As KOLLYWOOD fans, based on the title, hope many of you will think it's all about ACTOR AJITH AND ACTOR VIJAY

Certainly not, it's all about me(ofcourse my name is Vijay) and about my role model(actor Mr AJITH), it's been twenty years now Mr Ajith Stepped in TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY, kindly note am not here to comment on any actor by comparing one with other or not to criticize any one for specific thing, am just sharing the things I like with a particular person, and that person is Mr Ajith Kumar, TAMIL film actor

Am from very ordinary family, just a simple person struggling to succeed and now in to the Human Resources Industry, nothing great to describe about me, though my blog filled up with many posts about my favorite actor AJITH, here this post is some what different where I can fix myself and trying to attain the special qualities from my role model

Based on PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL life, am much addicted and admired a person to the core and he is Mr AJITH KUMAR, popularly know as THALA in TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY

The factors which makes me to like him are as follows:

1: Handsome actor that I ever saw

2: Very decent and genuine person(both in media and in real life)

3: It's very tough to see a person with straight forward character in public life, but he is a gem

4: Specialized in other areas like Car driving, Aero modelling

5: Always giving much importance to his family(wife shalini and child anushka) and I like that thing(importance to family)

6: Also I observed, when he smiles, his eyes will smile too, cute expression

So many to tell about him, but don't want to make you all bored here, though I didn't meet him and I consider him as my role model for my life

I have prepared some of my amateur snaps with his professional snaps through PICASA: as follows, kindly digest these

Also I do like

Mr Rajini, addicted to his style and excellent person to be remember for humble and simplicity, superb character

Also I do like Mr Vijay a lot for his evergreen look and dialogue delivery and do excellent in romance , Mr Madhavan a lot for his natural acting and
Mr Vishal a lot for his originality apperance and acting, few more on list

My role model and am a craze fan of you :

Thanks and Regds
Vijay Anand
Author of Cool Blogs


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