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December 30, Wednesday, 2009

One of my blogging friend asked me to grab your award(mean a award for your blog(COOL BLOGS)) from her blog. I replied behalf of COOL BLOGS I didn't awarded any for other blogger's and also for you, so I suppose to award some thing for my dear blogger's like you until I don't receive any such awards for my blog(COOL BLOGS) but our friendship will lead beyond these awards.



Author: Vijay

December 28, Monday, 2009

Since Dhoni suspended for two matches, Shewag leads Indian side with a hope of series win against Sri Lankan's, hope worked out well with his guys in both of the matches and thus it leads to success. Also Indian's were excel at the bat, bowl and field in both of the matches under Virendar Shewag's captaincy compared to Dhoni's command. Both of the games are simply said to be a relaxed win with full form of discipline by Indian's.



Author: Vijay

December 22, Tuesday, 2009

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December 22, Tuesday, 2009

So much of contribution towards the film industry, not only in Tamil, he entered and gave a outlook for many languages of films in our country. For every films there might be a difference both at film point of view and also his appearance, language, mode of acting, no one can do such changes over their acting in films. Many of the famous directors said if kamal Hasan might be at Hollywood then it is tough to count the Oscar awards he won. We are proud this Kamal Hasan indulged in Tamil film industry and taking this film industry to Hollywood range. Happiest thing to say Kamal Hasan awarded as best achiever man of 2009, he got this award from our PM Manmohan singh recently. More achievements for this man.. vow.


December 17, Thursday, 2009

If you are Indian, you will know whats the problem going on Andra Pradesh, as previously said, it's tough to change boundaries, names, rules, why even it's very tough to change the street name also in present generation, such a way world has been promoted and fully modernized, all peoples were cultivated they itself posses the options of taking their own decisions and putting forth their opinions at all points. So unlike ancient rule, we can't adopt easy changes in this present rule, more over for past one month there has been many issues going on Andra pradesh, you all now the person who started his career as actor and become Super Star of telugu films, has been progressing his current career as politician in the same state, due to some recent issues he declared to quit his position what he hold previously in the assembly.


Sunday December 13, 2009

Actually this is the place of rajakilpakkam at Chennai, also called as Madambakkam, where only I took this picture, very cute form it came I liked it so I like to share it to all of my friends, while after taking this i shown to my friend, he suddenly asked where u downloaded this wall paper, I said see the street and board that visible to you in this picture, it's our street, also not that this picture is take through mobile, Thank GOD it came well as like wallpaper.

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December 13, Sunday, 2009

Image(picture) copyrighted to vinothcraig@blogspot.com.(Do not copy: Rights at Cool Blogs)


December 11, Thursday, 2009

Right from the ancient period to medieval period these kind of division problem persists with change of rule, after this medieval period, thought that is modern period this type of period can change the laws not the boundaries of the places even there is change of ruler or politician, wonder these continues in this modern period also, yes hope you catch the point what am trying to tell here, same issue which is going on ANDRA PRADESH as of now, in this modern period also though there are enormous rulers who changing their rule for every five years, one more permanent decision as like as ancient period is trying to evaluate in short span of rule and period that was division of the state(AP) as two, will it possible like dividing a router from entire server in this modern period, well it's on ruler's decision from the top level management.



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December 09, Wednesday, 2009

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December 07, Monday, 2009

After the series win against the sri lankan's at home with margin of successive innings defeats, the team India gains more rating at test cricket from ICC than that of other teams at world. Thus this also promotes India to reach position one, yes now the team leads with points in ICC world cricket rating in the international test matches. This is a historic event in cricket for the team, this team also trying hardly to get the position number one in one day international series, hope the successive matches will bring good results for the team, if the same hard work persists.


December 01, Tuesday, 2009

You all know well about the actor Kamal Hasan, no need of introduction for him, if you don't know just see Tamil films and you might estimate how talented he is, now it's a important matter in this day, also that you know today is world AIDS day, in this day many people cultivating some things about the AIDS and it's measures, our universal actor doctor kamal hasan has revealed a information through South India's favourite Hello FM, that he going to adopt and taking care also to sponsor the lives for thousand AIDS affected children's, really this is mere untouched thing from a mass media person, many people will think about their live even they don't have anything or even they have millions of money, Kamal Hasan proves his humanity towards others once more, let we all have to salute him, no words Mr.kamal sir, you are really a step higher than normal humans.