Oct 11, Monday, 2010

Indian cinemas are famous across the world, among Indian cinemas, Tamil cinemas(can be called as Kollywood) holds a prestigious position and famous across all the states of the country. That too while telling the names of Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan means the entire India, why not the entire world will turn back and listen, such awesome actors cum hero these two people for the decades.

Right from 70's to now there are lot of couples in the on screen, Tamil cinemas experienced huge set of actors and actress, among those I would like to provide the best on screen pair's( best hero-heroine pair)

1 Kamal and Sridevei

2 Rajini and Sri priya

3 Vijay and Simran

4 Ajith and Jyothika



Author: Vijay

October 8, Friday, 2010

Fantastic test match it is between India and Australia, peoples are addicted towards twenty twenty matches in these days, yet test proven his vitality in the game of cricket and delivered the standard form of cricket in an interesting manner, the mighty Australian's putted a excellent fight back though champions of test cricket smashed the world champion team Australia and gain the fruit of success in first test.



Author: Vijay

October 3, Sunday, 2010

This is the blog which simply had no meaning for any one why even for me, but with these years of experience in the blogging world, it's not only useful for me. Use foul for lot of peoples all around the world, have huge set of fans, followers, comment writers, content lovers from all ages for both the genders, right from Chennai to California, let me show thank you for all and this might be like a thank giving post for all of you, with you I can't, your support is so valuable, am grateful to all of you.


October 2, Saturday, 2010

We are so liberal in recent years, we have such rights because our country is sovereign republic social democratic people country, all these because of the freedom we achieved. How we achieved freedom, all because of this person

There are lot of persons beyond our freedom, but he is the key, if he didn't came front at those times, then we can't come outside in these times.

He made our country, he made our people, he made everything and he stands next to GOD for all of us.



Author: Vijay

Sep 30, Thursday, 2010

Congrats Mr Dhoni, again an excellent tournament for you with your guys, this is spectacular while comparing to IPL, because here different countries from different parts of the world of cricket participated and fought hard for their country, at last with great effort Indian's proved as Champions, Chennai Super Kings(CSK), a team from Indian premiere league and champions of IPL succeed again, cheers!



Author: Vijay

September 26, Sunday, 2010

Actually I like Spinach, many peoples like this, though some persons don't like the taste, this spinach is so good for health, actually while seeing Popeye in earlier days, really I don't know what does this spinach means, I thought that might be some American Candy like so, during the times also I ate spinach so many times but the name for that spinach is not so familiar here, we use different word to denote, now days am so familiar of what spinach is and what am eating also, so I can say that SPINACH THE SAILOR MAN(who ever eating spinach can become as Popeye know)


September 22, Wednesday, 2010

I like Rajini and Ajith in Tamil cinemas(kollywood) a lot, next to these two I really love Vijay and Kamal also, all these four persons are adorable actors who already gain their images in 1970's, 1980's and in 1990's. But after 2000 I experienced watching many hero's coming in the Tamil film industry, really for me none of the actor gives a standard hero feel as like those four hero's what I mentioned in the above lines,though one person who launched his career in tamil cinema's in the year 2007 with opening block buster movie stolen many hearts in Tamil Film industry also in Indian film industry, his recent movie Paiyaa is also a super hit movie.

He holds all credits to fall in the list of Rajini, Kamal, Vijay, Ajith, he is next in this lists. This is my own opinion, also I saw he gained a huge set of fans for his innocence acting and smile in the recent movies, a actor who proves as a talented character artist as well as hero within a short span of time.


September 19, Sunday, 2010

It's been amazing match between Chennai Super Kings and Australian board team Victoria, hope these two are the strongest team's facing first time, that too in the Airtel Champions League, Mighty Australian board's Victoria extra- ordinary performance pushes the match towards Super Over match, the Indian IPL giant Chennai Super Kings fought well, a tough match, the mistake from Chennai Super Kings is providing the ball to spinner Ashwin, Captain don't even think about the World Best Spin bowler Muralitharan on his side, also he don't even consider the best bowlers Bollinger and Morkel in such a tough situation. Due to poor selection, super over turns to super over for Victoria, Super kings slanted of from their winning track.


Sep 15, Wednesday, 2010

I was bored to the core to watch Tamil films, previously I watch a lot especially Rajini, Kamal, Vijay and Ajith movies all these persons movies might be good and I feel worthy to spend my time in watching their movies.

But for the past two years, there are great change in films and trends, lot of hero's, heroine's and lot of new movies with new directors. Anything if exceeds the limit means it will give a kind of boring feel, same feel I had while watching these much of new things in our film industry.

To be really satisfied with a recent movie after SUBRAMANIYAPURAM 2008, that is due to the movie BAANA KAATHADI, I didn't expect these much things from a recent film.

The first credit goes to director such a silent romantic movie, there is no sound and violence love as like what recent films trying to show, second the Hero, really Adharva you looks great, I love Murali a lot, now am seeing Murali in terms of you. Such a humbleness, cuteness and matured mode of acting in his first film. No special heroism.

Third credit goes to Kaathadi(mean Kite in English , am I right?) excellent kit handled in amazing manner, simply superb.

All the best for all who gave such a movie and brought a feel of watching an 1980's romantic movie.


Sep 12, Sunday, 2010

Hats off performance by Chennai Super Kings, one of the most strongest IPL team and champions of IPL 3, Chennai Super kings won the first match in the Airtel Champions league, many peoples have a thought the best performing teams not performing well in the World Champions League 20-20 matches, hope in this Champion League, CSK(Chennai Super Kings) have the ability to break such kind of thoughts among the cricket fans, if they provided good sort of input as like they did in the first match sure CSK will hold the champions title, bowling is very strong, batting also seems good, the thing if the same spirit is continued within CSK team, then they are champions.


Sep 11, Saturday, 2010

GOD is first of all in this universe, without GOD nothing there in this world. Among the GOD, Vinayagar(GANESHA) is the first of all GOD.

So today is Vinayagar Chaturuthi, yes birthday of Lord Ganesha, what ever we do we first initiate with the bless of Lord Ganesha, let us all worship and wish Lord Ganesha, all should get his bless for all the best of life, GOD is great.



Author: Vijay

Sep 8, Wednesday, 2010

Though this might be a game of multi-national players, the Captain's are remain in our minds, most of the times we calling the team by the name of their captain such as hey this is Sachin's team, hey this is Kumble's team and see this is Dhoni's team, in such a manner these three captain leading their way in Air tel Champions League T20 for this year with their guys in the Mumbai Indians, Bangalore Royal challangers and Chennai Super Kings such teams respectively, their performance with the team effort is amazing and merely proves a game spirit in the IPL matches, here this is another chance to prove their game spirit in World champions League, all the best for all them.


Sep 5, Sunday, 2010

Really there is a huge expectations and mass holding fans over the team CSK(Chennai Super Kings) since our Indian Captain and also our Chennai holds large cricket fans, with extra ordinary performance our Chennai Super Kings(CSK) hold's the crown in Indian Premier League 3, now same CSK with the credit over the Championship in IPL, marching their foot into Champions League Twenty Twenty with our Indian Captain Dhoni as our evergreen Captain, wish Dhoni and his guys hold the credit and bring the fame for CSK as like IPL matches in the Champions League Twenty Twenty matches also.



Author: Vijay

Sep 1, Wednesday, 2010

Hi friends, this is a new broad band connection from Zylog systems, found that the speed and tariff are under my budget, so I suggested this and got this Wi-5 broad band recently and though have some signal problems since initially they modifying the server end issues, I just found the speed they allocated for such a low tariff should be highly appreciable and am looking more such attractive offers and best of services.



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Aug 30, Monday, Tuesday

I just want to give a big applause to K.Balachander sir, also as K.B sir,he is the biggest creator in our TAMIL film industry because the two evergreen hero's such as Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan got the Hero credit's through this LEGEND Mr. K.B Sir, he provides best two men's who still entertaining all us in the name of hero,these two hero's RAJINI and KAMAL are real LEGENDS and K.B holds credit for creating these two hero's in Kollywood.


August 26, Thursday, 2010

This is not my view, each and every Indian will admire him, such a talented actro but yet he did not received any Oscar award that is the most guilty feel for all his fans, such a versatile and beautiful actor, who dedicated his entire things for films. He is not only a actor, he is a singer, dancer(early days he is a choreographer) a producer, dialogue writer and a master piece director, sure he is a legend who created for film industry, he did films in many languages. Even for many of the actor and actress in today's Indian film industry he is the role model, very different person with different set of views and different modes of execution in both personal and professional life with a success.

Mr.Kamal Hasan, from Indian cinemas



Author: Vijay

August 22, Sunday, 2010

Again this is my own taste, there are lot of beautiful actress there in our cinemas but I considered myself this lady is most beautiful actress and she is the one who brought such a feel within me, there may be lot of modern, trendy, slim models and actress but this girl is so traditional looking such a homely face cut and perfect Indian coded cute girl, I wish to tell one thing you have such a charming and cuteness within yourself and please don't indulge in glamorous role, try to do more homely and character roles in your films rather than ordinary heroine roles with usual duet songs. You are the one who have natural cuteness and charming beauty, Anushka rocks.

ANUSHKA, actress(from Kollywood and Tollywood)Indian cinemas



Author: Vijay

August 17, Tuesday, 2010

Each and every country have different kind of film industry with huge set of artists, there are lot of smart hero's and beautiful heroines all round the media world. But here I going to talk about the most handsome, charming and smartest hero in Indian cinemas, again am telling this is my view, each and every one's view is different from others and you may think some other one is most handsome or beautiful hero, here this is my view and I myself considered this person is most beautiful hero.

Mr.Ajith Kumar from Kollywood, Indian cinemas.



Author: Vijay

August 12, 2010, Thursday

Peoples in India well know about him, he is the style icon of entire film Industry but the peoples from foreign countries also observing him a lot in the recent films, yes he is the super star of cinemas, though he is from Kollywood his name and fame hitting in all parts of the world with huge set of fans all over the world in every countries, his walking, his talking, his naturalistic hair all such things is a different style and his every actions represents a dynamic style, obviously he is the STYLE ICON even at the age of 59(still he is the super star).

MR.RAJINIKANTH(actor in kollywood, Indian cinemas)



Author: Vijay

August 08, 2010, Sunday

Hi friends, in the previous post just shared something about friendship, more over there are lot of posts about the friendship and love in my blog entries but this is going to be something a different topic, Love in India. Friends one thing, in the foreign countries they placing India is the country for better love and relationship, they giving one good example for this as Taj Mahal, a symbol of love for this entire world. But to be frank whether the love in our country have proper recognition and rewards, may be love holds a good place in Cinemas, what about the real life. Be practical, our country is a traditional country, in other countries peoples they themselves decide their marriage(every boy and girl choose their own as per their wish, very liberal) but here in our country more than this few things are important and those things ultimately decide the marriage between two, first one is HOROSCOPE, second one is CASTE, third one is RELIGION, fourth one is COMMUNITY and fifth one is MONEY( parents choosing the groom or bride for their property and money sake).

After these five they considering the guy's and girl's heart and feel. So what do you think about this? How can a love or love cum arrange marriage is possible in this kind of culture, even if a love succeed, the true success lies on marriage so how many love's attaining the real success called marriage. Happy to see on one side there are much importance to our culture and traditions, very proud of it but the same thing on other side it eventually hurting the feel of two hearts.


August 5, 2010, Thursday

Every day is friendship day, that's my view and I don't know about others since each one have different tastes. So the thing hereby I wish to say Happy Friendship day, week and what so ever forever to all(including the blogging friends, persons who visiting blog just for the sake and the person who visiting and dropping the comments with a open heart, the persons who reading the posts and dropping the comments by taking their own time on the busy schedule for my blog, the persons who spamming and the persons who feel disgusting to visit my blog and above all the person who loves and follow my blog) happy, happy and a lot of happy giving friendship wishes.



Author: Vijay

August 01, 2010, Sunday

Masters are always master's they won't get vanished what ever age they may be, similarly our little master proved again with an excellent double century in the second test match against Sri Lanka, apart from a record this 200 runs helped team a lot and drawn the second match, this is the fabulous set back against mighty Sri Lankan score of 642 runs in their first innings, marvelous team work by Indian, more credit goes to Sachin. Sachin really seems to be challenge for all the young players in the world of cricket, even Indian junior players admiring him a lot, even at this age his play cannot be overtake by any young player at any of the game, Sachin rocks!


Monday, July 28, 2010

You know about one day international world cup, now the trend is twenty twenty world cup, right? Hope I too know these two kind of world cup in two formats of match. But I heard that there is a new world cup going to come in few years called as WORLD TEST SERIES which is almost formatted. I really blinking if there might be world cup like tournaments in test matches means how long this series will go, on the other side this might be a good decision from the cricket council and it really helps to build game of cricket and even players in cricket much stronger in sense of their game skills thus by providing enough chances in five day game like this, wow it seems to be great.



Author: Vijay

Friday, July 23, 2010

You know the most elixir source of this world is water, it's hard for human beings without water and food. But the thing after 2000, it seems a person can be without water and food also, sure eventually as per today's world situation none of the human being without mobile, am I right? Obviously mobile become an most efficient device for all of us. So the trend makes this mobile as also a source for human beings, we are taking huge steps to save the water as similar to this sources also saying it's good to recycle your mobile phone. Pretty interesting right, yes you can recycle your mobiles easily through sellmymobile.com, they are the UK's leading mobile phone recycling area. They are the best crews and sure they truly helps you to sell your mobile phone handsets. So here they handling a kind of recycling the mobile sets with wide ranges of most famous brands that ranges from APPLE to SONY also includes NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG and more valuable brands . They provide a phone price comparison chart for a large mobile phone recycling companies such as Earth mobile, Enviro Phone, Phone Hub, Greetec, RPC and many more. No matter whatever the brand you may have because they have the best recycling companies for your mobile phones, also no matter even your mobile is broken one and you could still receive up to 90% of the original working phone offer. To get into the process it' so simple, you need to four step process. First you need to search for your mobile brand, then you need to get the perfect deal which matches according to your mobile, then you can post your phone for the free of cost and sure you would get your cash as early as possible once the phone buyer received your handset. How it is, so simple right? No doubt here they providing this phone recycling with best of efforts they do have a team to help you for the further service over your phone recycling process and you can simply use their phone buyer website support listed for you and your service. So you can use this number 0800 988 3881 for Envirophone website support for the process of recycling your mobile in a simple manner, so why still thinking just get your cash easily and directly through pay-pal for your mobile through the best deals and recycling method here. Enjoy!



Author: Vijay

Thursday, July 22, 2010

At young ages I was addicted to TV shows, now days not that much. But now also when I saw a Popeye image on net I admire that a lot, yes I watch some of my regional movies and weekly serial during my primary and secondary studies. At that time only CARTOON NETWORK was introduced through our cable channels, CARTOON NETWORK is home for all kids. Even during my secondary studies also I watched that channel, there are lot of good shows there but I was so particular on one show, often I watch that show alone, whenever they broadcasting it on channel, that's none other than "POPEYE- THE SAILOR MAN" what a picturesqueness and theme it is, really I admire a lot, hope you peoples also love that show.



Author: Vijay

Getting older it seems, each birthday brings a message old, older and oldest. I am just thinking what we achieved so far, nothing, I have lot of dreams to accomplish but every steps that am taking are not so successful though am quite manageable, yet I have lot of mistakes and ignorance's on myself, I want to learn each and everything though that am not achieving and also I want to give a try though am not successful this is my base message on this day, all days are special and we can consider all days are our birthdays only if we have courage to do things successful then all days are successful days, the initial put up is trying and most of us were failing to try, especially am doing the saying. Once we tried eventually we can get a better sort of results, even we failed we can make that thing as a successful one with the same trying with some extra efforts on the next time.

That's it, I just don't want to celebrate instead of that I need to take some kind of steps for doing a good thing and that I didn't tried in my past years.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, I do have another blog, more than here I was so enthusiastic over that blog, here I can write anything and everything without any boundary as like a random thoughts, feel and social topics but in that blog I was so particular about the things, I mean that I had written the personal topics, my flavors and my feel over the people, social and things, but due to sluggishness I left that blog, so that blog becomes quite unfamiliar. Hope you scratching which blog and what it is right? Just don't think much let me give the blog name, actually the blog composed of two words let me write the first word of the blog name SOOTHING and below I do provide a picture which represents the second word of that blog name..haha

Any way what so ever concern with that blog, this blog is always COOL as per the name, which provides cool information for the cool visitors, like how they providing below:

Strawberry Shortcake Pictures, Images and Photos

So how it is?
Hmmmm, Always COOL BLOG IS COOL WITH COOLEST STUFFS FOR ALL COOL PERSONS, hope you will say that am cool person too..Cheers



Author: Vijay

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hope you all know about the test matches, may be there are few reasons to forgot about the test matches because of trendy and attractive twenty twenty matches, but still test matches are considered as the heart of Cricket.

Yes Indian team now on tour in Srilanka and playing the test matches, Indian's are considered as best test nation team in the game of cricket and they are consistent performer in the test matches with best players. I wish my Indian team to perform the same and to hold the champion by maintaining the number one position in the test matches.



Author: Vijay

What you think about the title?
I know definitely you peoples think in such sense, since that much thoughts was created over the title. Leave all those.

Listen actually I watching a film in my PC(Computer), that was a good TAMIL film, I know all our new films were color films not black and white like old films, more than an hour the film appeared blue in color, I asked my friend hey what happened ? This films was blue in color.

He laughing and replying that he changed the monitor color pattern to blue, that's why this beautiful color film getting displayed in blue colored. Then I scolded that guy, still he is laughing, he saying how was the film my dear?

Idiotic friend he is...haha



Author: Vijay

Friday, July 16, 2010

While discussing about the success cum failures,I have an idea and really within a minute I thrown a dialogue over the conversation,failure is common but to overcome failures into success we need to add a little extra thing, take for example failure lies inside at first(socks as an module) to overcome this failure we need to adopt one more thing(shoe as an module) here you have to hide the failure socks with help of an success shoes thus by reaching the victory by overwriting the failure with a extra material, whatever the material it may be but the thing you need to use it properly..



Author: Vijay

July 12, Monday, 2010

Am using Reliance Broadband, the connection is pretty good, there is no interruption over the connection also the speed is pretty constant though am using very low speed of connection, in the nights there is increased speed in connection but only thing the plans are too restricted if they provided enough plans with attractive tariffs means that might be useful for the existing customers like me and so many, who loves using a branded broadband like Reliance, the wireless seems extra-ordinary in out of cities.


July 01, Thursday, 2010

You can do a kind of small research in web, you will probably find this month of July is called as month of romance, I really don't know though the month of February constitutes the Valentines day, this July month gains all credits for the romance and soothing love, I consider after a kind of analysis this July is named behalf of Juliet, Juliet who is best know for LOVE with Romeo, hope all know this lovers Romeo-Juliet, they are perfect example for the best LOVERS in the world,even in this generation also they standing as a symbol for all lovers..love Pictures, Images and PhotosThis quite interesting right, so I learned the Rose is symbol of love and Romeo-Juliet is the Symbol of lovers, wishing all the lovers to make it as a romantic month all along the year and most important make your love as true one, don't do it for time pass or for some other crap act, Love is just a feel from your inner heart to gain another heart. Enhance it and enjoy it every moment.


June 30, Wednesday, 2010

It's been amazing in the English ground, entire credits goes to England guys and this is an extra-ordinary performance by the team which I was expecting for a long time, they kicked off world champions Aussies in the Ashes one day international. These successive victories made England a powerful team that too most considerable won against Aussies, this shows England will rise more and come back with extra power pack performance, I wish this could lead the team towards the success in world cup 2011, sure England need this kind of success to acquire the top position in cricket world.


June 25, Friday, 2010

You just look at the outline map of India and compare this boundary with any other country in the world, this is the only country which ultimately have a shape of human structure, just go and get a India's map else try out in Google once you get India's outline map just compare this and observe the north side which is the top merely resemble a human top(head) and both west and east widens on either side similarly resembles like two sides(hands of the human being)and the bottom most part I mean the southern states in India's map which ultimately looks like footer( legs and foot of human being) with sharpen edges.

It's just a wonder man, didn't observed this kind of things with any other countries boundary, but if you have something like this with your country just share it and I feel proud to be an Indian.



Author: Vijay

June 23, Wednesday, 2010

Though cricket is pretty popular in almost all nations but there is some special place for the game FOOTBALL, so much of fans compared to all the other games. That too now this is the world cup season, South Africa is sparkling with huge set of fans and enthusiastic players from the different nations, there are few mighty teams which already gained the famed and hoping to win this 2010 FIFA cup, other teams also they developing themselves to hold the title of 2010 FIFA cup at Africa.


Though I am a craze ajith fan, I like Vijay a lot, because of the few reasons:

As personally, he is such a calm person, won't talk a lot unless and until he get mingled this I like a lot, second he won't interfere in others issues , he is the person who looks his duties and things alone.

Apart from this he is the sweet talker especially in cinemas while expressing the dialogues that too in the film Ghilli such a natural pronounce evaluated from his voice and even in the age of 36 his broad and straight shoulder shows him like a sweet sixteen.

And mainly see how slim he is in this age also, no need of six packs or eight packs those things are just a show but this is real, for these things I like Vijay a lot, we wish you to provide some good romance movies.

You rocking in the romantic scenes right from the Khusi, similarly romantic scenes in Vettaikaran are so superb than the action scenes such a innocent way of acting in those kind of romantic scenes.

As fans we all wish you right from here and please do engage in similar romantic movies, just throw action kind of movies for some years.



Author: Vijay

June 22, Tuesday, 2010

You all know the proverb OLD IS GOLD.. Rite?
Yes that suits for ancient period, all proverbs and inventions was founded by our grandfather's at the ancient period.

Now see the position of the world, entire changes from A to Z things, I think these old proverbs won't suits for modern period, so let me consider this as GOLD IS GOLD, new proverb, fine we can buy even one's heart by paying certain money in this period but buying the Gold is quite tough, you can't buy it easily that still u getting by paying high amount and we can't estimate the quality in means whether the Gold is pure or not, in such way the modern world is running on, so how you going to buy bold bullion in a comfort mode with good quality at nominal rate, here is the one solution and also this is the best solution to buy gold bullion through online.

To buy gold bullion you need some assistance so here they providing aurum advisory with all set of information from history of gold to up today rate and catalog of gold in stock market for all who ever you might be and what ever amount you buying, they assists to buy bullion from organization to individuals with clear information's with accurate rates, models and all world gold coins.

Also here they providing free gold guide for you for the better understanding about the certified gold coins. Also gold IRA account types are available, massive US providing Gold American Eagles and Gold proof American Eagles, which are quite famous gold IRA accounts, see one more wonderful thing the the fees for establishing a self-directed gold IRA is just $15 for one time, this is quite interesting.You can also get free guidance and tags about the bullion, here they assist with clear set of information with detailed description of bullion such as American buffalo, Chinese gold panda, Australian nugget and more with price and set details for you to buy gold bullion in a better way that too all these mode of assistance and guidance through online in a simple and quick manner, more over you can contact them through this number for easy process and methods 1-800-940-7793.



Author: Vijay

June 20, Sunday, 2010

I didn't read the complete message that they delivered in a specific weekly magazine but I got a chance to see the outer cover and they displayed a message as "Decline of Engineering Studies- educationalists are in sorrow", rite thing, if one taking a path means is that necessary for all to take the same path, I don't know why peoples blindly following this kind of choosing methods right from the education to personal life.

Make a different choice on yourself, choose that as per your wish, if you doing that with your full interests then you are the master in such thing, after finishing twelfth all are going to in Engineering degree, I too want to go for the same means it really won't give a clear meaning for you, parent's stress also there in that case you need to express your mode of interests towards your parents and make your way in the thing which you interested.

For example if you are taking a educational course out of your interests means eventually you spoiling your interests also you won't enrich as a master in that course you took with someone's force, it simultaneously suppress the name of the course or degree program so all you need to do is be clear right from the tenth standard and choose the right thing in which you interested in this will really helps you to get shine as a popular professional in such field also because of you that field also getting good names(example take Mr.Abdul kalam he interested in atomic physics and his engineering helps him to get in a research industry because of his interest from his childhood Mr.kalam is very popularized scientist, this eventually creates a good name for him also behalf of him the specific field atomic space industry also gained good name's) this is called education plus professionalism,reading for the sake of marks and getting into a industry means then it's dumb education with blind degree courses.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you heard of Virtual Barrack, who eventually popular for the online MMO yes massively multi-player online, no one say no to games, all are gamer minds each one love to play games. Yes here one of the famous NewZealand based MMO account buying and selling provides predominant offers for the players in the market. There are lots of buying and selling accounts there, one famous you can Buy Aion Accounts this is the most popular and so superb format of account filled with various levels and top ranking, lots of users are fans for this more over here in virtual barrack there is always live support is enhanced which always assist you, moreover all your payment account will be more secured here, also the response is so fast here they will provide within thirty minutes from buying, once you get into a live chat service you can fill the order so easily, similarly selling the account has also been processed here.

There is World of Warcraft Accounts which such a live format it is, you need to do a thing is once you created your account you need keep the information of your account in a confidential manner, they sold about ten thousand accounts with zero ban rates, so buying and selling the accounts are quite approachable with complete online assistance through their privacy chat provided. You can reach them through the following mail id;cs@vbarrack.com all round the time for more information about the procedures formulated in MMO accounts at any time, they have a good team to assist you clearly and customer friendly with customer satisfaction as their goal.



Author: Vijay

What is linked-in?
I ask to many of friends, I got invite from one of my friend but it seems thats only for professionals, I think that's best place for professionalism and highly skilled persons with a lot of technological evaluation in a pretty decent manner without any junk materials, good to get in contact with professional sites like this, thanks for providing such a useful site for the professionals.


June 11, Friday, 2010

Whatever the degree if they did, right from the arts to engineering graduates the word they breath after finishing the degree are these things Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Cognizant technology solutions(CTS), WIPRO, HCL technologies, Infosys and these organizations attracting the graduates in all forms through various divisions of designations and department regarding the projects they will hold. That's right if you have passion towards you can do it, but friends why can't you think with other form of sources apart from these, take for an example if all peoples wishing to get into a same sector means then other sectors will eventually get depleted with lack of skilled persons and resources, so just think in this form try to explore different kind of things, instead of looking forward on the same thing.



Author: Vijay

June 07, Monday, 2010

It's surprising climate here at Chennai, this is the month of summer more over much hotter days in recent months, that too in this extreme summer month the climate is pretty cool and seems to be pleasant for all who suffering a lot due to high temperature in the recent times at Chennai, more over one interesting thing the climate looks romantic too, vow that's great right.



Author: Vijay

June 05, Saturday, 2010

What to say? Really confused while watching the match between India versus Zimbabwe, I think even Indians played with senior players in the team then also I think Zimbabwe will win, that's sure and this is not based on the home pitch series or factors favorable for the Zimbabwe team and nothing like so, for the recent months this team is amazing already won against mighty Australian's and Strong Pakistani's, just want to say one thing from all these there are higher probability for the Zimbabwe team to reach the finals in the world cup 2011, winning or losing in the finals it's all depend upon the opponent team....!


June 02, Wednesday, 2010

Yes I agree cool blogs seems silent for few weeks, again to encourage other blogger and to maintain co-ordinal friendship with other blogger's, to provide a treat to all visitors and encourage others who have their interest in blogging, here Cool Blogs en-lights again, sure Cool Blogs will continue with the same effort in this blogging world and always stood as a best blog in the blogging world and also a best blog in the readers heart, so hai to all, it's a great pleasure to rock int he blog-world again.



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Thursday, May 20, 2010

To make the game of cricket interesting the international format of the game has been changed a lot in the recent years, since world is like that along with a product they asking some thing to offer as a free the same is applicable in the game of cricket. So lots of entertainment mixed cricket has been introduced through the TWENTY TWENTY, this pushes back the standard game format of fifty overs and the test matches as like ancient following games.

So to make that too a new one, cricket is modernized by evaluating the values of game format, thus it paves a way for day and night test matches soon for the world cricket fans. Enjoy the game now, even test matches will look like a twenty twenty, think so.



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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is not England's dream, it my dream too, the two best sides England and South Africa never got a chance to win such a big trophies for a long time from the ages of cricket. Thus more than Australia, I love England team, it's so decent team and the players also seems to be pretty decent and handsome guys thus these factors make me to like that team, but the team didn't evolve much in the recent cricket but all of a sudden they won it in a big manner that too ICC world cup 2010 series of twenty twenty games, by beating the giant of cricket Australian's that was a great thing, I love you England team and the English players.



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Friday, May 14, 2010

Previously I ran with a bat and ball to the cricket and always play cricket, all round the time I know cricket only a huge set of friends all we were so craze of this game and enjoy playing this even in the sultry sunny day. But slowly there are so many changes it's hard to play in such a manner, there is no chance for outdoor games in this computerized world, why even I started playing the video games in computer.



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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First as a player that too as a captain of the team one should not say excuse(s) and put the blame on pitch is like that(damp and wet), opponent bowling like that(fully short pitched balls), we are tired of traveling(match is totally three hours that too for sure one hour you will be at the dressing when your team on batting) there is no rest due to IPL and other continuous session of games( will ICC arrange the schedule as per your convenience? If you need to concentrate on this means why are you taking part in IPL? whether IPL is international or ICC T20 matches are international). Sorry Indian team cricket fans I never saw a captain and a team player like this, he always blaming others and other stuffs, dunno when this captain going to admit his mistake(s).

Dhoni still we are your fans, instead of pointing out other cause, try to minimize the causes for failures in preventive manner,,, cheers Dhoni, all the best my dear.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

The first super eight match for India was an important one, the team knows it well, similar to Australia, but Aussies played with all levels of knowledge from the depth of game level, again this Indians are over confidence and sluggish mode of play provide a superb failure, well congrats to Aussies this is the awesome innings by Aussies and excellent bowling performance they are stronger and they growing much more stronger, all the best Aussies.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Though they Knocked out in the preliminary stage of the 2009 20-20 world cup, it doesn't means the team is getting dark, it eventually means as they are becoming bright day by day to give the better light they are saving their energy to provide very powerful light in future, the team consists of most talented players in the world of cricket, most of them are all rounders, we love the team Aussies.



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Friday, July 23, 2010

While getting back and chatting with other country peoples and in general all saying that India is a great country know for it's traditional culture. So even the US peoples love this culture, as far what level they think about this issues in their mind is out of my knowledge. More than that those peoples loves our country music, even cine songs, they admire our music style to the greater extent. Our country composed of different styles of customs, traditions, languages, races and music hope all these features attracting the western peoples towards our country. Music is the heart of soul for any human, in such a way our music style is really rocking in all parts of the world.

music Pictures, Images and Photos


Monday, May 03, 2010

The overall champions for the past ten years in all formats of the game, CRICKET is none other than AUSTRALIA, though they seems as mighty team and unbeatable by any other team in the world of cricket, in the last two seasons of the TWENTY TWENTY world cup they knocked out in the semi's that's not a good credit to a might team in the game of CRICKET, will Australia remind their name of championship in this 2010 twenty twenty world cup, hope Aussies do well in this season of 20-20 world cup.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The first T20 cup champions are Indian's, Dhoni lead the Indian team as Captain, the hardwork and talent has been awarded to the Skipper and Indian team won the championship title in the first T20 world cup, now our team is in good form, Dhoni will lead again in front and these guys performed like that means sure this world cup will be for Indian's, so wishing them all the best for this 20-20 world cup 2010.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like 64 ancient arts, one of the greatest art in this computer world is web designing, very much eager towards that, wish to learn this concept of designing, not aiming for a highly skilled professional in this art of designing but need to have a fair concept of making such designs in the web.



Author: Vijay

Monday, April 26, 2010

I wish all the Chennai Super Kings players for their win in the season three IPL, many controversy mode of messages are over the IPL, whether they ban this or don't, usually we always shout for our country Indian during the cricket matches, for the past three years we are shouting for our cities, the same that happened in this IPL in more arrogant manner, any how this IPL brings a split over Indian cricket fans, apart from these on the other side our Chennai team, Dhoni's guys(CSK) won the championship title, great applause for them from Cool Blogs and from CSK's sweet lovers.



Author: Vijay

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Initially it's pretty tough to see Chennai players in the Indian team of international cricket squad, after the change of team selector, in every tournament there is at least two Chennai players seeking a position in the International Cricket team, our team selector Chennai man Kris Srikanth helping the Chennai guys, though they perform well in Ranji Trophies and IPL matches but don't know why none of these players giving an average performance in International Cricket tournaments.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

As a artist in cinemas everything is tough but very tough thing is comedy, the famous comedians of the world Charlie-Chaplin know this and stated this, in the same style there is a combination in Indian cinemas particularly in the Tamil film industry, these couples had did more than 500 films in Tamil and made a huge of comedies in the style of charlie-Chaplin , they are Goundamani and Senthil.

Especially Goundamani who is famous for all kind of roles, he did as hero, villain, character based roles, wide range of comedian roles in more than 500 films. Each of the comedies are outstanding, none of the Indian artist can do this, though Goundamni scolds others in films, his way of expression and modulation are decent and so sensible along with comedies this fellow make the people to think about some sort of issue in a practical form in such way his dialogues has been framed by himself, but today comedy artists was so boring they don't what they doing in the screens and they making the mode of comedies in a rubbish format. Goundamani you are a lesson for all actors in Indian film industry, really you are a legend to be get credited soon. Goundamani rocks .....



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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As already written a post about the oldest language in this world and proved simply as TAMIL, today is CHITHARI THINGAL MUDHUL NAAL(don't understand what it is know? yes today is Tamil new year day) wishing all the TAMIL peoples who were spreaded across CHENNAI TO CALIFORNIA, please don't forgot the essence of our culture and language, be a model for all the peoples( be a good model and teach the best moral for all) thank you.


Monday , April 12, 2010

Many friends and many viewers eagerly commenting on my blog posts and describing the cool blogs is so informative and cute, thank you all my friends for the support and am grateful to you always I need these support from your side to make my blog more successive and also some peoples finding some mistakes in my blog posts and these much of comments also necessary to rectify the errors in my information and also in my mode of writing in the universal language. Thank you supports, lets enjoy in this blogger world with nice bogs like yours and mines .. hahahaha



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Friday, April 09, 2010

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Friends, suddenly my pay-pal online account has putted with some limits and the bank account that I initiated in the pay-pal has been pushed to unconfirmed lists, so that I can't able to use my bank account through pay-pal, means I can't able to withdraw, My GOD, at last I got a solution thus by reaching to the pay pal contact us page, they provided the methods to re-confirm the account and to remove the account limits, now I got cleared and able to access the pay-pal without any limits, thank you.



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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

While compared to foreign countries, our country really lagging in habit of hygiene so how can be a country hygienic, that's not only in government side, first we need to identify the perspectives of hygiene, after recognizing if every one implemented means then only it constitutes and converts a country to be hygienic country, so make our country a really hygienic one and celebrate this HYGIENIC DAY, cheers, be hygiene and teach hygiene to others also, keep rocking friends.....



Author: Vijay

Sunday, April 04, 2010

While comparing to the time, I think am too lazy, lot of peoples are so active, in many of point of view I felt my ignorance and slow mode of approaching is the lazy thing I did, I myself think that I am so furious and fast in approaching things but actually am lagging very much in the important things, while taking the things in practical format of living only I realized and recognized the mode of my approach, even the focus is on right manner the way of approach and making the things is so slow and doing without any big effort that's why am acquiring these much of failures.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Whatever I preferred right from the education to any stuffs as professional or personal the ultimate result that I getting is failure, don't know whether I don't have any capabilities to attain success or else my performance is not upto the level to get in to the path of success or really don't know what to say, will over come and gain success in one day for all things, hope and putting my failures on the path of GOD, to view his face with a lot of success from my side...........


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hey my friends our great national leaders dream and wish are came together today that too through a couple, hope you know who that couple is? I know peoples you were so clever than me in this internet world, before I finding a gossip you peoples were know A to Z of that story, though this is the post am writing for the leaders and peoples who wish India and Pakistan should be a friends and join as neighbors by leaving the unwanted violence, jealous, misunderstanding between the modern age by trusting the old methods and concepts, thus by spoiling the new generations by implementation the old methods in the form of wars and freedom.

Yes friends our super lady Sania Mirza, for the past three years she is famous all over the world, especially our elementary school students they don't even know their school teachers name who teaching the syllabus but they were keen and know all things about Sania Mirza.

Yes this Indian lady got engaged with our( Sorry please don't use Pakistan, at least now onwards treat that country as our friend) cricket captain Shoaib Malik.

What a combination this is? (India and Pakistan getting combined., )
One doubt where the marriage will be?(think that might be in Afghanistan at Laden's den)

Crazy world this and too crazy peoples here without knowing the real fact of the life and world.

Just think on yourself( every one).



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I were in confusion and writing a apologize letter for the mistake that I did, at that instant my friend came and asking hey guy what letter you writing, I tried to answer before getting my answer he replied, hey this guy is writing a love letter. I don't know why guys are like this, they itself taking a matter in a different form and making it as a issue, not only here or to me, where ever and whom ever they sat and write a letter means these peoples consider that that guy or girl is writing a love letter, guys please be natural.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whatever the game format it may be, right from the test matches to one day international games, the only man Sachin Tendulkar alone stands high by holding all sort of records, those records also seems like Himalayas, now hope our little master will create such of type of records in the game of T20, by holding the position of captain for the team of Mumbai Indian's in the IPL T20 matches, as a captain and batsmen, Sachin performing well and leading the team in a good position.



Author: Vijay

Friday, March 26, 2010

Keep on begging with HR's by collecting their contact details to get in fetch with a job that too who were working in a leading MNC company, basically am interested in the Automotive and Core companies, not interested in IT firms. It's still hard to find a HR details of a core companies like IT companies, most of the persons who working in the core companies are old enough they wont get in contact with public in the social networks, these IT peoples are younger one's easily you can contact them. Still struggling to find a HR of a manufacturing sector, though I contacted them it's very tough to gain an opportunity.



Author: Vijay

Thursday, March 25 , 2010

You are fond of Casinos right? Don't hesitate all love to play this, but such a casino lover while going for online casinos games, he or she need to be aware of the real one and also need some sort of information about the website where you undertaking Casinos. Especially to make these things in a sensible manner Online Casinos Planet is a website that supports all types of betting games and Casinos also they providing complete guide cycle with recommendation and reviews in a simplified form with broad details of articles with complete illustration of the game mode in all countries follow. They providing scope of information such as Casinos Tournaments and the game modes that to be followed in the tournament with essential and simple tips also enhancing the participators with bonus and jackpots and finally awarding the winners. More over they are here to provide best and popularized online casino games such as American Roulette,Progressive Slots, Blackjack also and it's so simple to find the casinos with land based locations and where ever the country may be. They representating Casino videos that helps you to understand and build information about the Casinos. For further help and assistance from Casinos planet to enhance your Casino world you can reach them any time through e-mail that might really guide you for better Online Casinos.


Monday, March 22, 2010

I am not a research person or the person who doing PhD in the Language and literature, am just a learner and learning the things from others, as in a general view a small self review made about language, that is the oldest language in this world, merely TAMIL think so, proof for this is thirukural written by thiruvalluvar(a tamil poet), which consists of 1330 thirukural(Golden quotes) with three division, each kural consists of two lines which picturing all things for a general human life, history saying this was written two thousand years, really I don't know how much true this, now in many languages this thirukural has been translated and peoples in various countries following this Kurals like moral values, while seeing now so much of languages spread-ed across the world, so much of religions, so much of castes, so much of classes, really the genius will go mad if he/she did research in this topic means.



Author: Vijay

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first time success is really a waste matter to be considered, this is my view, if I get succeed in the first attempt let us consider this and this might be in any issue even in game or in education, this first victory leads to me a good position but I myself will feel that I am great to do any sort of things. I were like this at one point of time, if there is a failure after this success that only clearly picturesque you, so the initial failures are good one's that will help to learn our mistakes, so failure is the stepping stone for success is true for all one's, nice proverb to feel and consider.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of my friend visited this blog and asked, Is this your blog? and I said yes, then he had a enlarged view in a silent manner and read some posts also, then he mentioned this blog is really COOL and lovable blog I read and so, he is close friend in college were happy to see such comments from my close friend.Thanking you and he is the one who motivated me towards blogging at that point of time, great friend he is.,


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Though there are many forms one form will be liked and welcomed by all in all the fields, like that though he is apart from international cricket at recent times, the fame and name is still high and also seems to number one though thousands can come, which is none other than Sourav Ganguly in the Indian cricket history, a man who have huge set of craze fans and high class mass among the public, congrats sir., cheers



Author: Vijay

Friday, March 12, 2010

Adam Gilchrist, right from the world cup 2003 I like him very much very talented keeper cum batsmen, during the captaincy of Ricky Ponting, Gilchrist too assist the team like a silent Captain, now he credited with right designation through the IPL twenty twenty games, for his hard work he achieved and proved his leadership skills in the previous year, sure Gilchrist(Gilly) will rock this time with his hard work towards batting and captain-ship.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I don't know why I picked such a topic to review, there is not an issue in reviewing about this, but the thing don't know what to express here. Simply to say flirting with girls is waste, most of them like to do, but sharing with a single girl is greater than flirting with hundred girls, so this topic is so far from my thoughts, better you can express your thoughts in form of comments, guys don't share your flirt here, just for fun.. cheers.,



Author: Vijay

Monday, March 08, 2010

God gave a wonderful humanity through the form of woman, right from Mother to Wife, woman plays a vital role in every one's life especially for men's. Let as a men I wish to salute for women's and wishing you happy woman's day ahead.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just now I got this mobile from my brother, actually he uses this mobile, this is a pretty good mobile with superb features. He always tell you don't have capacity to maintain certain things, I too had a secondary thought we are getting this much of expensive mobile from him, how we going to maintain this and like so, within a week I broken that mobile, am struggling to maintain a simple things also. I need to concentrate and focus on myself with some sort of skills, then only I will improve myself...


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Initially I took many things as easy for myself, I thought who can do if we can't, within a certain years I realized, Every one can do but how can I? I recognized my position, of course GOD made me and offered me to realize who I am? That much of failures, though in these failures apart from realizing myself I realized a important that GOD is with me, if I continue placing my efforts in a sincere manner means sure GOD will provide the rights things by overcoming the failures, GOD's belief and hard work is more than enough to succeed in anything, I realized these things and still practicing these things to overcome the failures with GOD's grace.



Author: Vijay

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You can find any nation with cricket, I think almost all nations practicing this game, sport or game what so ever, CRICKET stands alone apart from the categories of sports and games. This is the single name which captures every one heart right after 2000, but while thinking about USA, Cricket holds less fame. I had many friends from US that too through blogging and I tend to ask why Cricket is not so popular in your country, much of them don't know what to answer for this but they keep on saying I play Baseball, I play Volleyball, I play Football and I play icehockey, they keep on making a lists like these but for Cricket alone they saying, I watch but I don't know to play.

After analyzing in online, I found the reason behind this is American's have the nature to adopt their own tendency towards their culture, as same they following in their own methods in the games also, they not wish to adopt this Cricket. Hope the generation gap will focus on this game much they try to bring best teams from US to the world of Cricket.



Author: Vijay

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can we change our Sachin Tendulkar name as Recordulkar?

How is this name friends?
Best name for sachin know? Right!

Since his records are like that, I itself expect when this man going to break the highest one day international record, but he did it, he hold all things with him, a luckiest man more than that a hardworking player, his career aim came through his bat on the second one day international match against South Africa, don't know how to praise. There were many peoples there to praise, why can't this world itself waiting to praise him.

Super Sachin...



Author: Vijay

Friday, February 26, 2010

Very much hungry now, were searching for something to eat, dinner time. Thinking of what to eat now, then a pleasant my regional food, famous all over south India, now getting famous in US also, of course Dosai, some people say as Dosa, the only tiff-in which holds quantity plus quality in a variety format, that too if this Dosa is served with a best side dish, no words to say, hunger will ran away. A fabulous food that brings a wonderful taste at your mouth, wow I really love it.


Monday, February 22, 2010

As I already said, my mother tongue is different, I had a good practice in my mother tongue, I will do that language with good accent, good modulation, good pronunciation and also with a good presentation. Though i studied in convent school, they gave much importance to ten subjects for the public examination, along with them I too didn't focus on Spoken English(communication) since I too don't have time to develop such skills, as an average student I keep on concentrating on my subjects right from my school to college studies, so in such case they asking to develop your communication skills particularly spoken English means, am struggling a lot. though you hold a technical degree without a good communication( that too specifically with a language of English) it's not easy to acquire a job. Do you know why they telling like so, since we all independent on other English countries in all official aspects right from Software development to production technology sectors. So how one can improve a good communication skills for official purpose that too in a shorter span of time with excellent grammar and fluent in speaking. I too have did so many mistakes, right from the school I don't have the habit of reading English novels and general books apart from my examination subject books, because of this am individually struggling to improve my communication skills.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love is GREAT
Marriage is holiness.

My dear friends these are the quotes which are suitable for ancient period, not these two quotes alone most of the framed quotes won't applicable for this period. Do you know why?

Since we are at Modern Cosmopolitan IT(Information Technology) world hope you know the meaning for this, simply to say we are in Computerized world.

So the modern quote that I accomplished for both love and marriage are as follows:

Love is for time pass.
Marriage is just for that three letter pleasure(hope guys and girls you know what it is).


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Though there are many methods to improve the communication skills, I found the best one is self-practice, I am not a quick learner though one educated me, I need some practical form of learning, means apart from book I need practical form of learning then only I can learn the things by understanding clearly. So to improve my base communication I suggested to practice myself, yes I planned to think in language(English here) since that's the base, this is converted as Global language without fluency in such a language it's hard to carry out the official stuffs, this is the mode I adopted, since my mother language differs from this language yet I am struggling to get the fluency because am not a American or British (to born with English language), I myself need some more self practice to learn the things clearly.



Author: Vijay

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Though I studied in a convent right from my primary, after my college only I realized how much I lack in communication skill, especially speaking skills, as per today's position you can gain any kind of degree but without communication you can't get anything right from your personal to professional things, English is so much important but I struggled to acquire this language since my mother language is not English, I have practiced all things in my mother language, so it's a struggle to improve a foreign language but this alone helpful for professional things though you can have so many degree's, as frank after blogging only I improved to some extent in the English communication but I need to improve much, hope I will. Cheers....


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

With advance growth of media films from India are highly appreciable at every parts of the world. Bollywood contributes much in that such as winning of Oscar awards, yielding profit and fame as an artist, advancement of technology employed in the movie along with hits now attracts Hollywood artists to play in Indian movies, also here they have high scope for commercial movies so they are eager towards Indian films, these things taking our Indian films to next grade in International level.

Similarly our music director respected A.R. Rahman who gained fames and names for his best of music in Indian film industry had promoted a step higher and entered in Hollywood, cheers.



Author: Vijay

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cricket captured all countries and won a favorable position among all persons across the world, but how many peoples know that HOCKEY is the national game of the country. Right from the British rule the country's style changed, CRICKET a British invented game but the game is so popular in Australia and India, though Australia holds cricket as their national game but for India they forgotten their national game itself, the thing in the schools they cultivating the basic lessons as their national game as HOCKEY but as of now they need to demonstrate this game through a subject or through a separate lesson also need to provide a hour to practice this game, what to do now days it's hard to find a sports period in the school and college levels, need some more changes in the education and sports level for the democratic countries like India.



Author: Vijay

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Recent ranji trophies creating many talented player's to our Indian cricket team, team also in need of such energetic young players to evolve in a best manner. Days before while watching these Ranji trophy match, Mohammed kaif played a extra ordinary innings with a century, today my friend also said that Yousuf Pathan made a hundred in yesterday ranji trophy match. I don't know why these players making in domestic matches but failing in international matches if they awarded a opportunity.



Author: Vijay

February 01, Monday, 2010

You may be a expert with lots of intelligence, but you need some thing to assist you at some point of time while looking over language you might approach Dictionary at some point of time. Similarly while looking for your business you might search for some business directory to enhance and know the things for to the process in a better manner with recognized skill of knowledge. Yes, you created a web page for your business or for some thing to be get published in the internet, creating and accomplishing your process in your website alone enough to make it popular to others? Not enough my friend, you have to find some sort of assistance in a right and loyal manner. You need a expert's solution for your web to make it publish in a extra-ordinary manner, creating and adding the contents to your web alone not a complete work, your newly generated websites need links and networks in an expandable manner for that you need a help from business web directory, they know to broadcast the things of your web in a quality manner with good links for your web site, they access the things related to your website in a professional way with the expert's for giving the quality solutions for your web all round the time in a simple and understandable form. Once you submitted your web site details, they will approach and get you all the necessary details in a simple format, further they will keep on insisting the techniques over your website to yield benefits over your website ranking and traffic, thus it will promote your web and enhance the fame of your business in a quality mode.


February 01, Monday, 2010

Right from 1996 Australians seems to be powerful team in the world of cricket, though famous player's retired and team appears to be new, mighty power goes on increasing from the team point of view with great contribution from experienced captain Mr.Ricky Ponting with his new set of guys recently with Pakistan. Some times Pakistan seems to be best side in the world of cricket especially in one-day matches, but I don't know why even great teams also failing before Australian's. Australian's secret of success is DISCIPLINE FORM OF CRICKET, even experienced or new, all players recognized their level and realizing their mistakes on own, then with co-ordination they performing great with joined team efforts thus put forth success in all form of games to whom ever they play.


January 31, Sunday, 2010

Recently cloud nine movies has launched their first movie, Mr.Dyanadhi Alagiri production manager of this movie, Radio Mirchi's fame Shiva played a important character in this film, obviously hero of this film is Shiva. Right from the scene one Shiva imitating many famous hero's and picturesque the negative facts of many hero's(most of the Tamil hero's following the same topology even they have sequence of flops, those things need to be change, peoples expecting some nice films with some good stories, since they spending their money in theaters know? But few director's, hero's and others often providing the same formula again and again thus producing irritating phenomenon, peoples spending their money and getting disappointed before such film's.This film revealing such facts) with humor sense. Apart from this, this film holds a interesting story, all credits goes to Actor Shiva, Director and Producer of this film, they presented a new form of movie without any heroism in a simple form by educating the common peoples about their craze enthusiasm towards some hero's over the media in comedy sense, applause for all scenes in TAMIZH(TAMIL) PADAM.


Finance Valentines Day

Author: Vijay

January 29, Friday, 2010

Valentines day, hope you don't need much explanation about this day that too in particular to the teen age peoples, right from the youth to aged ones all celebrate valentines in a extra-ordinary manner. Yes, I asked to my friend why so valentines day alone going on special among the couples and getting popular in recent years, he replied " all round the time we expressing our love to the beloved ones(may be your partner) but these kind of affection seems to be simple with words, romantic expression etc., but on that particular day(valentines day) love(affection)will blossom as special through special gifts, prizes to your lover", Well said a loud applause from my side for his cute explantion in a modernized mode.then I started asking what plans you have for your valentines day. He sounds well, I have many plans with my GF(girl friend) planned for many surprise gifts to her, but the thing I worrying as of now I don't have advance cash to make all things happen for her in a grand manner. At that time only I realized a useful plan said by my uncle to me a month ago, I proposed the same to my friend and I advised you will have cash advance all round the time through this plan in a simple and ease manner, you r bank account will always enriched with hundred to thousand dollars, which can help you in a great manner. Then I saw a broad smile on his face, really he seems to be happy, well now he can carry on a great valentines with secure cash in advance as per he planned the things and gifts for his girl friend.



Author: Vijay

January 26, Tuesday, 2009

What a man he is, even at this age his performance goes on increasing, whom ever it might be against Australia or against Kenya, the man who can sets all sorts of records in a sparkling manner with professionalism of cricket is none other than SACHIN TENDULKAR, goes on rocking as a ever green cricketer with mighty records by adding one more century against Bangladesh yesterday.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Very interesting match it was, at one point Bangladesh played equal innings against Indian team, although India seems Bangladesh as a big team after the previous world cup, match is seems to be a balanced one, Indians were so skill full in the second innings, credits goes to batsman's and proper mode of captaincy thus it was a good win.



Author: Vijay

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Author: Vijay

January 11, Monday, 2010

Had a new source of music, excel with various form of usage in successive songs, more over a distinct form of representation in an extra-ordinary manner from music director Bharadwaj, although Ajith fans were excited much about this film, music release holds a credit over the film,new set of songs which motivates ajith fan, hope the film will show more than what the music has created after the release, sure this is a film with mass plus class especially a festival for ajith fans, songs is the best examples.



Author: Vijay

January 07, Thursday, 2010

In the ODI match in IDEA cup against sri lanka, India were progressing at good strike rate but after the Dhoni's entry the match get's slow down, one practicable thing in approach if you beats the balls even in wicket falling moments, the opposition bowling goes powerless before such scoring rates and attacking shots by the batsmen in field, you need not aim at six and fours alone, just practice to get run a ball, but see our captain playing a test like innings against sri lanka, this kind of batting is not a defensive type, you are enhancing the bowling power and motivating the bowler to perform much more well through your defensive shots, so please avoid these kind of shots in one day international games.



Author: Vijay

January 05, Tuesday, 2009

Most of the TN peoples know what is HSB, of course small kid to aged peoples will answer easily for this abbreviation as HOTEL SARAVANA BHAVAN, now there are lot of three stars, five stars, five stars with bar attached hotels, cosmopolitan hotels all there at our city but the famous, old hotel which best suits for middle class people to higher class people is obviously HSB, no one will say no against the tasty food in HSB, why I reviewing this much about HSB? hope you got the point friends, I am a fan for HSB foods, if you really love south Indian dishes and traditional recipes just don't miss SARAVANA BHAVAN'S taste, defintely it will twist your tongue and ask once more, especially am addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's Coffee such a taste it is, vow, whenever I ask a coffee I mentioned the word just bring me a Sarvana bhavan coffee in such a way addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's coffee and parotta.


January 04, Monday, 2010

Recent days Indian education undergoing advance change of syllabus, learning methods also with education programs. Interesting factor that Government has cancelled tenth CBSE exam, now one more mode of change from school to college education, yes premier institute of India, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) has launched a master degree program, people who finished their twelfth exams can directly go for this Master Degree there are some guidelines there to follow to undertake this degree program as per IIT standard of rules and regulation, more changes in Indian education are appreciated from students corner to parents.



Author: Vijay

January 03, Sunday, 2009

As per old proverb, friends it's just not a proverb alone, this is the truth of life quoted sentence, where it illustrates Worship your PARENTS more than GOD, of course true, but in this modern life really accomplishment of this kind of worship is not at practice since there is a big generation gap. Parent's were belongs to 60's and 70's but the present youths(teens) they trying to practice the things according to this computerized world, so there is a contradiction between a parent and child, both of their lives got differentiated due to rapid growth of technologies and even mode of world too, not only with parents generally how can one adopt themselves in this changing world, very tough to practice but need to practice the modern life for professional things and have to obey the rules, follow the culture of ancient life for personal things, it's just like a advertisement quotes hope you know well, yes just like Science plus Nature which is the recommended composition of modern youth's life.