Author: Vijay

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First as a player that too as a captain of the team one should not say excuse(s) and put the blame on pitch is like that(damp and wet), opponent bowling like that(fully short pitched balls), we are tired of traveling(match is totally three hours that too for sure one hour you will be at the dressing when your team on batting) there is no rest due to IPL and other continuous session of games( will ICC arrange the schedule as per your convenience? If you need to concentrate on this means why are you taking part in IPL? whether IPL is international or ICC T20 matches are international). Sorry Indian team cricket fans I never saw a captain and a team player like this, he always blaming others and other stuffs, dunno when this captain going to admit his mistake(s).

Dhoni still we are your fans, instead of pointing out other cause, try to minimize the causes for failures in preventive manner,,, cheers Dhoni, all the best my dear.


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