Though I am a craze ajith fan, I like Vijay a lot, because of the few reasons:

As personally, he is such a calm person, won't talk a lot unless and until he get mingled this I like a lot, second he won't interfere in others issues , he is the person who looks his duties and things alone.

Apart from this he is the sweet talker especially in cinemas while expressing the dialogues that too in the film Ghilli such a natural pronounce evaluated from his voice and even in the age of 36 his broad and straight shoulder shows him like a sweet sixteen.

And mainly see how slim he is in this age also, no need of six packs or eight packs those things are just a show but this is real, for these things I like Vijay a lot, we wish you to provide some good romance movies.

You rocking in the romantic scenes right from the Khusi, similarly romantic scenes in Vettaikaran are so superb than the action scenes such a innocent way of acting in those kind of romantic scenes.

As fans we all wish you right from here and please do engage in similar romantic movies, just throw action kind of movies for some years.



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