Author: Vijay

Wednesday September 2, 2009

Before a year I bought FLY mobile, I don't have much knowledge about this mobile, more over which is the first mobile I bought, many said many premium branded companies, but don't know why I got attracted towards this FLY mobile, which hold all features such as MP3, Camera, Audio and Video recording, also web supported applications. Until now I maintaining my mobile well, that much worthy it is, free from repair issues, more over the most slim model I saw in this FLY brand only, it's more compact for my pockets, very very soft touch keypad, my friends will show many branded mobile, but still this is much worthy for me, my mobile stands unique in it's own way. So just I got valuable place to share about my mobile which I love much.


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  1. XtasyM


  2. Ieda the Rainbow Princess

    Fly Mobile?Is it the new Mobile Phone?Hw much the price?Is it availabe in Malaysia?

  3. akhatam

    Ho..!! good friend...

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