Author: Vijay

Friday June 26, 2009

Yes of course no can fulfill what he crowned and named in the dance and pop albums, a mighty performance of his shows makes him a super star of dance in this world, all things which stands behind him was dance alone, his each foot step says thousands of meaning's and each of his hip movement say thousand's of dance morals, his cap holds many dance secrets that lies on him, we wish him and dedicate some of our minutes to this greatest shining star of this world who stand with his dance foots and gained many hearts, surely we can if there be any name behind the dance means Micheal Jackson is the name which will arrive undoubtedly.



  1. Alessandra

    I share your thought, a regard to the great one of the pop music (it excuses the errors)

  2. nhae,,,

    R.I.P for Michael Jackson....
    thx for visited my blog...

  3. mahen

    yes, i am agree with you

  4. RLC Videorom

    Thanks for visiting my blog,

    Well, I'm also a fan of Michael Jackson, he'd be forever to me...

    So long KING OF POP!

  5. Rini

    Laid to rest in peace ...Amin

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