Wishing you happy birthday Mr Ajith Kumar, I love you a lot

For sure if you are not here at TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY, sure I won't watch any films, I love all your films especially for your homely appearance and genuine personality with excellent expression and your acting rocks in few films

I will watch your films N number of times in Television and in CD

The factors which makes me to like you

1:Handsome actor that I ever saw

2: Very decent and genuine person(both professionally and personally)

3:It's very tough to see a person with such a good character in media, he is gem

4: Specialized in other areas like Car driving, aero modelling

5:Always giving much importance to his family(wife shalini and child anushka) and I like the thing, where ever he go in public meet he wish to go with shalini(very good husband for her and very nice father for anushka)

6:Special things; when he smiles his eyes too will smile, cute expression and only actor in media who holds huge set of MALE FANS because of your genuine character and personality in TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY

Especially movies like Vaali, Villan, Citizen, Dheena, Vaaralaru are chanceless and excellent acting, none of the actor can do such different roles

Love you Ajith

Yours lovingly
your true fan




  1. Cookie

    I dont know that guy but e must be very interesting!

  2. Babli

    Ajith is my favourite actor. I have seen almost all his movies. Wonderful post.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  3. Anonymous

    :-) Good fan... Am not an ajith fan, but liked the pictures you posted...

  4. Cloudia

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  5. Fabíola Beltrão


  6. JOYCE

    Olá!!!meu ator preferido e mais bonito do mundo é o meu maridinno..hehehe..
    Valeu pela visitinha...
    Bom fim de semana!

  7. May Pacheco

    nunca havia ouvido falar nele

  8. Smita

    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    n happy birthday to your fav star Ajith :)

  9. Idiot Mind Working

    tooo good.... i loved all these pics... especially the one in whch he is hold that small grl...(is that his daughter)?? i think im gonna be a fan of ajith too...!!!

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