Author: Vijay

Sunday April 12, 2009

All over the world from America to Australia, the one and only common disease is recession due to the economic slow down. it affects many of the biggest firm and revenue from the banking sector side. Not only it affects the employee and investor of the firm, it also gave a pressure to the students who passed out in this specific period of time because it putting a knock to all the opportunities for the fresher in major sectors and pulling down the depression in all minds about the money and all things around the money.


5 Responses to “RECESSION ON ROLL”

  1. Rosa

    Nice blog

  2. pijarbintang

    nice post....

  3. goodmorningteacher

    "coming again dear!ki$$ n $mile..give me back $ome"


    Recession,its true.
    I know many freshers who are still unemployed.

  5. Lintang Sunu

    I do hope that this year recession will not effect greatly on yours as well as mine. Good luck, Fellow.

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