January 31, Sunday, 2010

Recently cloud nine movies has launched their first movie, Mr.Dyanadhi Alagiri production manager of this movie, Radio Mirchi's fame Shiva played a important character in this film, obviously hero of this film is Shiva. Right from the scene one Shiva imitating many famous hero's and picturesque the negative facts of many hero's(most of the Tamil hero's following the same topology even they have sequence of flops, those things need to be change, peoples expecting some nice films with some good stories, since they spending their money in theaters know? But few director's, hero's and others often providing the same formula again and again thus producing irritating phenomenon, peoples spending their money and getting disappointed before such film's.This film revealing such facts) with humor sense. Apart from this, this film holds a interesting story, all credits goes to Actor Shiva, Director and Producer of this film, they presented a new form of movie without any heroism in a simple form by educating the common peoples about their craze enthusiasm towards some hero's over the media in comedy sense, applause for all scenes in TAMIZH(TAMIL) PADAM.


Finance Valentines Day

Author: Vijay

January 29, Friday, 2010

Valentines day, hope you don't need much explanation about this day that too in particular to the teen age peoples, right from the youth to aged ones all celebrate valentines in a extra-ordinary manner. Yes, I asked to my friend why so valentines day alone going on special among the couples and getting popular in recent years, he replied " all round the time we expressing our love to the beloved ones(may be your partner) but these kind of affection seems to be simple with words, romantic expression etc., but on that particular day(valentines day) love(affection)will blossom as special through special gifts, prizes to your lover", Well said a loud applause from my side for his cute explantion in a modernized mode.then I started asking what plans you have for your valentines day. He sounds well, I have many plans with my GF(girl friend) planned for many surprise gifts to her, but the thing I worrying as of now I don't have advance cash to make all things happen for her in a grand manner. At that time only I realized a useful plan said by my uncle to me a month ago, I proposed the same to my friend and I advised you will have cash advance all round the time through this plan in a simple and ease manner, you r bank account will always enriched with hundred to thousand dollars, which can help you in a great manner. Then I saw a broad smile on his face, really he seems to be happy, well now he can carry on a great valentines with secure cash in advance as per he planned the things and gifts for his girl friend.



Author: Vijay

January 26, Tuesday, 2009

What a man he is, even at this age his performance goes on increasing, whom ever it might be against Australia or against Kenya, the man who can sets all sorts of records in a sparkling manner with professionalism of cricket is none other than SACHIN TENDULKAR, goes on rocking as a ever green cricketer with mighty records by adding one more century against Bangladesh yesterday.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Very interesting match it was, at one point Bangladesh played equal innings against Indian team, although India seems Bangladesh as a big team after the previous world cup, match is seems to be a balanced one, Indians were so skill full in the second innings, credits goes to batsman's and proper mode of captaincy thus it was a good win.



Author: Vijay

Today world is extremely different from the ancient world, there are more entertainment things there in the ancient period of times, all the events which puts forth a great contribution to modern development. But those things can't provide the best of entertainment according to this modern world. We are expecting a compact and portable thing which composes all the separate entertainment things as a combined one with advance features. As a solution for this, example we got in this modern world is the Direct TV, which serves as the best entertainer and wins millions of heart through the best of features and packages for all minds and ages. Yes of course lots and lots of entertainment and channels there for make your feel easy and jolly all round the time through Direct TV Packages with best viewing quality and picture.

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Author: Vijay

January 11, Monday, 2010

Had a new source of music, excel with various form of usage in successive songs, more over a distinct form of representation in an extra-ordinary manner from music director Bharadwaj, although Ajith fans were excited much about this film, music release holds a credit over the film,new set of songs which motivates ajith fan, hope the film will show more than what the music has created after the release, sure this is a film with mass plus class especially a festival for ajith fans, songs is the best examples.



Author: Vijay

January 07, Thursday, 2010

In the ODI match in IDEA cup against sri lanka, India were progressing at good strike rate but after the Dhoni's entry the match get's slow down, one practicable thing in approach if you beats the balls even in wicket falling moments, the opposition bowling goes powerless before such scoring rates and attacking shots by the batsmen in field, you need not aim at six and fours alone, just practice to get run a ball, but see our captain playing a test like innings against sri lanka, this kind of batting is not a defensive type, you are enhancing the bowling power and motivating the bowler to perform much more well through your defensive shots, so please avoid these kind of shots in one day international games.



Author: Vijay

January 05, Tuesday, 2009

Most of the TN peoples know what is HSB, of course small kid to aged peoples will answer easily for this abbreviation as HOTEL SARAVANA BHAVAN, now there are lot of three stars, five stars, five stars with bar attached hotels, cosmopolitan hotels all there at our city but the famous, old hotel which best suits for middle class people to higher class people is obviously HSB, no one will say no against the tasty food in HSB, why I reviewing this much about HSB? hope you got the point friends, I am a fan for HSB foods, if you really love south Indian dishes and traditional recipes just don't miss SARAVANA BHAVAN'S taste, defintely it will twist your tongue and ask once more, especially am addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's Coffee such a taste it is, vow, whenever I ask a coffee I mentioned the word just bring me a Sarvana bhavan coffee in such a way addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's coffee and parotta.


January 04, Monday, 2010

Recent days Indian education undergoing advance change of syllabus, learning methods also with education programs. Interesting factor that Government has cancelled tenth CBSE exam, now one more mode of change from school to college education, yes premier institute of India, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) has launched a master degree program, people who finished their twelfth exams can directly go for this Master Degree there are some guidelines there to follow to undertake this degree program as per IIT standard of rules and regulation, more changes in Indian education are appreciated from students corner to parents.



Author: Vijay

January 03, Sunday, 2009

As per old proverb, friends it's just not a proverb alone, this is the truth of life quoted sentence, where it illustrates Worship your PARENTS more than GOD, of course true, but in this modern life really accomplishment of this kind of worship is not at practice since there is a big generation gap. Parent's were belongs to 60's and 70's but the present youths(teens) they trying to practice the things according to this computerized world, so there is a contradiction between a parent and child, both of their lives got differentiated due to rapid growth of technologies and even mode of world too, not only with parents generally how can one adopt themselves in this changing world, very tough to practice but need to practice the modern life for professional things and have to obey the rules, follow the culture of ancient life for personal things, it's just like a advertisement quotes hope you know well, yes just like Science plus Nature which is the recommended composition of modern youth's life.