December 01, Tuesday, 2009

You all know well about the actor Kamal Hasan, no need of introduction for him, if you don't know just see Tamil films and you might estimate how talented he is, now it's a important matter in this day, also that you know today is world AIDS day, in this day many people cultivating some things about the AIDS and it's measures, our universal actor doctor kamal hasan has revealed a information through South India's favourite Hello FM, that he going to adopt and taking care also to sponsor the lives for thousand AIDS affected children's, really this is mere untouched thing from a mass media person, many people will think about their live even they don't have anything or even they have millions of money, Kamal Hasan proves his humanity towards others once more, let we all have to salute him, no words Mr.kamal sir, you are really a step higher than normal humans.



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