Author: Vijay

Even thopugh this modern world has been undergone several changes in all desigantion and all living modes from the food to clothes. Old and traditioned riched things wont left out from one's mind, like wise a tradition riched old drink of our country is "Coffee" which is my most favourite drink I wont miss my drink. In this modern world there are lot of energy drinks such as cool drinks, fresh juices, many more, but this is old enriched energy drink is the evergreen drink for me. It is rich in milk content which has high vitamin and minerals, it is one of the most energy drink than all. Even in the time of distrubances and head ache period I this drink help us to rejunivate. When ever I felt odd and head ache pains I usually have this drink "coffee" which neutralise me and gives me a energy and makes me fresh after drinking it, such a type of drink this is I felt, chicory mixed very tasty one I takes two times per day. I love Coffee



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