Author: Vijay

Tuesday July 28, 2009

Yes my dear friends do you think anything bigger while looking upon my title? say? Of course the title is big and interesting thing, but the thing inside is a different one you will definitely laugh while reading this, title alone stands greater. Actually the thing is we played cricket match in my street ground last Sunday, after a long time all our old friends get gathered and played a cricket match, do you know what is the team name for both the teams in this cricket match, my team name is GOOGLE and my opponent team name is YAHOO, what a fun see with, all this things are just for cricket, laugh now.


3 Responses to “YAHOO VS GOOGLE”

  1. mas doyok

    i like google

  2. iseng

    Yup..you're right, first...when I read the title, I really hopes there's a post about Yahoo and Google..well, I guess I'm wrong ^_^.

  3. noreply@ohmerepek

    Hoho. . Why dun use MSN ? Kehkeh

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