Author: Vijay

Thursday July 09, 2009

It seems to very interesting like a cricket match that much excitement is going on in this budget 2009 of this year, that much of expectations raised from the new set of government as normal peoples we expecting some thing for our welfare in this budget 2009. As a normal citizen I too keep watching this budget 2009 as a test match between India Vs Australia, to dominate the powerful Australian team as like Indian team I have to set some new set of ideas and things to get a role and adapt myself in this budget for to hold the crown at least in future 20-20 matches. Nice comparison know? the fact we all have to pave some budget for our self, that is the biggest and best budget than this mega budget, if we are clean the whole country will clean this is the ultimate result for budget 2009, hope we expect some thing good from our government in turn we will save and lead a good budget for our selves to get the welfare in both side.


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