Author: Vijay

November 22, Sunday, 2009

Was just bored of eating same lunch and recipe's at home, but literally got irritated today and shouted the same sambar rice with some kind of chips in today lunch know? were adding few words extra to these because of the disappointment with same food stuffs, but surprisingly found my favourite and yummy globe jamun in the lunch, I love globe jamun actually it's very sweet and tasty to eat any time, that much tongue rolling yummy recipe were found on the lunch, really awesome.

The pics I took are as follows:

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4 Responses to “GULAB JAMUN IN LUNCH”

  1. Loved Ever

    Really it is a King of Sweets. He who taken it knows its taste !
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  2. Ana Cristina Toledo

    hummm... looks delicious!!!!!

  3. strategi

    weh..nyaem..nyaem..nyaem, very delicious

  4. Lavanya

    hummm.... hahahaha.. its a wonderful sweet.. all r liked one... it so so very nice blog... visit him.. thanks for sharing.... what a tasty sweet...

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