Monday, February 22, 2010

As I already said, my mother tongue is different, I had a good practice in my mother tongue, I will do that language with good accent, good modulation, good pronunciation and also with a good presentation. Though i studied in convent school, they gave much importance to ten subjects for the public examination, along with them I too didn't focus on Spoken English(communication) since I too don't have time to develop such skills, as an average student I keep on concentrating on my subjects right from my school to college studies, so in such case they asking to develop your communication skills particularly spoken English means, am struggling a lot. though you hold a technical degree without a good communication( that too specifically with a language of English) it's not easy to acquire a job. Do you know why they telling like so, since we all independent on other English countries in all official aspects right from Software development to production technology sectors. So how one can improve a good communication skills for official purpose that too in a shorter span of time with excellent grammar and fluent in speaking. I too have did so many mistakes, right from the school I don't have the habit of reading English novels and general books apart from my examination subject books, because of this am individually struggling to improve my communication skills.



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    This article reminds me when I started to learn to speak in English, thanks

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