Thursday October 08, 2009

Right from the ancient period onwards that there is a special attention towards arts, slowly this kind of arts turned as media and promoted as films with new technologies. This technology paving many entertainments for all along a while in forms of FILMS, ADVERTISEMENTS, SERIALS, MUSIC SHOWS, DRAMAS etc., but on the other right from the educated people to illiterate people now got attracted towards media, all their dreams is want to become a hero in the first film itself, not even a generalist character actor or other technician works behind the screes, all they want I want to appear as a HERO in FILMS before the SCREENS for the AUDIENCE, can all become HERO? just think and put your effort in a proper way, first do you know what is the requirements to become an actor in films?

First get such requirements and make yourself polish in such a way, if you have money you itself get produce and act in a film who ever you may and what ever your profession you are, one and only things if you have talents means you Will sustain as a hero else who ever can come and show their face in a movie or two soon such hero's will get vanish, so put your innovative and entertain others, simply don't disturb others by keeping overnight millionaire ideas.



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