Monday, March 22, 2010

I am not a research person or the person who doing PhD in the Language and literature, am just a learner and learning the things from others, as in a general view a small self review made about language, that is the oldest language in this world, merely TAMIL think so, proof for this is thirukural written by thiruvalluvar(a tamil poet), which consists of 1330 thirukural(Golden quotes) with three division, each kural consists of two lines which picturing all things for a general human life, history saying this was written two thousand years, really I don't know how much true this, now in many languages this thirukural has been translated and peoples in various countries following this Kurals like moral values, while seeing now so much of languages spread-ed across the world, so much of religions, so much of castes, so much of classes, really the genius will go mad if he/she did research in this topic means.



  1. shalini

    does any kural have three line

  2. ram

    No, Kural have only two lines

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