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December 30, Wednesday, 2009

One of my blogging friend asked me to grab your award(mean a award for your blog(COOL BLOGS)) from her blog. I replied behalf of COOL BLOGS I didn't awarded any for other blogger's and also for you, so I suppose to award some thing for my dear blogger's like you until I don't receive any such awards for my blog(COOL BLOGS) but our friendship will lead beyond these awards.



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December 28, Monday, 2009

Since Dhoni suspended for two matches, Shewag leads Indian side with a hope of series win against Sri Lankan's, hope worked out well with his guys in both of the matches and thus it leads to success. Also Indian's were excel at the bat, bowl and field in both of the matches under Virendar Shewag's captaincy compared to Dhoni's command. Both of the games are simply said to be a relaxed win with full form of discipline by Indian's.



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December 22, Tuesday, 2009

There were a period of time were all things made out of mud, but think of a person's thing values a lot than a person's character. So you have to analyze the various strategies to make your thinks in a grand manner. Among the things the elixir one, no one can avoid this in their modern life, of course you judged it well, it's furniture and related stuffs. Furniture's can matter a lot and found in widen range at recent times, but what is the best one to adopt in developing modern world like this, how can you choose the furniture as a best one. Simple, the one who has inner better quality and outer best accomplishment is the best furniture to considered, so you searching for this kind of furniture all round the place at all times, no need just make your pleasant visit once to grab the best at Eroomservices. The furniture's that definitely changes your world in a different vision, in such a way they focused their source of design for your kitchen to office rooms in a modern mode of extra-ordinary accomplishment through quality woods of finest collections.

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December 22, Tuesday, 2009

So much of contribution towards the film industry, not only in Tamil, he entered and gave a outlook for many languages of films in our country. For every films there might be a difference both at film point of view and also his appearance, language, mode of acting, no one can do such changes over their acting in films. Many of the famous directors said if kamal Hasan might be at Hollywood then it is tough to count the Oscar awards he won. We are proud this Kamal Hasan indulged in Tamil film industry and taking this film industry to Hollywood range. Happiest thing to say Kamal Hasan awarded as best achiever man of 2009, he got this award from our PM Manmohan singh recently. More achievements for this man.. vow.


December 17, Thursday, 2009

If you are Indian, you will know whats the problem going on Andra Pradesh, as previously said, it's tough to change boundaries, names, rules, why even it's very tough to change the street name also in present generation, such a way world has been promoted and fully modernized, all peoples were cultivated they itself posses the options of taking their own decisions and putting forth their opinions at all points. So unlike ancient rule, we can't adopt easy changes in this present rule, more over for past one month there has been many issues going on Andra pradesh, you all now the person who started his career as actor and become Super Star of telugu films, has been progressing his current career as politician in the same state, due to some recent issues he declared to quit his position what he hold previously in the assembly.


Sunday December 13, 2009

Actually this is the place of rajakilpakkam at Chennai, also called as Madambakkam, where only I took this picture, very cute form it came I liked it so I like to share it to all of my friends, while after taking this i shown to my friend, he suddenly asked where u downloaded this wall paper, I said see the street and board that visible to you in this picture, it's our street, also not that this picture is take through mobile, Thank GOD it came well as like wallpaper.

Image(picture) copyrighted to vinothcraig@blogspot.com.(Do not copy: Rights at Cool Blogs)

December 13, Sunday, 2009

Image(picture) copyrighted to vinothcraig@blogspot.com.(Do not copy: Rights at Cool Blogs)


December 11, Thursday, 2009

Right from the ancient period to medieval period these kind of division problem persists with change of rule, after this medieval period, thought that is modern period this type of period can change the laws not the boundaries of the places even there is change of ruler or politician, wonder these continues in this modern period also, yes hope you catch the point what am trying to tell here, same issue which is going on ANDRA PRADESH as of now, in this modern period also though there are enormous rulers who changing their rule for every five years, one more permanent decision as like as ancient period is trying to evaluate in short span of rule and period that was division of the state(AP) as two, will it possible like dividing a router from entire server in this modern period, well it's on ruler's decision from the top level management.



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December 09, Wednesday, 2009

Controlling and monitoring a process is very much tough in this robotic world, in such a condition if one device provides you valuable and ensure security all round the time for you and your family even in case of power failure means just imagine how worthy it is? Now you can stop your imagination since imaginations and dreams are came alive at your hands through ADT,which is called as ADT home security, yes it's a home alarm systems and comprised solution for assured protection of continuous monitoring in four way interconnected manner even there is loss of one way communication our professional team made the process effective through efficient equipment without losing contact to your home at any condition and at any weather mode, with four quadrant operation. With these alarming monitored system at any instance alert is activated our professionals enable to safe guard you through the local police station. Thus these process has been simplified and easily installed with adt alarms for your home security using adt monitoring process, you can
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December 07, Monday, 2009

After the series win against the sri lankan's at home with margin of successive innings defeats, the team India gains more rating at test cricket from ICC than that of other teams at world. Thus this also promotes India to reach position one, yes now the team leads with points in ICC world cricket rating in the international test matches. This is a historic event in cricket for the team, this team also trying hardly to get the position number one in one day international series, hope the successive matches will bring good results for the team, if the same hard work persists.


December 01, Tuesday, 2009

You all know well about the actor Kamal Hasan, no need of introduction for him, if you don't know just see Tamil films and you might estimate how talented he is, now it's a important matter in this day, also that you know today is world AIDS day, in this day many people cultivating some things about the AIDS and it's measures, our universal actor doctor kamal hasan has revealed a information through South India's favourite Hello FM, that he going to adopt and taking care also to sponsor the lives for thousand AIDS affected children's, really this is mere untouched thing from a mass media person, many people will think about their live even they don't have anything or even they have millions of money, Kamal Hasan proves his humanity towards others once more, let we all have to salute him, no words Mr.kamal sir, you are really a step higher than normal humans.


November 28, Saturday, 2009

Last post only mentioned about why India failing in their performance, ore over the team is lagging with bowling performance with zero factor. But this has been changed and enhanced with a level of promotion in the second test match at kanpur against the team Sri Lanka that too especially with the ball, all bowled well more over Sreesanth's re-entry made a support for other bowlers, such a rocking performance he did, more good bowlers are in their team, try to put it in team, one such is Irfan Pathan, he was the biggest all rounder ever created in Indian team, give a re-entry to Pathan also, such that some more changes at bowling end and all rounder will make our team to go high in all sorts of matches against any champion teams, all those things in selector's hand and in team management side, hope the team will produce some more performance at both the corners.


November 23, Monday, 2009

Cool Blog will shout that our team is lack of bowlers, so only we lag in international performance against the opponent teams, so it fluctuates overall rating of the team. India have world class batsmen there is no doubt in that but after Kapil Dev, the team can't acquire a constant performing fast bowler or so..If the team regulates with high performance bowlers definitely India will be in top one position against any.



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November 22, Sunday, 2009

Was just bored of eating same lunch and recipe's at home, but literally got irritated today and shouted the same sambar rice with some kind of chips in today lunch know? were adding few words extra to these because of the disappointment with same food stuffs, but surprisingly found my favourite and yummy globe jamun in the lunch, I love globe jamun actually it's very sweet and tasty to eat any time, that much tongue rolling yummy recipe were found on the lunch, really awesome.

The pics I took are as follows:

All rights reserved on Cool Blogs @vinothcraig.blogspot.com fopr images.November 22, Sunday, 2009



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November 20, Friday, 2009

Means a single things alone, you giving yourself to a girl to make her life meaningfully in all aspects from beginning to end, it is not a drama or play to start with a very grand wedding before well know thousand peoples(wedding mall) and ending with a divorce before the thousands of unknowns(in court)after the physical pleasure and boredom after those things. Make yourself a legend to your wife and your family then see what marriage makes you for, before that don't simply say what marriage did for me apart from a girl without doing anythings to her.



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Monday 16 November 2009

If you still trying to get your love means just make yourself perfect in proportion to the love you need, there are so many kind of love, among that greatest one is Mother's love which only taught you the basics and beginning of the life. If you learnt the things clearly and cleanly from the Mother's love, then all point of love is on your way with comfort and confidence, so getting a love is easy if you get prepared but maintaining the same love is little toughest things, so the cool information to provide you right here is just prepare to maintain the love before you getting a LOVE.


Thursday November 12, 2009

Yup another cool information after the cool days right here from cool blogs, like this one more important cool information about the cool actress of India, yes you judged it rightly from the title I think it's none other than Indian Beauty AISHWARYA RAI, she jumped in to modelling in the ninety's then she crowned as MISS WORLD which brought her image not only in India, she become world famous. Then she entered in FILM INDUSTRY and apart from glamour she challenged many actress through acting even she appears as a challenge to Hollywood actress in form of beauty. Then she married Abishek Bachan, he too from Bollywood film industry, now Aishwarya rai jumped in to the business with her father in law's blessing, hope she rock the world in all sectors, enjoy as Aishwarya fans



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Saturday November 07, 2009

Married or even before married the real fight between a couple lies from LOVE against the Lover only do you accept these fact? why so much of crime in love before marriage and so much of divorce after marriage, if the true love exists between those two means would it results in divorce after marriage else illegal crime before marriage, of course in many of the cases LOVERS are not true and in few cases LOVE is not true. So ultimately it gives bad results for a mutual life between couples before and after marriage.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday November 04, 2009

What you think as best.. LOVE or MARRIAGE? All will fall in love, most of them are one side love, many will have both sides love also, even though both of them indulged in love they won't get married, for some peoples they will play in love just for time -pass and some people won't get married because of their family and relative situations. keep the lovers they get married, okay... Now you can say whether will they be happy after the marriage as much as they were before as lovers? why is it so?

LOVE is the question to be asked for life and answer for this question is marriage, right? Even though both are termed as question and answer for the life, mostly love wining at one point and marriage winning at other point, it's tough to see the success of these both for to get a meaning full life.


Monday November 02, 2009

While during the free hours, some of my friends made a vocal group discussion, I thought that might be a biggest topic going on in this discussion, there are few girls and few boys were there, girls were talked and criticized about boys, while hearing the boys speech they shouting badly about girls, after that only I came to know the topic that they discussed were BOY FRIENDS vs GIRL FRIENDS and who is the best in friendship....



Author: Vijay

Saturday October 31, 2009

The real super star of WWE is none other than UNDERTAKER, since he is skillful and very original towards the method of approach that he do with other WWE stars while on fighting. He won't cheat as like many other do, he won't shout much, he won't show magic and play like a dancer, he is calm in walking but terror in fighting, always his style is different in WWE, none can undertake this UNDERTAKER, he is rocking ever, evergreen star and real super star of WWE.


Friday October 30, 2009

Even though we can view hundreds of channels from music to movies, we can feel the real smile in ours while watching children's favourite pogo and cartoon network channels. There are so many cartoon and animated serials in this channel for the kids, even though it is adopted for kids, many of adults like us are very much interested and getting real relaxation while seeing such innocent small stories and movies in these channels, which brings pure happiness and taking back us to childhood even turning as child's before the television.


Wednesday October 28, 2009

We have read many ancient things related culture, ruling method, customs and language, from these we learnt many things that literally helping for us today's lives. On that way very old ancient temple which has been built by Kulthunga chola at 549 A.D. is still there in Chennai in place of Madambakkam, which is the suburban of Chennai, Lord Siva temple now it's at place of Madambakkam, which is the very old ancient temple standing beyond many centuries, this is very spiritualistic. We have to be proud to have such a ancient temple in our city, old is gold know? Yes even though we studied many degrees in top universities today, still we have to learn lot and lot of things from the ancient peoples and periods.


Sunday October 25, 2009

If you are a cricket fans, want to take the score updates from ball to ball, bat to bat, all summary updates from the pitch to boundary, each and every ball of the commentaries in text format for your easy reading, yes all this you can do right from the COOL BLOGS and you can update the current exciting INDIA vs AUSTRALIA seven match one day international series, the two champions of cricket making their way for achievements in cricket, COOL BLOGS bottom most left side bar enable you to update this one day international scores.


Friday October 23, 2009

What ever it might be ICC T20, IPL T20 and many, the latest best performing side even in chasing at lamps even a score of 180 in just 20 overs is TRINIDAD and TOBAGO this team performing well with their ball and bat, in field too, guys seems like INDIAN natives from south India, their face resembles like so, but this foreign team making their efforts all round the time with the opponent side and making all victories on their even in tough conditions of match, such enthusiastic guys were in this side and making their way in to the final of AIRTEL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE T20 2009, this is the best side which can provide further more effects in cricket.


Wednesday October 21, 2009

Once upon a time Sourav Gagnuly is the best batsmen even Sachin inside the team, Sourav's Six are most famous among the fans, such a hitter and excellent timer with the ball through placement. His foot forward six won't miss and fall inside the boundary rope, slowly this greatest batsmen's batting power reduced which simultaneously affects Indian batting power in the one day international matches, in such a way Mahindra Singh Dhoni also making his facts which was cleverly pointed and commented by Sourav Ganguly, once Dhoni entered and gain his name as biggest hitting batsmen in the middle order, at those time his batting power is the backbone for the team, but slowly his batting style has been changed which affects his batting strike rate along with team's batting power in early scoring rates.


Monday October 19, 2009

From rural to urban, in all continent's and in all nations one man who gain most popularity in the 21st century which is none other than greatest dancer Micheal Jackson, where ever and what ever the age group all people will know some thing and at least few things about this men from the perspective of Dance. After MJ's death, his brother making tour over other countries and planning to release some albums it seems, in mean while Bollywood super star Sharukh khan provided a party for MICHEAL JACKSON's brother, this might be a greatest party from the Stars, hope might be a expectation from SRK's fans if he too joined with MJ's brother for to provide a treat for his fans through some albums.


Saturday October 17, 2009

Yes today it's Diwali function, all know that it is a mighty function to celebrate with lot of joy and happiness in combination with lights, of course it is called as FUNCTION OF LIGHTS, let COOL BLOGS wishing all to get lights in their life in a glowing manner, HAPPY DIWALI, Enjoy.

Mean while it 's very pleasant to see that Amercian President Mr. BARACK OBAMA celebrating Diwali in White House, it's nice to spread good culture, Mr. OBAMA doing this, happy Diwali to all.


Thursday October 15, 2009

You itself know Hindi film industry is a busy bee industry, it's tough to see the famous actors and actress in some other spots other than the film shootings and productions units, but these stars of Bollywood industry appeared all along on the same way that too in the same stage and created a ramp walk with their foots and gave a heart probe for their fans and spectators who arrived their, what a amazing scene to see in the lively stage, yes Bollywood's famous actors SALMAN KHAN, SOHAIL KHAN, GOVINDA, SAIF ALI KHAN AND BEAUTIFUL SIZZLING ACTRESS KATRINA KAIF were appeared in the same stage as all along one in INDIAN CULTURAL WEEK 2009. This is the exclusive scene for all Hindi film lovers.


Sunday October 11, 2009

Respected Scientists and Researchers, recently you have launched so many satellites to find whether the moon hold enormous content of water, will it be sufficient for lives through this content in the moon and like so, but that is a imaginary and research oriented issue, so many people still struggling for the water in the earth itself, one side flood, one side drought even though there is no sufficient water for lives in the world, more over all saying the earth comprises of much ocean surface than the land surface, so some things to yield water for the lives which already struggling here, innovations are invited but before that we have to see the status of the already invited things for better and best mode of survival.


Thursday October 08, 2009

Right from the ancient period onwards that there is a special attention towards arts, slowly this kind of arts turned as media and promoted as films with new technologies. This technology paving many entertainments for all along a while in forms of FILMS, ADVERTISEMENTS, SERIALS, MUSIC SHOWS, DRAMAS etc., but on the other right from the educated people to illiterate people now got attracted towards media, all their dreams is want to become a hero in the first film itself, not even a generalist character actor or other technician works behind the screes, all they want I want to appear as a HERO in FILMS before the SCREENS for the AUDIENCE, can all become HERO? just think and put your effort in a proper way, first do you know what is the requirements to become an actor in films?

First get such requirements and make yourself polish in such a way, if you have money you itself get produce and act in a film who ever you may and what ever your profession you are, one and only things if you have talents means you Will sustain as a hero else who ever can come and show their face in a movie or two soon such hero's will get vanish, so put your innovative and entertain others, simply don't disturb others by keeping overnight millionaire ideas.


Wednesday October 07, 2009

I like and admire the game cricket more, what ever the team change or new series, the constant effort making and most successive team of the cricket is none other than AUSTRALIA, also I can sound well the most successive captain of the cricket is RICKY PONTING, no one can replace his captaincy at any point of cricket.

Even though the team is performing well with best efforts in the ground, the ultimate guidance and taking the team to the path of success is laid on the hands of captaincy, so even thought the team is launched with new set of players for the MINI WORLD CUP 2009, once again RICKY PONTING proved his captaincy by excellent work along with his guys in the field once again making AUSTRALIA to the world best team.



Author: Vijay

Sunday October 04, 2009

Friends I receiving many mails in my inbox under the topic of LOTTERY WIN and DATE YOUR FAVOURITE GIRL at your place and chat easily with girls at online, registration free for this ONLINE DATING, COOL BLOGS know for what kind of aid they sending such mails randomly to many id's, but one thing COOL BLOGS want to know we are creating our e-mail id's at our own wish under our own suggestion of names, even though how come these peoples collecting our id's randomly and serving unwanted information's to our mail id , which creates irritating sensation while reading such fake and cheating mails.



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Thursday October 01, 2009

For the welfare of peoples Cool Blogs here providing valuable information through cool way, those who appeared for BSNL JTO EXAM 2008 which has been held on June 21 2009 are waiting for the results, first of all the best for all, yet some kind of chaos and spams are coming regarding this BSNL JTO results, so people who kindly looking to see the results please check your results at BSNL main site alone, for your easy information the address of the URL is as follows:


where in the new column you can check the appropriate things where they display all things clearly including the exam hall tickets, results, plans and more, please don't get confuse through any spamming mails.


Wednesday September 30, 2009

Hey friends bored with your usual works and feeling to get any new set of themes and outing area for you and your friends or families to gain the real ecstasy. Don't worry you are invited to enter in Prince resorts which is located at the North Myrtle Beach with all special features according to your holiday mode to get in and get out with lot of enjoyments, resting places, free and fresh kind of feel ever through in this prince resort. You can ask what are all the special things this resorts holding to produce a better feel for the customers. Yes more and more, Myrtle Beach Resorts holds fresh pools, builted river to make a ride with your beloved ones, hot tubs to rejuvenate your mind and body fresh with positive mode of energy.

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Also Myrtle Beach Accomodations are freestyle and worthy with much more comfortable and luxurious that you ever seen in any kind of resorts, with great food service. They have very good support and customer related team to serve you all round the time with best of service and focus of customer oriented activities with customer satisfaction as their vision values. More over all things are at your economical values you can check the order, rating methods easily via e-mail else you can contact them with the resort related queries and activities.


Tuesday September 29, 2009

Ayesha takia a well know actress, so I don't want to tell anything about her again here, but the cool information is that she back again in the film wanted in pair of super actor salman khan which is a re-make up film of actor Vijay's Pokiri directed by Indian Micheal Jackson Prabhu Deva, he is the same director here with soem changes for Salman Khan, Ayesha playing the role of Asin, which would be expected to gain more names and fames for her through this film., So this is the well treat for her fans.



Author: Vijay

Saturday September 26, 2009

Last November 26 there held a real war between India Vs pakistan, terrorist of Pakistan attacked Indian Country in a coward way, today this also same dated as 26, today India marching on against the Pakistan in the ICC MINI WORLD CUP 2009, this is not the act of coward's, this is the braveness through game, India will show the real braveness towards the game and win against Pakistan in this crucial match of the ICC MINI WORLD CUP 2009 taking place at SOUTH AFRICA.



Author: Vijay

Thursday September 24, 2009

Once the world seems to be made of clay articles where ever and what ever it might be made of clay from pots to big things, now slowly this has been enhanced as Electronic items and things. All things are converted as Digital and Radium articles, such a way Electronic articles making the most use of our works. So do you interested to present a electronic material for your friend in this digital world, don't ran here and there to get the best things, here Shopwiki is there to provide A to Z electronic devices for you with quality plus control. Media players are irresistible thing of Electronics as present since so much of musics with billions of lovers for this styles of music to make all things rhythmic in this stress you have to relax yourself with this music, one such important Electronic gifts is Ipod, shopwiki delivers many branded new styles of Media Players one such as Apple ipod, Sandisk and more for your heart to make it melody one.

Also they are keen to guide you while buying all electronic things especially Computer related electronic accessories, such as Computer Speakers, we are well know that how to use the computer speaker and what is the resolution features which makes most us good quality sound but you have to know some tips while buying, more than selling a product Shopwiki guiding you with their expertise service over the products about buying methods and usage.

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Wednesday September 23, 2009

You expecting much information or any new information from right here in this cool blogs? Excuse me let I want to ask something to you, this is not a rhyme or song, of course most of us having Pentium process, Intel which is world wide experts in manufacturers of processors, but while seeing a new add about Pentium I can't get what they trying to delivering and about what they trying to reproduce in such a small size. All together they going to produce a invisible material, all along I understood the final touch of that Intel Pentium Processor add where they sing together with Poum papum paum, also don't know what's the meaning and what language this belongs to, may be their own language called PENTIUM language, but it makes to sing well and giving a good rhythm of music to play.



Author: Vijay

Sunday September 20, 2009

One of the most famous blog advertising service with stimulus advantages for bloggers and advertisers are Smorty, they effectvely making their blog advertising process through enormous advertisers with more contents thus by promoting their contents through quality blogs, Cool Blogs is also member in Smorty. This smorty is a sharp and fabolous opportunity for all bloggers and advertisers to make use of it right way with various features.



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Thursday September 17, 2009

Vodafone is the name of the wireless communication server for mobile communication, which is famous all round the wold. All peoples know this, previously this has been processes under the name of Hutch, both the names are pretty attractive which itself a step of success towards the customers, another most important attractive things this Hutch previously displayed a small child and very pretty dog in their mass media adds, which attracts many people, this add has been a massive hit for this communication industry, even after changing Vodafone making their way sensible and effective through their adds by making Vodafone toys and again with the set of small kid with Hutch dog, more over the dog is called as Hutch dog, the dog gained such a name through add, now it's Vodafone dog...very funny and pretty superb forms of media display.



Author: Vijay

Sunday September 13, 2009

Ya today I got installed new media player on my system, it's old version only but I got re installed my PC because my hard disk got failure before weeks ago, then I claimed for warranty and got a new one now hence system has been formatted with new themes and sets, now windows media player is ready here to hear songs...yahooo



Author: Vijay

Wednesday September 09, 2009

I planning to change my mobile to the brand of SONY ERICSSON'S and I thought it was the best one for a music lover like me, I heard that it well formatted and best fitted with quality sound, more over walk man series with advanced MP3 player is available in the SONY ERICSSON'S brand of mobile, stands outstanding for best quality of sound, more over I would like to have a medium pixel camera and audio cum video recording with blue tooth transfer, more over if it is soft touch with keys for easy messaging means it will be nice, obviously SONY will provide these with leading quality and resolution of sounds.



Author: Vijay

Monday September 07, 2009

Many secrets things can't come up easily in a similar way it's very tough to get a true knowledge, what ever the thing it may be, getting a pure and exact knowledge is get dissipated in many ways, but here there is a solution to get all clear advice through online itself for the gold and bullion. If you looking to buy gold, what are all things you have to keep tracking while buying a gold all such mode of solutions right here in a simple and easy manner. To buy gold coin you need some assistance so here they providing aurum advisors with all set of information from history of gold to up today rate and catalog of gold in stock market for all who ever you might be and what ever amount you buying, they assists to buy gold coins from organization to individuals with clear information's with accurate rates, models and all world gold coins.

Also here they providing free gold guide for you for the better understanding about the certified gold coins. You can also get free guidance for to buy bullion, here they assist with clear set of information with detailed description of bullion such as american buffalo, chinese gold panda, australian nugget and more with price and set details for you to buy gold bullion in a better way that too all these mode of assistance and guidance through online in a simple and quick manner, more over you can contact them through this number for easy process and methods 1-800-940-7793.



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Saturday August 05, 2009

I really searched for a good jean, since I used to wear formal most of the times, but I don't find a jean for me, but last week only I planed for a jean at last I bought a new jean which seems to be a fit and best one for me with co-lour and fabric, more over I love boot cut type of jeans so I bought a boot cut jeans as a casual and stylish wear.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday September 2, 2009

Before a year I bought FLY mobile, I don't have much knowledge about this mobile, more over which is the first mobile I bought, many said many premium branded companies, but don't know why I got attracted towards this FLY mobile, which hold all features such as MP3, Camera, Audio and Video recording, also web supported applications. Until now I maintaining my mobile well, that much worthy it is, free from repair issues, more over the most slim model I saw in this FLY brand only, it's more compact for my pockets, very very soft touch keypad, my friends will show many branded mobile, but still this is much worthy for me, my mobile stands unique in it's own way. So just I got valuable place to share about my mobile which I love much.



Author: Vijay

Monday August 31, 2009

Already introduction of twenty twenty matches claims a good response among the cricket fans, in addition to that IPL has been arranged in the same style with introduction of many domestic players containing 1:4 ratio of International players to Indian players in all matches, which gained more name and fame, that too after conducting a IPL in different country, it's a massive hit among the cricket fans. There were more cricket along with more entertainment in a world wide manner for all fans of cricket who loves cricket at any part of the world, many of the Bollywood stars like Shilpa Sheety, Shahrukh khan, Preeti Zinda were managed a team by investing their money over the team players in the last IPL, among the group now a super star of Hindi films planning to claim a team in the fore coming IPL matches in the next session which is none other than ever green star of Bollywood Salman khan, targeting his team for next IPL.



Author: Vijay

Saturday August 29, 2009

It has been a fabulous and fantasy moments of cricket awaiting through this following mini world cup conducted by ICC where eight great teams taking part in this championship series. Now the world of cricket has been changed due to the introduction of twenty twenty matches, what ever series it may which all happening with twenty twenty such as twenty twenty world cup, twenty twenty matches and like so, after a long time this Mini world cup of 50 over matches is going to take place with lot of ecstasy of cricket, more over this is the true form of cricket after the WORLD CUP, so lot and lot of cricket with spicy teams and sweety matches are awaiting in this ICC MINI WORLD CUP 09.



Author: Vijay

Wednesday August 26, 2009

Again a cold war came to end which is none other than ASHES series 2009 between two warriors ENGLAND versus AUSTRALIA, previously discussed already the mighty champions Australia losing their dominance over the world of cricket now again it happens through this ashes series, hardworking never fails, even with new set of team, hard working England again won the crown by defeating the world champions side in this crucial ashes series, what's Australia next decision after this series. Hope the champions trophy will answer for this champion side.



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Sunday August 23, 2009

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Thursday August 20, 2009

As a fan of shahrukh khan I heard some unbearable act for the world famous actor from bollywood at America, don't know what the exact thing and reason for this act from the authorities of America towards a famous actor Shahrukh Khan, already there is a message one more famous actor Mr.Mamooty face this kind of problem there previously now towards the world famous actor and prince of bollywood of course for the charming shahrukh khan, hope in future this kind of hurting activities towards the celebrities should be avoidable in respect to the name and fame of the personality.


Monday August 17, 2009

Hi my dear friends one more super information for all the cricket fans, as a cricket fan I love the game in all point of views, especially every one is interested towards batting, when ever I ask you a question would you like to prefer batting or bowling means? whats your answer? Undoubtedly from the local ground to Lord's London also from the cricket learner to Sachin Tendulkar all will prefer the option as batting, since it is the way to show our talents in a extra ordinary manner, in such a way Mr. Charles Coventry from Zimbabwe breaks the mighty Pakistan batsmen Anwar record by hitting fabulous 194 runs not out in the one day international game against Bangladesh by setting a huge record of highest runs, he is a young player and he proved all his talents in a single match, congrats Coventry.



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Saturday August 15, 2009

Actually you all well know what is independence? Hope all enjoying their Independence in their own way in a social democratic country more over this is the 63rd Independence day for us, so let I wish you all very freedom owned and rights owned independence day, be independent in your thoughts and actions to achieve more things and fame in best way in a independent manner than others. Once again happy Independence day.



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Wednesday August 12, 2009

So far all of the visitors and readers well know the fact about COOL BLOGS, yes obviously we are the top cool information provider this is the way we handled to make you peoples cool every time while looking at this blog, or reading this COOL BLOGS, now the season is changing, hot season turned as cool in major parts of the world, so according to it can we change the coolest information in to hottest information's for the welfare of visitors according the season of climate and for easy digest in respect of their moods especially for the daily readers of this COOL BLOGS, let it be on the way with more information for you readers in easy digestion manner regardless of change of season and climate.


Tuesday August 11, 2009

As far from my blog visitors and readers all commented and mailed to Admins corner by mentioning the information such as the COOL BLOGS is the COOLEST and BEST of all blogs that we read, while hearing this it's really a big crown for the blog we have, in such a way we promoting the blog with all sources of information's for the readers welfare and enjoyment, now it's just best suited title for this blog as COOL BLOGS since many of the supporters have voted this is as cool and best of blogs in blog world, thank GOD and thanks for all supporters.



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Friday August 07, 2009

You all know well about Cool Blogs, Did I want to say it again? I know your mind voice you saying no for that since Cool Blogs is very cool to bring all such cool information's to you through the blog world. One more cool and sexy information's is here awaiting for you ladies and gentleman's which is about the world sexiest man survey and winning list recently conducted, you know who is the world sexiest man of course he is my favorite hero too while hearing the result of world sexiest man I merly jumping since my favorite actor who stolen many hearts with fabulous names and fame's through the film Twilight, obviously Mr. Robert Pattinson, we all known him through the role of vampire he holds the title of world sexiest man by beating Johnny Depp, Hugh Jack man , David Beckham, Brad Pitt int he back ward lists, now only I came to know this vampire not only stolen my heart he stolen many hearts as a symbol and credit he won this title in a mega poll.


Tuesday August 04, 2009

As we all know our team cricket players are so decent and strict followers over the cricket rules especially in the drug and racist issue. But now a new lock has been put forth over the running and enthusiastic cricket players of Indian cricket team, while indulging in matches, appearing for medical test behalf of drugs or any drinks is acceptable and reasonable but beyond this ICC paves a new role for all cricket players which is have to appear all time medical test behalf of drugs even in rest times of cricket. So such a decision makes some bitter thoughts among the players, especially Indian players are always moves to country to country for vacation, family issues, media related stuffs including personal issues, so in this span of schedule appearing for ICC medical tests and other related submissions were create a dilemma for the players, more over Indian cricket players thinking that it will interfere in freedom of an individuality since Indians belong to sovereign social republic country every person have equal rights especially right to freedom over individuality hence so rest of the decision is over the hands of BCCI and players of Indian team, so what is the answer for ICC from BCCI?



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Sunday August 02, 2009

HI my dear Friends of Cool Blogs here again to provide a cool information about this day, this is the special day for all ages of peoples, since every age of people can celebrate what ever religion they may and which ever country they belongs, yes my dear Friends today is FRIENDSHIP DAY, all other days are restricted to some gender, some religion, some specified age group also for some specific relation but this friendship day is for the whole world and for all human beings who express their feel through friendship with others. Enjoy!



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Friday July 31, 2009

We didn't expect such a rain in this season that too for a dry climate in Chennai but all along a time there is a sudden change and unexpected heavy rain at Chennai with thundering storms in the city and nearby suburban places around the city, any way it brings back some coolness to all the peoples in this dry season like a cool information to the visitors of cool blogs when they feel dry and bore, what a comparison know? Enjoy the cool climate alone with cool blogs, cheers.



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Tuesday July 28, 2009

Yes my dear friends do you think anything bigger while looking upon my title? say? Of course the title is big and interesting thing, but the thing inside is a different one you will definitely laugh while reading this, title alone stands greater. Actually the thing is we played cricket match in my street ground last Sunday, after a long time all our old friends get gathered and played a cricket match, do you know what is the team name for both the teams in this cricket match, my team name is GOOGLE and my opponent team name is YAHOO, what a fun see with, all this things are just for cricket, laugh now.



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Saturday July 25, 2009

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Thursday July 23, 2009

I already said love England and a great fan for English cricket team, now in this series England got the best rewards for their hard work and play again the might champions Australia in the ashes series, but now I felt back lagging after hearing the news of Pieterson previous captain and might hitting batsman of English team is out of the series for some unhealthy condition, I love Flintoff and Pieterson so much though they have many good batsman and bowlers on their side, these two players are the real strengths of the team they can make their team towards the winning path even in worse game period for their side, now it's one more draw back for the English team in this series against Aussie's with pieterson's drop.



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Thursday July 23, 2009

You don't have Direct tv in your home? If not means then you are the foolish, since Direct tv holds a special name and gained more fames for his excellency in Programming and Packages for the TV viewers, then how you missed this marvellous chance, Direct T V offers various channels and packages at a reliable manner with no worry of loss of connection like your cable and wire channels, here they have satellite mode through they offering various channels and packages in various categories such as sports, movies, news, music and lots more for you.

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Tuesday July 21, 2009

After one twenty five years here created historic win for the Cricket founders against the champions of cricket in the Ashes test series, I love England team more than Australia, so am enjoying a lot for this historic win, England team also hold many name and fame but in recent years lot of struggle for this team in all series, but here comes the real win with a record over the Australia, hope like me all England cricket fans will enjoy and celebrate this win over the champions in a grand manner, cheers England all the best for rest of series......


Sunday July 19, 2009

I am big cricket fan, that too if the ASHES series started between Australia and England, I start loving cricket much more than other series even world cup, since such a game mode this ASHES series, it's just like a cold war between Australia and England through the ASHES TEST series in the ecstasy game mode, now as per the series in the test matches England lead Australia with the exclusive runs in their home ground already the last match were results in draw in a crucial condition against the might Australian's really all round the series lot of excitements and fun here with a real feel of cricket here.



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Saturday July 18, 2009

Actually it was started in a simple manner with the name of COOL BLOGS but today with posts over 200 also with a good Google rank and Alexa traffic rank, COOL BLOGS holds a fabulous name here, first thanks to all the supporters and viewers here, need your constant support more than all this without GOD's grace no one can achieve any thing, thank you GOD with your support my wheel is rolling in a better manner and will do best with some more efforts to achieve in a grand manner with your love and grace, thank you and love you GOD.



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Wednesday July 15, 2009

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Wednesday July 15, 2009

Once there were limited production units and producers, now days many production and movie makers started giving tribute to film industry especailly int he tamil film industry, this is considered as a strong support for tamil cinemas but on the other side last years so much of failures in tamil industry while compared to previous years, don't why like this? Film industry in strong side with so many actors, actress, directors, producers with many new stars but don't why failures also increasing in ratio correspondence to this new comers ratio, but one more strong news from industry is famous SUN PICTURES hold the rights of ROBO called as YENDIRAN the ever green one and only super start starring in this film, more expectation because of this jumbo combination's.



Author: Vijay

One of my favorite actor is Arnold, he is the talented actor with all set of skills as manly look with best in action oriented thriller movies, so I like to talk about my favorite actor for more pages but I don't how much you will be patience enough to listen those words, but if u too accept that your favorite actor is Arnold then u will talk more about me such a talented actor he is, can give BoB Awards for him for his excellence in film field.

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Sunday July 12, 2009

Now days we can say it clearly all things are in contaminated form, in such a way the modern technology paves it's way for contamination in all products, air and water is the pure thing we can get from the nature, but this peoples makes this water also a polluted in now days due to various reasons, ultimately result is we are now running for the pure water. Even the drinking water also got polluted due to various environment changes and new mode of modern living methods. Whats the solution for this, where can we acquire pure water will we do any water treatment process? but we can't simply make it this kind of process since we need experts and resource team to carry up such tasks. Even there are many water treatment process areas are there, but how come you know that is a pure and right area for to get the pure water as per our needs, so please came out of the chaos here you have a right solution for your pure need which has been brought to you by Austin Water Treatment Company for to get all water related treatments and service all round the time especailly for you. Here they providing water testing for your water which may be salt related one or bore water even well or any kind of water, here they testing your water initially and estimating about your water then they providing a report over your water, all this process is free so free water test for your well and bore water. More over they itself providing a solution over for your water based on the estimated report and they providing water treatment through their company of Austin Water Treatment through Reverse Osmosis water treatment and sales and water softener, also they itself install water softener for further treatments of your water through their treatment modes, through their expertise team. They have years of experience in water treatment with service oriented team to serve you all round the time by recognizing the customer values and providing the customer satisfactions as their values through their water treatment process. More over you can contact them through dialing this following number for further process at your hands in a easy manner: 512-961-4417



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Friday July 10, 2009

Yes in this hectic world how much you eat it won't makes a difference since all our energy will get easily digested in this cyclic world. More over on the other side our food methods also get contaminated and not energy oriented due to modern packing system int his modern world with artificial degree of ingredients. So that too for a man he want to consume the right amount of vitamin in his body for his day to day activities. So what you will know regarding the men's vitamin and how you can say which is the needed one, what is the right proportion? So while you think all these things we finally get in to chaos, since all we don't have medical minds to get evaluate this right proportion in a accurate manner. Yes as a solution for this things there is a online helper here to provide all necessary information about the men's vitamin in a clear and detail manner, thus which is the right vitamin for men's in accordance to their age and body type with detailed amount of ingredients of the men's vitamin also what are all the possible effects, value, result all such things are provided easily through online mode for your welfare. Also they bringing you the top men's vitamin available in their markets today with over all rating of the men's vitamin towards the customer focus and customer satisfaction for you to avoid running behind the wrong one's.



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Thursday July 09, 2009

It seems to very interesting like a cricket match that much excitement is going on in this budget 2009 of this year, that much of expectations raised from the new set of government as normal peoples we expecting some thing for our welfare in this budget 2009. As a normal citizen I too keep watching this budget 2009 as a test match between India Vs Australia, to dominate the powerful Australian team as like Indian team I have to set some new set of ideas and things to get a role and adapt myself in this budget for to hold the crown at least in future 20-20 matches. Nice comparison know? the fact we all have to pave some budget for our self, that is the biggest and best budget than this mega budget, if we are clean the whole country will clean this is the ultimate result for budget 2009, hope we expect some thing good from our government in turn we will save and lead a good budget for our selves to get the welfare in both side.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday July 07, 2009

We all know the best place of films with quality and quantity is enriched in Bollywood, now days again a new set of films which raising the quality of BOLLYWOOD film industry again with more number of hits in a successive row. Recently akshay kumar and kareena hold all the crowns for the film Kamchatka Ishq even which is considered as a re make film from the kollywood, ti shines and hold the name in Hindi film style also this recent film has been released in Hollywood by dubbing and gaining the fans all over the world, such a way the picture has been sculptured with humor sense and combination of romance also on the other hand John Abhram's New York hitting in all places of Bollywood's thus by giving the treat for Hindi film lovers.



Author: Vijay

Sunday July 05, 2009

Hi my dear friend's well I think you all know about the HINDU magazine, of curse which is the daily news paper and for mos of the peoples which is the best morning breakfast, let's in another sense HINDU is the best newspaper they doing all sorts fo news for the welfare of the people and many entertainment oriented articles and contests are also going well among the supplementary columns of this daily newspaper. Here I trying to day a simple thing I felt little proud since I won the prize for the guess who contest in THE HINDU for the last week articled in the metro plus region, special thanks to GOD and thanks to the peoples behind me..hahaha.


Thursday July 02, 2009

Advance in technologies paving extra ordinary way of foundations and many special equipped things for us and for many welfare's. Even we are composed of many genes and chromosomes, now it is possible to re design and repair those things also in such a technology got advanced especially in medical fields. Especially while taking the ladies issues, because of genes and their DNA structure they have different kind of structures, all females will look for the best of their structure especailly while taking care of breasts but many worrying still because they feel they don't have proper structure in that region also they are unaware of modern mode of implantation methods for these kind of problems and issues related to breasts, that too very modern techniques are equipped here for breast implants for the welfare of females. Techniques evaluated many kind Breast Implants and surgeon made a clear understandable best and better implant profiles through saline breast implant and silicon breast implants. These two are the most effective and best breast augmentation process and this is the right mode of implant surgery if one is preferred a breast implant means, both these effective implants will improve the quality of women's in the form of their physical without any side effects. Lookingyourbest brings you all possible way of best things for you especially for you women's by giving the sufficient mode of steps and information about the implant surgery with best of surgeons in a economical manner that too in a quick process, since they have a expertize medical and customer service team to help and clear you in all kind of Breast Implant methods and modes of technique with best of customer satisfaction as their true vision.



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Thursday July 02, 2009

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Thursday July 02, 2009

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Tuesday June 30, 2009

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Friday June 26, 2009

Yes of course no can fulfill what he crowned and named in the dance and pop albums, a mighty performance of his shows makes him a super star of dance in this world, all things which stands behind him was dance alone, his each foot step says thousands of meaning's and each of his hip movement say thousand's of dance morals, his cap holds many dance secrets that lies on him, we wish him and dedicate some of our minutes to this greatest shining star of this world who stand with his dance foots and gained many hearts, surely we can if there be any name behind the dance means Micheal Jackson is the name which will arrive undoubtedly.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday June 23, 2009

The one and only online shopping for anything and everything in this shopaholic world is undoubtedly shopwiki, you can get any kind of your needed things here in this shop, since it is a online shopping process, buying and getting delivered of things is so easy without any running to one place to another, hence it got attracted among the people heart and also putting forth things by understanding the customer values. One of the popular Nintendo Wii games are not at shopwiki, it is the PS3 and Xbox 360 technically advanced game version that pulling many gaming minds to play on. The brand new and best version is at the shopwiki side to get a overwhelming effort of game mania right here.

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Tuesday June 23, 2009

As already said we are in the modern oriented world with caring all things as per modern values, previously said we have done all our thins modern in the interior values. Right from the Hall to Bath rooms we care for all the products by choosing the quality and modern furniture with well designed and well equipped. How far we cared about the outdoor furniture? Really you take care of the outdoor furniture? It is very necessary to do and choose the right outdoor furniture. For all your best needs, here you getting all kind of Modern Outdoor Furniture with special Style S20 and Style S52 which is specially designed and made for your outdoor gardens, swimming pool and for your cottage. This Modern Outdoor Furniture are made with different levels of components which they lists as two level of components one as three level component outdoor furniture adapted for all weather condition with attractive colours of yellow, white, pumpkin and Grey. Another one is Outdoor Furniture listed with five components with soft seating which especially suited for night club, parties and events since it holds the attractive colour, with water proof coated that too at very low cost from the Modernlinefurniture , a unique shop for all ranges for furniture with well designed quality with customer satisfactions values.



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Tuesday June 23, 2009

Hi friends of the cool blogs, yes switching on again with the nice information, yes you can well know this fact, now days the world turning on so modern, all things of the world are enhancing to view in modern motto only. So how far you making yourself modern in this world? can you answer for this? yes you will say right from the Opening Gate of your house to Garden of your house you will make modern more than you to show your modern values. Do you cared for your furniture in a special manner? If means in which manner you tried your best to get the furniture as per the modern values? only few can have the right answer since many were in search of the quality and modern leather furniture's still. For all you here coming the right solution to fulfill your needs about your home or office furniture from the Modernlinefurniture, yes which is the ultimate and unique shop for various ranges and collection of Modern Furniture where they selling huge ranges of Sofas, Chairs, Loveseats and many more designer collection for each and every rooms in your house with well designed quality. Yes they have a wide range of collection in various sections such as leather coated and high furnished woods, you can make a view over the catalog through online itself, surely you will get attracted by their works with high range of touch wood to your heart with wooden designs, all product designs were well done with best quality of materials. You can easily order the products that you like most through online process itself, you can acquire the products in the cheap manner without any extra service charges or development charges in view to the reasonable product rate in the mentioned delivery period. Since they have a customer oriented team to provide the service all round the time by taking the values of customer and thus putting forth to give hundred percent customer satisfaction through product design and service, more over you can easily contact them via e-mail or through by dialing the following toll free number for easy access 800-637-5596.



Author: Vijay

Tuesday June 23, 2009

Planning and making the things in an advance manner is the custom for all human beings, since we hold the sixth sense we can do any kind of things in advance manner with best and better efforts in all possible ways, same thing occurred here. 2010 summer are nearing, summer is the great season to enjoy and take a vacation travel to a cool place with your beloved ones. So do you planned where is your next summer vacation for 2010? or still planning? or getting chaos with where to do and how to do, which is the best thing to do? Friends please relived out of these sorts of chaos, you have the right solution here yes cooptravel making you all vacation plans and summer travelling are best and unforgettable by scheduling and guiding your travel plans, hotels, flights, clubbing and accommodations in a simple manner with luxurious comfort for you and your beloved one all round the summer vacation. Are you from Asia, Africa, England, USA no matter where ever you are from since this cooptravels linking you in a world wide manner and arranging your Summer 2010 Holidays in a best and better manner that you never expected or experienced still. Since they have a service oriented team to help you all round the time and to answer all sort of things about your vacation and travelling in a cheap package by easy booking through online for your comfortable manner also you can dial the following toll free number to make clear of all things 01922 700 007.


Wednesday June 17, 2009

Right from the league matches I observed team India, of course the champions of ICC T20 didn't play well even with Bangladesh. Through easy companions India had entered in the super leagues then more expectations seems over the team again will it claim the title of champions, but I don't have a good belief over this team since the team is not performing well they have over-confidence also, Right from the West Indies to South Africa, India loses 3 out of 3 with zero points in the underlying layer of the group E in super eight matches, I just suggest our team to take some necessary steps over the game mode, if that has been rectified, again India is the one and only champion, just in some manner some thing is missed out with players in the performance, Mr. Captain and Selection Committee of the Indian Cricket Board have to find out this to hold many titles in the followings matches, all the best for the whole team, do well....


Tuesday June 16, 2009

My favorite actor and super hero of bollywood now turns as mega uper hero by hitting the best actor award prize in the film fare well function, I very much happy to see my star to get two awards for his dedicated work and excel in his skill, hope all of his fans will celebrate,,,cheers Roshan


Monday June 08, 2009

The two strong side in this present day of cricket is South Africa and New Zealand, both this team has been putted in the same group in the leagues matches. Both the teams gains solid win over the Struggling Scotland team, make their move easy and entered in the super eight round of the ICC 20-20 cricket world cup 2009.


Sunday June 07, 2009

One of the best teams in cricket side is England, more expectations over this team among the fans especially in this ICC 20-20 since they facing all the matches in their home ground, so might be very good chance for this side to claim the crown. But the loss against the nether land created a critical point position among their group in the initial league matches of the 20-20, hope England will acquire by accomplishing the better game modes in the rest of matches.


Saturday June 06, 2009

I very much interested and awaited for the ICC 2009 twenty twenty matches, but this world cup has started with blessings of rain in the England's ground. Even it get delayed it didn't fooled me or the cricket fans all over the world with the initial match of England Versus Nether land, one of my favorite team England, a well sculptured decent team in the cricket but it was a disappointment for all the England team fans and me too, since Nether land chased and takes the match on their side by chasing the 163 runs under lights in the starting match of the second ICC twenty twenty world cup match.


Friday June 05, 2009

After the successful hit of the movie GHAJINI, one of the remake film in Hindi from the Tamil movies, the eyes of Aamir Khan now turning over the all Tamil movies. Already he asked the Tamil film director to remake the film GHAJINI in Hindi with some changes of expressions according to him for his fans, he made hard work and hits as super hit all by challenging the collection record in Hindi Film Industry. Now he is attracted by the tamil film GODFATHER, which is acted and crowned by Ultimate Star Ajith of tamil. He made three roles in the film of GODFATHER as hero, villain and main character of the story as hero's father, which is now under the eyes of Aamir khan, soon khan will give surprise to his fans through triple roles.



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Tuesday June 02, 2009

I very much interested in the WWE series of games, more than a game it will be as like as a reality show with all sorts of aggressive power and entertainments, as far now I just interested to watch the WWE raw series, more over I like to play WWE games through my system of videos operations and control, one the best game with mixed of reality with energetic players, fighting all round the time, I love John Cena, as my blog picture itself tell this, he is the super star of WWE, love you John Cena, undertaker is the next, he is the evergreen super star of the WWE.


Saturday May 31, 2009

Hi my dear friends, I know how much you all get addicted to the game cricket, especially for the twenty twenty series of matches, for all your cricket needs, here COOL BLOGS arranging a new method of score updates right here in a right way for every match with ball to ball updates of more runs with more fun's, so hope you can enjoy the matches by watching the live update score from COOL BLOGS, cheers...



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Thursday May 28, 2009

As a cricket hereby I happy to convey that world cupt20 starting June 5th with lot of enjoyments and match schedules are there for many cricket fans like me. Last year champions India, this time taking the league matches with Group A, sure let this team will gain more wins and fame like previous world cup, more over all the other teams indulged in practice and fighting to won the crown of championship this time, so let it be a good game mode with full of entertainments on the schedule fully, slowly t20 world cup getting the heat level equals to 50overs world cup, even though the team has been launching with new set of 20-20 players, this players becoming a challenge for the senior players in all modes of game and energy.


Wednesday May 27, 2009

Hi my dear cool visitors of my COOL BLOGS and more than my dear friends you are welcome to access and accomplish the necessity details here in this blog, also thus for your benefits, I hereby providing many basic information, among that at present there might be a great chaos going on the minds of people who applied for the BSNL JTO EXAMINATION 2008, thus for their information, if you got you hall ticket means that's the better thing, but if you still couldn't catch your hall tickets means you can just call to this following number directly to get all information at your hands regarding the examination point of view and hall tickets also, this is for the persons in the Chennai BSNL District Circle, dial up to 26403688\26415060, cheers...


Bollywood is experiencing new sets of films now days giving more preference to story rather than action and romance mixed commercial movies, on this list now Hrithik Roshan furnish his film with new set of profession based story as a teacher, the super hero of the Indian Bollywood film Industry now making a profession designed role to give a treat for his fans. So we the Hrithik Roshan fans are proud of him.



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All we know a thing, we are just a six sense rotating emotive living things, all our six different sense will work in a specific and stimulated period of time, all are very important, the major sense we have ahead of other leaving organisms is laughing and way of interacting, enjoying, talking. What ever it may be we will enjoy and entertain our self in specific period of time and in specific task that we involved. The biggest thing that strikes in our thoughts while thinking about entertainment is Television, of course other than Television none other will provide a best entertainer, when we got mood out or felt boredom this Television will play a major role for us. So for all your easy access and to entertain all round the time Direct TV is coming especially for you. Now days there is so much of interruption and difficulty in handling cables beyond all this this Direct Satellite TV brought you a well single tracking reliability over the telecast providing with no tension of cutting down of cables or frequent connection interruption, all these things have been replaced by DIRECTV in a powerful and quality manner.

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Friday April 24, 2009

We all know who is the little master, yes master of all records who gains all cricket records with his side, ever shining as a super star in the world of cricket, obviously MR SACHIN TENDULKAR who getting a year older today, i wishing him many more happy return of the day, you are rocking sachin, put forth many more peak records in your world of cricket, let wish and congrats this man of records.



Author: Vijay

Today world is extremely different from the ancient world, there are more entertainment things there in the ancient period of times, all the events which puts forth a great contribution to modern development. But those things can't provide the best of entertainment according to this modern world. We are expecting a compact and portable thing which composes all the separate entertainment things as a combined one with advance features. As a solution for this, example we got in this modern world is the Direct TV, which serves as the best entertainer and wins millions of heart through the best of features and packages for all minds and ages. Yes of course lots and lots of entertainment and channels there for make your feel easy and jolly all round the time through DirecTV Specials with best viewing quality and picture.

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Wednesday April 22, 2009

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