Author: Vijay

Monday April 6, 2009

India, the well known sovereign republic social democratic country, So all know what's the meaning for this? yes all the citizens of India have their rights to vote, right to do business, right to freedom, right to equality and rights in all manners across the states of India every where, this is the know matter we observed these constitution rights in the subjects itself. But this is the one way which allowing the persons right to take part in election, hence number of politician and number of politician parties goes on increasing when compared to the previous election, the same thing happened in the Election 09, which is a Parliament election of course, if we observe in US means there only two group of parties with limited number of nominees, but in our country, it's like a biggest funny videos, huge mass of parties, political parties are more in number when compared to number of voter's, very funny know? All the best for all who taking part in Election 09.


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  1. milanisti

    good luck for your election

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