Tuesday January 27, 2009

One of the best and ever beaten team in the world cricket is Australia and they proved as world champions thrice in a successive manner, but first time ever in history in the land of Australia itself the team is beaten both in the test matches and one day international again the fighting lions South Africa, happy to hear and view the actions of South African’s over the game, I love South Africa a lot, even they don’t win in any big series they fight well against any body in the world cricket, such a team now hold the right award at right time by defeating the world champions.



Author: Vijay

Sunday January 25, 2009

The Indian made and established his music from smaller manner to the whole word, one man pulled all peoples attention and smoothens the heart of all peoples through his music that’s A.R.Rahman, the Oscar Awards are scheduled and the nominees were represented for the World’s Grand Awards with the spirit of Global Award again this man had been represented as nominee for the Oscar Awards for his excel in music. He will hold the Oscar award without any doubts and will add fames to his music more.



Author: Vijay

Saturday January 24, 2009

The fighting lions, my favorite again won the match against the world champions in the third one day international match. The Champions of cricket putted a much better target for the South Africa, we all know more over I believe my favorite team South Africa they won’t give or lose the match at ease, these fighting lions fights back well from the first over of the match even though the team seems to be downed in the match after the lose of Gibbs wicket as usual the man at the lower order, yes the magic man of course, my favorite player Morkel turned wild and putted his game and take to the victory



Author: Vijay

Thursday January 22, 2009

After a massive hit by utilizing Aamir khan in the film Ghajini now again the south side director doing a film for the super hero of bollywood, which is none other than Sharukh Khan. Just a decision laid out for his next film with Director Murgadoss other than that no information is revealed, all eyes lying over this their next step decision to make up the film for promotion, this created a huge expectation among the bollywood cine industry after looking up the early fastest victory of Ghajini more over sharukh khan fans are enjoying to hear this news from the hero side answer, probably the news from director side saying that Ghajini heroine will play the opposite role with super hero sharukh again with her director Murugadoss.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday January 20, 2009

We came to hear that the Israel had making problems to the Palestine peoples, it not a sounded war between the one force to another, sounded war between two forces or armies also better than this but here idiot Israel acting foolishly and killing the innocent Palestine peoples in the name of controlling the bad things, who will tend to stop this act of Israel. USA the giant and don for all the other countries in this world, I appealing can USA indulged in this issue and stop this foolish act of killing the innocent peoples, if they think they can stop this, please act now itself and stop that brutal act please provide solution for this issue.


Monday January 19, 2009

The remake film GHAJINI in Hindi from the Tamil had a massive hit in the beginning days itself. This is the film that holds a Mega Hit in Tamil directed by Murgadoss, I like this film very mush watched three times in Tamil itself. Again the same director made this film in a different language with the same script but with different actors. The stunning and rocking actor Aamir khan played the role of Hero in this film with same actress who did in Tamil which is Asin. Aamir Khan and Asin’s love has been portrayed beautifully throughout this film, with sudden twists over the film with splendid music. I really admired this film but after remaking in Hindi it hold popularity all over the India, I surprised to hear a thing the first two days collection of this movie is two hundred Crores, wow, Murgadoss achieved through this film by giving a ever seen hit over the Indian Films and again Aamir Khan rocking. Yet I didn’t saw this film in Hindi hope will see soon, friend please watch this cool film and enjoy.


Saturday January 17, 2009

After the biggest victory in the test match series against the world championship Australia, South Africa fierce their bullets from their pistol in the one day International matches. The starting itself a splendid victory for the fighting lions against the dominant aussie’s, yesterday the first one day match results for the victory of ever fighting lions South Africa in chasing the target of 270 marks with a crucial wicket and ball match, every ball increased my curiosity over the one day international. I thought before the entry of Morkel the match will go for Australia, then super player Morkel played in his style with no tension at lower order recover the fear of loss from the South African players and fans, turned a victory for their side, I enjoyed the whole match being a Australia fan I love the stylish game of South Africa, I merely turning to be a fan for the firing and fighting lions that is South Africa, smashes the aussie’s in first one day match.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday January 14, 2009

One who started his career in the kollywood film industry, slowly moved to bollywood industry and now ruling the Hollywood film industry? Through his rhythmic and stunning music he stole millions and millions of hearts, am not the exception in this, me too a great fan for this music legend. Even though there were lot of experienced music legends still performing music’s, the one and only Rahman attracts all ages of people’s where ever it is and what ever film industry it is, in all languages he use his equipments and attracts all peoples towards his music. He perform all type of music from melody to high pitch theme, every one know his Airtel music holds greatest name and fame, now his performance in Hollywood brought lot of fames and award. An Indian started with Indian music and now ruling all over the world without politics through his style of music, hence he is music legend, I love him a lot, hats off to you Rahman.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday January 13, 2009

One of the favorite team I ever like is Australia, in that team especially I like two player’s one is steve waugh the former captain, other is Mathew Hayden. Steve waugh the coolest skipper of Australia putted a start for domination power of Australia over other teams in the world of cricket, good player of team too. After that Gilchrist and Mathew Hayden takes the team to top with the help of the splendid captain Ricky pointing. These three players are the boon for Australia, Gilchrist already retired. Mathew Hayden the toughest and strongest player of the team, he will start up Australian innings and takes his team to peak through his batting. But he struggled in his batting over last few matches, but his style of batting and dominating the opponent bowlers are the lesson for the young batsmen’s in the cricket. What ever the situation even chasing tough target, Hayden’s style won’t change. He will keep himself cool and his batting cool, give pressure to the bowlers, that’s Hayden special, I love him lot especially for his cool character over the batting, but he announced his retirement that makes a hard feel among his fans like me.



Author: Vijay

Monday January 12, 2009

After a long term of years, a black legend had going to rule the united states, lot of expectation’s among the peoples mind. Will this legend will turn the finiancial crises, will pave a way for the good path for our nation more over to made good alignemnts with other developed countries in the world. Also this rule will provide lot of policies for the developing nations in these world. What ever it may be all the politicians should involve and take some necessary steps to claim the greenest and richest countries.


Sunday January 11, 2009

I very much attracted towards the very hot stuffs and it’s the best food stuffs for this season. Always tending to eat pizza all round the time, other than this pizza, I liked hot burger with coffee, coffee is one the Indian traditional and best for health too. That too when we take this coffee during this cold climate it gives good ecstasy. The contents of the coffee are very natural, so these natural things are very much essential and good for the health. As a sweet lover, I will add more sugar in the coffee as much to our needs we can add sugar else we can take without sugar. The chicory content of the content makes refreshment for our mind and health too. One of the tasty and energy drink means it’s none other than coffee, I love coffee, my dear friends those who have tasted this coffee will know the value of it, else my dear friends please taste this wonderful drink and then see the refreshment and energy gaining in your self.



Author: Vijay

Saturday January 10, 2009

Now I struggling with heavy for, thus before few weeks rain had been stopped and turned as extreme winter season in this tropical monsoon climate. Even rain we can manage not so much of effect, even sun we can manage the heat not so much of effect, but his extreme winter season affecting the health. I suffered due to heavy cold and feel the chillness every where in such a way for and mist joined together and putting their effects over the peoples, tuff to manage and I were always holding the cold with me like a button in the shirt.



Author: Vijay

Friday January 09, 2009

After the test series against India, Australia down with their team and team side’s in the rest of the matches also. After the series lost against India, Australia started their series with South Africa, but that too results negatively for the Australian team and for the team management, players of Australia. The successive losses against South Africa pushed Aussi’s lowered, if they tend to lose in the third and final test of the test match series means they will come down from the top position of the ICC test cricket rating according to the team wise. I itself felt bad about these Australian status in the present cricket, but I hope that Australian would fight back and will hold the position by winning the final test match in this series, my wish had happen, finally Australian proves their power and dominating the ICC cricket test ratings, by holding the first position by overtaking rest of the cricket teams.



Author: Vijay

Thursday January 08, 2009

All the companies are got down in the last economical period, such a situation for all the biggest company’s of the nation. Mainly affected company’s are IT sectors, once upon a time there is heavy demand for IT but in this present economic schedule IT only affected a lot from the business point and they are demand their firm employees for to sending out from their respective firm’s such a strategy is on process in the business world. More than this the most cheapest thing has been evaluated from the SATYAM company, leading IT sector, they and their executives handled the money in wrong sense also the executive head of this firm accept his mistakes in this money roll, now pushed their company status down


Wednesday January 07, 2009

After a grand dinner, my friend won't left me at ease. He compelled me to take some fresh juice, I like fresh juice a lot. So hereby I fulfilled my hunger completely through his treat, in such a way he gave a grand treat. He found what I like and what I won't like, I don't like bottle juice's since those juices are artificial and not good content also. Fresh juice which they give is real and good for health too, I drank Amercian fresh juice. I love orange juice a lot, so I asked that to my friend, at the next minute itself he gave fresh juice in a cool manner for the cool person like me that I sharing towards all my cool friends in the Cool Blogs.



Author: Vijay

Sunday January 04, 2009

After a long time, yesterday I went to my friend’s house. Already while going itself I felt hunger but I can’t able to tolerate my hunger, in such a position also I didn’t open my mouth. But my friend gave a surprise to me, he asked me to come for kitchen, there awaiting a big surprise. He gave a box to me and he asked to open the box. I was very much eager to open the box, to find what is inside in the box. After opening two hundred percent happy and surprised to see AMERICAN PIZZA inside the box, he asked me to take this. Already were in hunger, I thought this is a good and much better treat at the right time, then I hug my friend after some time we started to eat that delicious American pizza.


USA IN 2009

Author: Vijay

Friday January 2, 2009

Yes, United States of nation, the rich, richer, richest country of this world had indulged in the celebration of the New Year era. This 2009 has been a good one for this world. In last especially lot of changes occurred in US, the most frustration thing is, the richest nation of the world has been pushed down and popped out of the economical status. How to manage this, no solutions yet in the hands of peoples, firms also in the hands of leaders. But we will hope there is way to resolve this in this New Year era. I Hope the ruling party has been changes, people’s mind also been got refreshed in this New Year 2009 so it will automatically brought many good things for us and all.



Author: Vijay

Hereby I wishing and delivering my new year wish to this world through my blog COOL BLOGS , I had large of set of friends and visitors all over the world, this is the right time and right place to convey my wishes….Happy new year 2009 to all…have a prosperous year and great things ahead..he he