Author: Vijay

The main elixir of the growth lies on the bones of our health this is the area which rejuvinates all our energy and it tends us to work proper. So we have to keep our bones strong which only build the physical better and it stimulates our major energy. To buil our bones strong we have to eat healthier things that too we have to concentrate more on the calcium foods. The calcium food are enriched with high energy vitaliser for the bones and joints of our body which furnished the energy to the bones and muscle areas of the body, build our bones strong too. Major calcium enriched foods are concentrated on the fruits such as orange, lemon , banana which are the three main energy vitalising foods for the bones, these fruits are highly enriched with the calsium energy, I too will try to eat this fruits but my laziness is the main thing to avoid these food since I felt lazy too eat also. But I will make juices over these fruits and I will take this as liquid form , this too a different form of intaking and to keep our health better.


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