Author: Vijay

All will have their own hobby and show their presentation, method of art and talents too by evaluating their hobby.Like wise my hobby is different and I itself admired my hobby. Hobby makes a mind to thing different and to gain knowledge so that my hobby is like that I itself design things with help of wax, plastic and remote montioring, these are my hobbies. I designed a small hand hold plastic remote car with help of small running motor and a magnet for the remote activation I presented this small car on my science exhibition and I won prizes and more credits for the hand car. Apart from this I done lot of wax toys and wax moulded models for to picturise the art and sculpture and one of my most famous wax design is micky mouse wax I designed that mick mouse wax with different colours and two fibre plates for the internal and external design for the better efficient look now also I kept that in my table it looks like a real mick mouse my friends will say like that and all will especially admire that wax model design.


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