am Back, Enjoy Bloggin, YA YA.



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So that's it , i will leave tomorrow to attend a Leadership Training at a far away place more than two hours drive from my place. My staff called up to inform that i am required to attend and we will convene at 6am at my workplace. I wish i can have some time during my free hours and at night to visit my blog. I wish there is network signal because if there is none, i will opt to go home at night.

When this times happen, i wish i have a laptop with me. One day, i will buy my own laptop. But, first things first. For now i have to contend with what i have.