Saturday June 06, 2009

I very much interested and awaited for the ICC 2009 twenty twenty matches, but this world cup has started with blessings of rain in the England's ground. Even it get delayed it didn't fooled me or the cricket fans all over the world with the initial match of England Versus Nether land, one of my favorite team England, a well sculptured decent team in the cricket but it was a disappointment for all the England team fans and me too, since Nether land chased and takes the match on their side by chasing the 163 runs under lights in the starting match of the second ICC twenty twenty world cup match.



  1. Panca

    my fav England too, keep spirit yawh.....

  2. Luis

    hi! really is interesting what you say, congratulations on the blog, I invite you to visit mine ... greetings!


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