Author: Vijay

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You can find any nation with cricket, I think almost all nations practicing this game, sport or game what so ever, CRICKET stands alone apart from the categories of sports and games. This is the single name which captures every one heart right after 2000, but while thinking about USA, Cricket holds less fame. I had many friends from US that too through blogging and I tend to ask why Cricket is not so popular in your country, much of them don't know what to answer for this but they keep on saying I play Baseball, I play Volleyball, I play Football and I play icehockey, they keep on making a lists like these but for Cricket alone they saying, I watch but I don't know to play.

After analyzing in online, I found the reason behind this is American's have the nature to adopt their own tendency towards their culture, as same they following in their own methods in the games also, they not wish to adopt this Cricket. Hope the generation gap will focus on this game much they try to bring best teams from US to the world of Cricket.


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