Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hey my friends our great national leaders dream and wish are came together today that too through a couple, hope you know who that couple is? I know peoples you were so clever than me in this internet world, before I finding a gossip you peoples were know A to Z of that story, though this is the post am writing for the leaders and peoples who wish India and Pakistan should be a friends and join as neighbors by leaving the unwanted violence, jealous, misunderstanding between the modern age by trusting the old methods and concepts, thus by spoiling the new generations by implementation the old methods in the form of wars and freedom.

Yes friends our super lady Sania Mirza, for the past three years she is famous all over the world, especially our elementary school students they don't even know their school teachers name who teaching the syllabus but they were keen and know all things about Sania Mirza.

Yes this Indian lady got engaged with our( Sorry please don't use Pakistan, at least now onwards treat that country as our friend) cricket captain Shoaib Malik.

What a combination this is? (India and Pakistan getting combined., )
One doubt where the marriage will be?(think that might be in Afghanistan at Laden's den)

Crazy world this and too crazy peoples here without knowing the real fact of the life and world.

Just think on yourself( every one).



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