Sunday, April 18, 2010

As a artist in cinemas everything is tough but very tough thing is comedy, the famous comedians of the world Charlie-Chaplin know this and stated this, in the same style there is a combination in Indian cinemas particularly in the Tamil film industry, these couples had did more than 500 films in Tamil and made a huge of comedies in the style of charlie-Chaplin , they are Goundamani and Senthil.

Especially Goundamani who is famous for all kind of roles, he did as hero, villain, character based roles, wide range of comedian roles in more than 500 films. Each of the comedies are outstanding, none of the Indian artist can do this, though Goundamni scolds others in films, his way of expression and modulation are decent and so sensible along with comedies this fellow make the people to think about some sort of issue in a practical form in such way his dialogues has been framed by himself, but today comedy artists was so boring they don't what they doing in the screens and they making the mode of comedies in a rubbish format. Goundamani you are a lesson for all actors in Indian film industry, really you are a legend to be get credited soon. Goundamani rocks .....



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  3. Anonymous

    So sad that you campared great legend Charlie Chaplin to Goundamani. Charlie Chaplin is a man who made us laugh through his actions,walking,facial expressions,good story and lot more. He didnt make us laugh by recieving vulgar scoldings or beatings from others. City Lights, The Circus are some of his great movies.Couldnt agree with your point friend :)

  4. vinoth

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  5. Cool Blogs

    hi friends dnt get confuse since I compared world great comedians, with goundamni and senthil who are in Tamil cinemas.....

    pls understand they followin in charlee-chaplin style in a combination mode of making comedies,,,,but they two are entirely different in modes of making and presenting comedy,,,,,,,Charlee-Chaplin are outstanding they are very genric and full pledged form of comedians they are... none can deliver comedy like them... few of my frnds misunderstanding after reading this posts.. common yar... just think how can one compare Charlee-chjaplin with Goundamani-senthil.......

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