Author: Vijay

January 03, Sunday, 2009

As per old proverb, friends it's just not a proverb alone, this is the truth of life quoted sentence, where it illustrates Worship your PARENTS more than GOD, of course true, but in this modern life really accomplishment of this kind of worship is not at practice since there is a big generation gap. Parent's were belongs to 60's and 70's but the present youths(teens) they trying to practice the things according to this computerized world, so there is a contradiction between a parent and child, both of their lives got differentiated due to rapid growth of technologies and even mode of world too, not only with parents generally how can one adopt themselves in this changing world, very tough to practice but need to practice the modern life for professional things and have to obey the rules, follow the culture of ancient life for personal things, it's just like a advertisement quotes hope you know well, yes just like Science plus Nature which is the recommended composition of modern youth's life.



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