Author: Vijay

September 26, Sunday, 2010

Actually I like Spinach, many peoples like this, though some persons don't like the taste, this spinach is so good for health, actually while seeing Popeye in earlier days, really I don't know what does this spinach means, I thought that might be some American Candy like so, during the times also I ate spinach so many times but the name for that spinach is not so familiar here, we use different word to denote, now days am so familiar of what spinach is and what am eating also, so I can say that SPINACH THE SAILOR MAN(who ever eating spinach can become as Popeye know)


September 22, Wednesday, 2010

I like Rajini and Ajith in Tamil cinemas(kollywood) a lot, next to these two I really love Vijay and Kamal also, all these four persons are adorable actors who already gain their images in 1970's, 1980's and in 1990's. But after 2000 I experienced watching many hero's coming in the Tamil film industry, really for me none of the actor gives a standard hero feel as like those four hero's what I mentioned in the above lines,though one person who launched his career in tamil cinema's in the year 2007 with opening block buster movie stolen many hearts in Tamil Film industry also in Indian film industry, his recent movie Paiyaa is also a super hit movie.

He holds all credits to fall in the list of Rajini, Kamal, Vijay, Ajith, he is next in this lists. This is my own opinion, also I saw he gained a huge set of fans for his innocence acting and smile in the recent movies, a actor who proves as a talented character artist as well as hero within a short span of time.


September 19, Sunday, 2010

It's been amazing match between Chennai Super Kings and Australian board team Victoria, hope these two are the strongest team's facing first time, that too in the Airtel Champions League, Mighty Australian board's Victoria extra- ordinary performance pushes the match towards Super Over match, the Indian IPL giant Chennai Super Kings fought well, a tough match, the mistake from Chennai Super Kings is providing the ball to spinner Ashwin, Captain don't even think about the World Best Spin bowler Muralitharan on his side, also he don't even consider the best bowlers Bollinger and Morkel in such a tough situation. Due to poor selection, super over turns to super over for Victoria, Super kings slanted of from their winning track.


Sep 15, Wednesday, 2010

I was bored to the core to watch Tamil films, previously I watch a lot especially Rajini, Kamal, Vijay and Ajith movies all these persons movies might be good and I feel worthy to spend my time in watching their movies.

But for the past two years, there are great change in films and trends, lot of hero's, heroine's and lot of new movies with new directors. Anything if exceeds the limit means it will give a kind of boring feel, same feel I had while watching these much of new things in our film industry.

To be really satisfied with a recent movie after SUBRAMANIYAPURAM 2008, that is due to the movie BAANA KAATHADI, I didn't expect these much things from a recent film.

The first credit goes to director such a silent romantic movie, there is no sound and violence love as like what recent films trying to show, second the Hero, really Adharva you looks great, I love Murali a lot, now am seeing Murali in terms of you. Such a humbleness, cuteness and matured mode of acting in his first film. No special heroism.

Third credit goes to Kaathadi(mean Kite in English , am I right?) excellent kit handled in amazing manner, simply superb.

All the best for all who gave such a movie and brought a feel of watching an 1980's romantic movie.


Sep 12, Sunday, 2010

Hats off performance by Chennai Super Kings, one of the most strongest IPL team and champions of IPL 3, Chennai Super kings won the first match in the Airtel Champions league, many peoples have a thought the best performing teams not performing well in the World Champions League 20-20 matches, hope in this Champion League, CSK(Chennai Super Kings) have the ability to break such kind of thoughts among the cricket fans, if they provided good sort of input as like they did in the first match sure CSK will hold the champions title, bowling is very strong, batting also seems good, the thing if the same spirit is continued within CSK team, then they are champions.


Sep 11, Saturday, 2010

GOD is first of all in this universe, without GOD nothing there in this world. Among the GOD, Vinayagar(GANESHA) is the first of all GOD.

So today is Vinayagar Chaturuthi, yes birthday of Lord Ganesha, what ever we do we first initiate with the bless of Lord Ganesha, let us all worship and wish Lord Ganesha, all should get his bless for all the best of life, GOD is great.



Author: Vijay

Sep 8, Wednesday, 2010

Though this might be a game of multi-national players, the Captain's are remain in our minds, most of the times we calling the team by the name of their captain such as hey this is Sachin's team, hey this is Kumble's team and see this is Dhoni's team, in such a manner these three captain leading their way in Air tel Champions League T20 for this year with their guys in the Mumbai Indians, Bangalore Royal challangers and Chennai Super Kings such teams respectively, their performance with the team effort is amazing and merely proves a game spirit in the IPL matches, here this is another chance to prove their game spirit in World champions League, all the best for all them.


Sep 5, Sunday, 2010

Really there is a huge expectations and mass holding fans over the team CSK(Chennai Super Kings) since our Indian Captain and also our Chennai holds large cricket fans, with extra ordinary performance our Chennai Super Kings(CSK) hold's the crown in Indian Premier League 3, now same CSK with the credit over the Championship in IPL, marching their foot into Champions League Twenty Twenty with our Indian Captain Dhoni as our evergreen Captain, wish Dhoni and his guys hold the credit and bring the fame for CSK as like IPL matches in the Champions League Twenty Twenty matches also.



Author: Vijay

Sep 1, Wednesday, 2010

Hi friends, this is a new broad band connection from Zylog systems, found that the speed and tariff are under my budget, so I suggested this and got this Wi-5 broad band recently and though have some signal problems since initially they modifying the server end issues, I just found the speed they allocated for such a low tariff should be highly appreciable and am looking more such attractive offers and best of services.