Author: Vijay

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Though I studied in a convent right from my primary, after my college only I realized how much I lack in communication skill, especially speaking skills, as per today's position you can gain any kind of degree but without communication you can't get anything right from your personal to professional things, English is so much important but I struggled to acquire this language since my mother language is not English, I have practiced all things in my mother language, so it's a struggle to improve a foreign language but this alone helpful for professional things though you can have so many degree's, as frank after blogging only I improved to some extent in the English communication but I need to improve much, hope I will. Cheers....



  1. aterhea

    hi there.happy valentines.well, i agree.communication is really that important even in day-to-day basis.by the way, can we exchange links?

  2. rich

    hi there.u have a great blog.u write well. what a talent for communication! keep it up! friend, can we exchange links pls?..thanks

  3. heart

    hello there.how r u today? hope everything goes well. is it ok if we exchange links? thanks.it will be an honor if you say yes.

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