Author: Vijay

January 05, Tuesday, 2009

Most of the TN peoples know what is HSB, of course small kid to aged peoples will answer easily for this abbreviation as HOTEL SARAVANA BHAVAN, now there are lot of three stars, five stars, five stars with bar attached hotels, cosmopolitan hotels all there at our city but the famous, old hotel which best suits for middle class people to higher class people is obviously HSB, no one will say no against the tasty food in HSB, why I reviewing this much about HSB? hope you got the point friends, I am a fan for HSB foods, if you really love south Indian dishes and traditional recipes just don't miss SARAVANA BHAVAN'S taste, defintely it will twist your tongue and ask once more, especially am addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's Coffee such a taste it is, vow, whenever I ask a coffee I mentioned the word just bring me a Sarvana bhavan coffee in such a way addicted to SARAVANA BHAVAN's coffee and parotta.



  1. Rajasekar

    Totally TRue....... Taste is same in across all the HSB....That is their Unique feature

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