April 14, Thursday

Proud that born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, Oldest of all languages and the language which provides traditional meaning for all aspects of life with valuable epics and poets for life is TAMIL, yes TAMIL language holds huge credits in the world, history says TAMILAN is the first person in the earth, don't know hos far true it is, but sure the culture, traditional values and good life that we following will lead us to be greatest person's in the future world, we have to keep our culture and traditions at the top

Wishing you a happy prosperous year for ALL TAMIL PPl and also to others who love the language and love the culture but living in other parts of the world

But my sincere wish we have to enjoy our own things at the same it should not be harmful to others, similarly we all human but as per locality we are falling in this culture, so enjoy it, feel proud and make the good things further in a peaceful manner by respecting other ppl and their respective culture too



  1. joanny

    This is a world - wide problem with us that we have become without reserve and respect for each other and with total disregard for life on this planet. Let us gather together all the like minded souls and pray for peace and prosperous "Tamil" New Year.


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