Author: Vijay

Friday August 07, 2009

You all know well about Cool Blogs, Did I want to say it again? I know your mind voice you saying no for that since Cool Blogs is very cool to bring all such cool information's to you through the blog world. One more cool and sexy information's is here awaiting for you ladies and gentleman's which is about the world sexiest man survey and winning list recently conducted, you know who is the world sexiest man of course he is my favorite hero too while hearing the result of world sexiest man I merly jumping since my favorite actor who stolen many hearts with fabulous names and fame's through the film Twilight, obviously Mr. Robert Pattinson, we all known him through the role of vampire he holds the title of world sexiest man by beating Johnny Depp, Hugh Jack man , David Beckham, Brad Pitt int he back ward lists, now only I came to know this vampire not only stolen my heart he stolen many hearts as a symbol and credit he won this title in a mega poll.


2 Responses to “WORLD SEXIEST MAN”

  1. Mommy Mayonnaise

    I think people have their own opinion about how sexy other people are. And I’m sure that “cute vampire” is sexy enough; but not for me. I choose Hugh Jackman instead. He is the sexiest man in my version ^_^

  2. vivalasvegas

    "cute vampire" nice lol =D

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