November 28, Saturday, 2009

Last post only mentioned about why India failing in their performance, ore over the team is lagging with bowling performance with zero factor. But this has been changed and enhanced with a level of promotion in the second test match at kanpur against the team Sri Lanka that too especially with the ball, all bowled well more over Sreesanth's re-entry made a support for other bowlers, such a rocking performance he did, more good bowlers are in their team, try to put it in team, one such is Irfan Pathan, he was the biggest all rounder ever created in Indian team, give a re-entry to Pathan also, such that some more changes at bowling end and all rounder will make our team to go high in all sorts of matches against any champion teams, all those things in selector's hand and in team management side, hope the team will produce some more performance at both the corners.


November 23, Monday, 2009

Cool Blog will shout that our team is lack of bowlers, so only we lag in international performance against the opponent teams, so it fluctuates overall rating of the team. India have world class batsmen there is no doubt in that but after Kapil Dev, the team can't acquire a constant performing fast bowler or so..If the team regulates with high performance bowlers definitely India will be in top one position against any.



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November 22, Sunday, 2009

Was just bored of eating same lunch and recipe's at home, but literally got irritated today and shouted the same sambar rice with some kind of chips in today lunch know? were adding few words extra to these because of the disappointment with same food stuffs, but surprisingly found my favourite and yummy globe jamun in the lunch, I love globe jamun actually it's very sweet and tasty to eat any time, that much tongue rolling yummy recipe were found on the lunch, really awesome.

The pics I took are as follows:

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November 20, Friday, 2009

Means a single things alone, you giving yourself to a girl to make her life meaningfully in all aspects from beginning to end, it is not a drama or play to start with a very grand wedding before well know thousand peoples(wedding mall) and ending with a divorce before the thousands of unknowns(in court)after the physical pleasure and boredom after those things. Make yourself a legend to your wife and your family then see what marriage makes you for, before that don't simply say what marriage did for me apart from a girl without doing anythings to her.



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Monday 16 November 2009

If you still trying to get your love means just make yourself perfect in proportion to the love you need, there are so many kind of love, among that greatest one is Mother's love which only taught you the basics and beginning of the life. If you learnt the things clearly and cleanly from the Mother's love, then all point of love is on your way with comfort and confidence, so getting a love is easy if you get prepared but maintaining the same love is little toughest things, so the cool information to provide you right here is just prepare to maintain the love before you getting a LOVE.


Thursday November 12, 2009

Yup another cool information after the cool days right here from cool blogs, like this one more important cool information about the cool actress of India, yes you judged it rightly from the title I think it's none other than Indian Beauty AISHWARYA RAI, she jumped in to modelling in the ninety's then she crowned as MISS WORLD which brought her image not only in India, she become world famous. Then she entered in FILM INDUSTRY and apart from glamour she challenged many actress through acting even she appears as a challenge to Hollywood actress in form of beauty. Then she married Abishek Bachan, he too from Bollywood film industry, now Aishwarya rai jumped in to the business with her father in law's blessing, hope she rock the world in all sectors, enjoy as Aishwarya fans



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Saturday November 07, 2009

Married or even before married the real fight between a couple lies from LOVE against the Lover only do you accept these fact? why so much of crime in love before marriage and so much of divorce after marriage, if the true love exists between those two means would it results in divorce after marriage else illegal crime before marriage, of course in many of the cases LOVERS are not true and in few cases LOVE is not true. So ultimately it gives bad results for a mutual life between couples before and after marriage.



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Wednesday November 04, 2009

What you think as best.. LOVE or MARRIAGE? All will fall in love, most of them are one side love, many will have both sides love also, even though both of them indulged in love they won't get married, for some peoples they will play in love just for time -pass and some people won't get married because of their family and relative situations. keep the lovers they get married, okay... Now you can say whether will they be happy after the marriage as much as they were before as lovers? why is it so?

LOVE is the question to be asked for life and answer for this question is marriage, right? Even though both are termed as question and answer for the life, mostly love wining at one point and marriage winning at other point, it's tough to see the success of these both for to get a meaning full life.


Monday November 02, 2009

While during the free hours, some of my friends made a vocal group discussion, I thought that might be a biggest topic going on in this discussion, there are few girls and few boys were there, girls were talked and criticized about boys, while hearing the boys speech they shouting badly about girls, after that only I came to know the topic that they discussed were BOY FRIENDS vs GIRL FRIENDS and who is the best in friendship....