The most entertainment and my favourite matches are WWE which are the world wrestling entertainment which has reveals the physical strength of the player and rise the enthusistic of our thoughts over the matches. I love to see the WWE matches which is the real entertainment I feel and I love all the matches played by the player of that series John Cena, Undertaker , Big Show, The great kahali. Last week the world entertaining royal rambo matches takes place and this matches are the real and intersting ones. Where all the players took part in a single stage this is the many to one match the one who pushes the all away from the stage is considered to be winner of this tournament, this is the most enjoyed matched that I never sawn in the world wrestling entertainment among this match John cena hold the crown and gains the name of the super star of the wrestling entertainment he pushes all the other leading players who took part in this match. Through this royal rambo match John cena holds the first rank in the wrestling fedration , he i sth emy most favourabl;e player of the wwe, thsi entertainment show also reveals the game enthusiasm all round the matches.



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