Author: Vijay

June 20, Sunday, 2010

I didn't read the complete message that they delivered in a specific weekly magazine but I got a chance to see the outer cover and they displayed a message as "Decline of Engineering Studies- educationalists are in sorrow", rite thing, if one taking a path means is that necessary for all to take the same path, I don't know why peoples blindly following this kind of choosing methods right from the education to personal life.

Make a different choice on yourself, choose that as per your wish, if you doing that with your full interests then you are the master in such thing, after finishing twelfth all are going to in Engineering degree, I too want to go for the same means it really won't give a clear meaning for you, parent's stress also there in that case you need to express your mode of interests towards your parents and make your way in the thing which you interested.

For example if you are taking a educational course out of your interests means eventually you spoiling your interests also you won't enrich as a master in that course you took with someone's force, it simultaneously suppress the name of the course or degree program so all you need to do is be clear right from the tenth standard and choose the right thing in which you interested in this will really helps you to get shine as a popular professional in such field also because of you that field also getting good names(example take Mr.Abdul kalam he interested in atomic physics and his engineering helps him to get in a research industry because of his interest from his childhood Mr.kalam is very popularized scientist, this eventually creates a good name for him also behalf of him the specific field atomic space industry also gained good name's) this is called education plus professionalism,reading for the sake of marks and getting into a industry means then it's dumb education with blind degree courses.



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