Tuesday August 04, 2009

As we all know our team cricket players are so decent and strict followers over the cricket rules especially in the drug and racist issue. But now a new lock has been put forth over the running and enthusiastic cricket players of Indian cricket team, while indulging in matches, appearing for medical test behalf of drugs or any drinks is acceptable and reasonable but beyond this ICC paves a new role for all cricket players which is have to appear all time medical test behalf of drugs even in rest times of cricket. So such a decision makes some bitter thoughts among the players, especially Indian players are always moves to country to country for vacation, family issues, media related stuffs including personal issues, so in this span of schedule appearing for ICC medical tests and other related submissions were create a dilemma for the players, more over Indian cricket players thinking that it will interfere in freedom of an individuality since Indians belong to sovereign social republic country every person have equal rights especially right to freedom over individuality hence so rest of the decision is over the hands of BCCI and players of Indian team, so what is the answer for ICC from BCCI?