Author: Vijay

Saturday October 31, 2009

The real super star of WWE is none other than UNDERTAKER, since he is skillful and very original towards the method of approach that he do with other WWE stars while on fighting. He won't cheat as like many other do, he won't shout much, he won't show magic and play like a dancer, he is calm in walking but terror in fighting, always his style is different in WWE, none can undertake this UNDERTAKER, he is rocking ever, evergreen star and real super star of WWE.


Friday October 30, 2009

Even though we can view hundreds of channels from music to movies, we can feel the real smile in ours while watching children's favourite pogo and cartoon network channels. There are so many cartoon and animated serials in this channel for the kids, even though it is adopted for kids, many of adults like us are very much interested and getting real relaxation while seeing such innocent small stories and movies in these channels, which brings pure happiness and taking back us to childhood even turning as child's before the television.


Wednesday October 28, 2009

We have read many ancient things related culture, ruling method, customs and language, from these we learnt many things that literally helping for us today's lives. On that way very old ancient temple which has been built by Kulthunga chola at 549 A.D. is still there in Chennai in place of Madambakkam, which is the suburban of Chennai, Lord Siva temple now it's at place of Madambakkam, which is the very old ancient temple standing beyond many centuries, this is very spiritualistic. We have to be proud to have such a ancient temple in our city, old is gold know? Yes even though we studied many degrees in top universities today, still we have to learn lot and lot of things from the ancient peoples and periods.


Sunday October 25, 2009

If you are a cricket fans, want to take the score updates from ball to ball, bat to bat, all summary updates from the pitch to boundary, each and every ball of the commentaries in text format for your easy reading, yes all this you can do right from the COOL BLOGS and you can update the current exciting INDIA vs AUSTRALIA seven match one day international series, the two champions of cricket making their way for achievements in cricket, COOL BLOGS bottom most left side bar enable you to update this one day international scores.


Friday October 23, 2009

What ever it might be ICC T20, IPL T20 and many, the latest best performing side even in chasing at lamps even a score of 180 in just 20 overs is TRINIDAD and TOBAGO this team performing well with their ball and bat, in field too, guys seems like INDIAN natives from south India, their face resembles like so, but this foreign team making their efforts all round the time with the opponent side and making all victories on their even in tough conditions of match, such enthusiastic guys were in this side and making their way in to the final of AIRTEL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE T20 2009, this is the best side which can provide further more effects in cricket.


Wednesday October 21, 2009

Once upon a time Sourav Gagnuly is the best batsmen even Sachin inside the team, Sourav's Six are most famous among the fans, such a hitter and excellent timer with the ball through placement. His foot forward six won't miss and fall inside the boundary rope, slowly this greatest batsmen's batting power reduced which simultaneously affects Indian batting power in the one day international matches, in such a way Mahindra Singh Dhoni also making his facts which was cleverly pointed and commented by Sourav Ganguly, once Dhoni entered and gain his name as biggest hitting batsmen in the middle order, at those time his batting power is the backbone for the team, but slowly his batting style has been changed which affects his batting strike rate along with team's batting power in early scoring rates.


Monday October 19, 2009

From rural to urban, in all continent's and in all nations one man who gain most popularity in the 21st century which is none other than greatest dancer Micheal Jackson, where ever and what ever the age group all people will know some thing and at least few things about this men from the perspective of Dance. After MJ's death, his brother making tour over other countries and planning to release some albums it seems, in mean while Bollywood super star Sharukh khan provided a party for MICHEAL JACKSON's brother, this might be a greatest party from the Stars, hope might be a expectation from SRK's fans if he too joined with MJ's brother for to provide a treat for his fans through some albums.


Saturday October 17, 2009

Yes today it's Diwali function, all know that it is a mighty function to celebrate with lot of joy and happiness in combination with lights, of course it is called as FUNCTION OF LIGHTS, let COOL BLOGS wishing all to get lights in their life in a glowing manner, HAPPY DIWALI, Enjoy.

Mean while it 's very pleasant to see that Amercian President Mr. BARACK OBAMA celebrating Diwali in White House, it's nice to spread good culture, Mr. OBAMA doing this, happy Diwali to all.


Thursday October 15, 2009

You itself know Hindi film industry is a busy bee industry, it's tough to see the famous actors and actress in some other spots other than the film shootings and productions units, but these stars of Bollywood industry appeared all along on the same way that too in the same stage and created a ramp walk with their foots and gave a heart probe for their fans and spectators who arrived their, what a amazing scene to see in the lively stage, yes Bollywood's famous actors SALMAN KHAN, SOHAIL KHAN, GOVINDA, SAIF ALI KHAN AND BEAUTIFUL SIZZLING ACTRESS KATRINA KAIF were appeared in the same stage as all along one in INDIAN CULTURAL WEEK 2009. This is the exclusive scene for all Hindi film lovers.


Sunday October 11, 2009

Respected Scientists and Researchers, recently you have launched so many satellites to find whether the moon hold enormous content of water, will it be sufficient for lives through this content in the moon and like so, but that is a imaginary and research oriented issue, so many people still struggling for the water in the earth itself, one side flood, one side drought even though there is no sufficient water for lives in the world, more over all saying the earth comprises of much ocean surface than the land surface, so some things to yield water for the lives which already struggling here, innovations are invited but before that we have to see the status of the already invited things for better and best mode of survival.


Thursday October 08, 2009

Right from the ancient period onwards that there is a special attention towards arts, slowly this kind of arts turned as media and promoted as films with new technologies. This technology paving many entertainments for all along a while in forms of FILMS, ADVERTISEMENTS, SERIALS, MUSIC SHOWS, DRAMAS etc., but on the other right from the educated people to illiterate people now got attracted towards media, all their dreams is want to become a hero in the first film itself, not even a generalist character actor or other technician works behind the screes, all they want I want to appear as a HERO in FILMS before the SCREENS for the AUDIENCE, can all become HERO? just think and put your effort in a proper way, first do you know what is the requirements to become an actor in films?

First get such requirements and make yourself polish in such a way, if you have money you itself get produce and act in a film who ever you may and what ever your profession you are, one and only things if you have talents means you Will sustain as a hero else who ever can come and show their face in a movie or two soon such hero's will get vanish, so put your innovative and entertain others, simply don't disturb others by keeping overnight millionaire ideas.


Wednesday October 07, 2009

I like and admire the game cricket more, what ever the team change or new series, the constant effort making and most successive team of the cricket is none other than AUSTRALIA, also I can sound well the most successive captain of the cricket is RICKY PONTING, no one can replace his captaincy at any point of cricket.

Even though the team is performing well with best efforts in the ground, the ultimate guidance and taking the team to the path of success is laid on the hands of captaincy, so even thought the team is launched with new set of players for the MINI WORLD CUP 2009, once again RICKY PONTING proved his captaincy by excellent work along with his guys in the field once again making AUSTRALIA to the world best team.



Author: Vijay

Sunday October 04, 2009

Friends I receiving many mails in my inbox under the topic of LOTTERY WIN and DATE YOUR FAVOURITE GIRL at your place and chat easily with girls at online, registration free for this ONLINE DATING, COOL BLOGS know for what kind of aid they sending such mails randomly to many id's, but one thing COOL BLOGS want to know we are creating our e-mail id's at our own wish under our own suggestion of names, even though how come these peoples collecting our id's randomly and serving unwanted information's to our mail id , which creates irritating sensation while reading such fake and cheating mails.



Author: Vijay

Thursday October 01, 2009

For the welfare of peoples Cool Blogs here providing valuable information through cool way, those who appeared for BSNL JTO EXAM 2008 which has been held on June 21 2009 are waiting for the results, first of all the best for all, yet some kind of chaos and spams are coming regarding this BSNL JTO results, so people who kindly looking to see the results please check your results at BSNL main site alone, for your easy information the address of the URL is as follows:


where in the new column you can check the appropriate things where they display all things clearly including the exam hall tickets, results, plans and more, please don't get confuse through any spamming mails.