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Monday August 31, 2009

Already introduction of twenty twenty matches claims a good response among the cricket fans, in addition to that IPL has been arranged in the same style with introduction of many domestic players containing 1:4 ratio of International players to Indian players in all matches, which gained more name and fame, that too after conducting a IPL in different country, it's a massive hit among the cricket fans. There were more cricket along with more entertainment in a world wide manner for all fans of cricket who loves cricket at any part of the world, many of the Bollywood stars like Shilpa Sheety, Shahrukh khan, Preeti Zinda were managed a team by investing their money over the team players in the last IPL, among the group now a super star of Hindi films planning to claim a team in the fore coming IPL matches in the next session which is none other than ever green star of Bollywood Salman khan, targeting his team for next IPL.



Author: Vijay

Saturday August 29, 2009

It has been a fabulous and fantasy moments of cricket awaiting through this following mini world cup conducted by ICC where eight great teams taking part in this championship series. Now the world of cricket has been changed due to the introduction of twenty twenty matches, what ever series it may which all happening with twenty twenty such as twenty twenty world cup, twenty twenty matches and like so, after a long time this Mini world cup of 50 over matches is going to take place with lot of ecstasy of cricket, more over this is the true form of cricket after the WORLD CUP, so lot and lot of cricket with spicy teams and sweety matches are awaiting in this ICC MINI WORLD CUP 09.



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Wednesday August 26, 2009

Again a cold war came to end which is none other than ASHES series 2009 between two warriors ENGLAND versus AUSTRALIA, previously discussed already the mighty champions Australia losing their dominance over the world of cricket now again it happens through this ashes series, hardworking never fails, even with new set of team, hard working England again won the crown by defeating the world champions side in this crucial ashes series, what's Australia next decision after this series. Hope the champions trophy will answer for this champion side.



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Sunday August 23, 2009

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Thursday August 20, 2009

As a fan of shahrukh khan I heard some unbearable act for the world famous actor from bollywood at America, don't know what the exact thing and reason for this act from the authorities of America towards a famous actor Shahrukh Khan, already there is a message one more famous actor Mr.Mamooty face this kind of problem there previously now towards the world famous actor and prince of bollywood of course for the charming shahrukh khan, hope in future this kind of hurting activities towards the celebrities should be avoidable in respect to the name and fame of the personality.


Monday August 17, 2009

Hi my dear friends one more super information for all the cricket fans, as a cricket fan I love the game in all point of views, especially every one is interested towards batting, when ever I ask you a question would you like to prefer batting or bowling means? whats your answer? Undoubtedly from the local ground to Lord's London also from the cricket learner to Sachin Tendulkar all will prefer the option as batting, since it is the way to show our talents in a extra ordinary manner, in such a way Mr. Charles Coventry from Zimbabwe breaks the mighty Pakistan batsmen Anwar record by hitting fabulous 194 runs not out in the one day international game against Bangladesh by setting a huge record of highest runs, he is a young player and he proved all his talents in a single match, congrats Coventry.



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Saturday August 15, 2009

Actually you all well know what is independence? Hope all enjoying their Independence in their own way in a social democratic country more over this is the 63rd Independence day for us, so let I wish you all very freedom owned and rights owned independence day, be independent in your thoughts and actions to achieve more things and fame in best way in a independent manner than others. Once again happy Independence day.



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Wednesday August 12, 2009

So far all of the visitors and readers well know the fact about COOL BLOGS, yes obviously we are the top cool information provider this is the way we handled to make you peoples cool every time while looking at this blog, or reading this COOL BLOGS, now the season is changing, hot season turned as cool in major parts of the world, so according to it can we change the coolest information in to hottest information's for the welfare of visitors according the season of climate and for easy digest in respect of their moods especially for the daily readers of this COOL BLOGS, let it be on the way with more information for you readers in easy digestion manner regardless of change of season and climate.


Tuesday August 11, 2009

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Friday August 07, 2009

You all know well about Cool Blogs, Did I want to say it again? I know your mind voice you saying no for that since Cool Blogs is very cool to bring all such cool information's to you through the blog world. One more cool and sexy information's is here awaiting for you ladies and gentleman's which is about the world sexiest man survey and winning list recently conducted, you know who is the world sexiest man of course he is my favorite hero too while hearing the result of world sexiest man I merly jumping since my favorite actor who stolen many hearts with fabulous names and fame's through the film Twilight, obviously Mr. Robert Pattinson, we all known him through the role of vampire he holds the title of world sexiest man by beating Johnny Depp, Hugh Jack man , David Beckham, Brad Pitt int he back ward lists, now only I came to know this vampire not only stolen my heart he stolen many hearts as a symbol and credit he won this title in a mega poll.


Tuesday August 04, 2009

As we all know our team cricket players are so decent and strict followers over the cricket rules especially in the drug and racist issue. But now a new lock has been put forth over the running and enthusiastic cricket players of Indian cricket team, while indulging in matches, appearing for medical test behalf of drugs or any drinks is acceptable and reasonable but beyond this ICC paves a new role for all cricket players which is have to appear all time medical test behalf of drugs even in rest times of cricket. So such a decision makes some bitter thoughts among the players, especially Indian players are always moves to country to country for vacation, family issues, media related stuffs including personal issues, so in this span of schedule appearing for ICC medical tests and other related submissions were create a dilemma for the players, more over Indian cricket players thinking that it will interfere in freedom of an individuality since Indians belong to sovereign social republic country every person have equal rights especially right to freedom over individuality hence so rest of the decision is over the hands of BCCI and players of Indian team, so what is the answer for ICC from BCCI?



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Sunday August 02, 2009

HI my dear Friends of Cool Blogs here again to provide a cool information about this day, this is the special day for all ages of peoples, since every age of people can celebrate what ever religion they may and which ever country they belongs, yes my dear Friends today is FRIENDSHIP DAY, all other days are restricted to some gender, some religion, some specified age group also for some specific relation but this friendship day is for the whole world and for all human beings who express their feel through friendship with others. Enjoy!