Saturday May 31, 2009

Hi my dear friends, I know how much you all get addicted to the game cricket, especially for the twenty twenty series of matches, for all your cricket needs, here COOL BLOGS arranging a new method of score updates right here in a right way for every match with ball to ball updates of more runs with more fun's, so hope you can enjoy the matches by watching the live update score from COOL BLOGS, cheers...



Author: Vijay

Thursday May 28, 2009

As a cricket hereby I happy to convey that world cupt20 starting June 5th with lot of enjoyments and match schedules are there for many cricket fans like me. Last year champions India, this time taking the league matches with Group A, sure let this team will gain more wins and fame like previous world cup, more over all the other teams indulged in practice and fighting to won the crown of championship this time, so let it be a good game mode with full of entertainments on the schedule fully, slowly t20 world cup getting the heat level equals to 50overs world cup, even though the team has been launching with new set of 20-20 players, this players becoming a challenge for the senior players in all modes of game and energy.


Wednesday May 27, 2009

Hi my dear cool visitors of my COOL BLOGS and more than my dear friends you are welcome to access and accomplish the necessity details here in this blog, also thus for your benefits, I hereby providing many basic information, among that at present there might be a great chaos going on the minds of people who applied for the BSNL JTO EXAMINATION 2008, thus for their information, if you got you hall ticket means that's the better thing, but if you still couldn't catch your hall tickets means you can just call to this following number directly to get all information at your hands regarding the examination point of view and hall tickets also, this is for the persons in the Chennai BSNL District Circle, dial up to 26403688\26415060, cheers...


Bollywood is experiencing new sets of films now days giving more preference to story rather than action and romance mixed commercial movies, on this list now Hrithik Roshan furnish his film with new set of profession based story as a teacher, the super hero of the Indian Bollywood film Industry now making a profession designed role to give a treat for his fans. So we the Hrithik Roshan fans are proud of him.



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All we know a thing, we are just a six sense rotating emotive living things, all our six different sense will work in a specific and stimulated period of time, all are very important, the major sense we have ahead of other leaving organisms is laughing and way of interacting, enjoying, talking. What ever it may be we will enjoy and entertain our self in specific period of time and in specific task that we involved. The biggest thing that strikes in our thoughts while thinking about entertainment is Television, of course other than Television none other will provide a best entertainer, when we got mood out or felt boredom this Television will play a major role for us. So for all your easy access and to entertain all round the time Direct TV is coming especially for you. Now days there is so much of interruption and difficulty in handling cables beyond all this this Direct Satellite TV brought you a well single tracking reliability over the telecast providing with no tension of cutting down of cables or frequent connection interruption, all these things have been replaced by DIRECTV in a powerful and quality manner.

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