Author: Vijay

I pulled into the wrong driveway this morning.

and this isnt the first time it has happened. it has happened twice before.

Of course i can always say it isn't my fault right? it isn't my fault that all the houses look the same. and all the driveways look the same.

I remember the first time it happened to me. there was a van parked in the driveway. a van i can't recognize. and i was wondering who could be visiting us today.

It was only when i had parked behind the van that i realized i was in the wrong driveway!



Author: Vijay

Spring officially started yesterday. unfortunately, the first day of spring didn't come with it.

My kids were so happy that spring is here that they seem to be oblivious to the fact that the huge pile of snow in our front yard still hasn't melted. they seem to be oblivious to the fact that the weather is still -18C outside. they are just really excited.

I am excited too. if there is one thing i look forward to, its the change of seasons. since we got here, we've experienced 9 season changes. and up to now, the change of season still amuses me. everytime i see it, its still like seeing it for the first time.



Author: Vijay

The glorious victory against pakistan mades the sri lankan team a best mover for the rest of tournment in the series after that it faces the young Bangaldesh team there awaits a big crunch for the bangladesh teams they cant able to make over the sri lanka bowling the pentrating effect of the sri lankan's bowling made the bangladesh batsmens irrational batting. Finally for the lions (sri lanka) the bangladesh become a food and lost the path in the tournament even after a big lose against the giant nations pakistan, srilanka in the quarter finals of the tournament.



Author: Vijay

I'm not able to post as much as I want too during these past few days. Summer classes have kept me busy and stuff. My schedule is really tiring and I hate the fact that my Major subject starts at night (6 to 7:30 pm) from Monday til Saturday. Grrr... imagine that! it's really tiring you know.

Anyway, summer classes means having to wear civilian clothes for 6 days a week. And I am totally running out of clothes. What I do is just mix and match outfits to make it look as if they're like new or something. or maybe just add some PZAAAS to my appearance. (eh? hehe...). So as usual, i'll be posting more "My StyLe"s soon. I have to experiment more with different outfits first.

Before summer classes began, I kinda got addicted to editing pictures using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. i just love putting different effects into my pics. here are some of my works. (sorry, i'm still an amateur at this... pls bear with it... hehe)



Author: Vijay

when we hear the word taglish, "i wanna make tusok tusok the fishball" immediately comes to mind. i grew up making fun of that sentence. my teachers couldn't help but overemphasize the importance of speaking straight english or straight tagalog for that matter.

so, do you think that nothing can trump "tusok tusok the fishball?"

how about "mom, i'm gonna ligo?" or worse, "im ligoing."

during my first few days in canada, when my aunt was looking for my cousin, he replied, "im ligoing." i go, "what?! he's what?!" "he's ligoing. ligo-ing. as in taking a bath." whew... and i thought tusok tusok the fishball was bad.



Author: Vijay

The main elixir of the growth lies on the bones of our health this is the area which rejuvinates all our energy and it tends us to work proper. So we have to keep our bones strong which only build the physical better and it stimulates our major energy. To buil our bones strong we have to eat healthier things that too we have to concentrate more on the calcium foods. The calcium food are enriched with high energy vitaliser for the bones and joints of our body which furnished the energy to the bones and muscle areas of the body, build our bones strong too. Major calcium enriched foods are concentrated on the fruits such as orange, lemon , banana which are the three main energy vitalising foods for the bones, these fruits are highly enriched with the calsium energy, I too will try to eat this fruits but my laziness is the main thing to avoid these food since I felt lazy too eat also. But I will make juices over these fruits and I will take this as liquid form , this too a different form of intaking and to keep our health better.