Author: Vijay

Two days of the week are the most enjoyable moment and to gather my old thoughts too, they are most enjoyable and happiest span of time in the week those are nothing but the saturday and sunday weekends. Whenever this weeekend come me and my friend will go to the play ground and we sit there realx for a while and we talk deeply and happily for a long time without observing the time and after the after noon we will go to shopping to buy some new things and we enjoy the way we doing the shopping, all we bought will make us enjoy and that feel we felt while doing shoping is the joy and joy forever and enriches our value of our friendship at the evening time again we will go to the ground along with all my classmates there we plan to play cricket matches and we happily enjoy the play since it is my most favourite game and favourite for my classmates too. Those days are the free and enjoyable days other then the rest of the days in the hectic week always we wait for this weekends right from the beginning of the week starting day itself. And we paln in a extra-ordinary way as how to enjoy this holidays in the weekends and we talk a lot about this to make the weekends intersting and happy.


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