Author: Vijay

Sunday January 04, 2009

After a long time, yesterday I went to my friend’s house. Already while going itself I felt hunger but I can’t able to tolerate my hunger, in such a position also I didn’t open my mouth. But my friend gave a surprise to me, he asked me to come for kitchen, there awaiting a big surprise. He gave a box to me and he asked to open the box. I was very much eager to open the box, to find what is inside in the box. After opening two hundred percent happy and surprised to see AMERICAN PIZZA inside the box, he asked me to take this. Already were in hunger, I thought this is a good and much better treat at the right time, then I hug my friend after some time we started to eat that delicious American pizza.


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  1. gukguks


  2. News Cyber

    mmm yammi.. i like it.. pizza.. pizza

  3. silemot

    wow i like this....mmmmmmm

  4. silemot

    wow...i like this....mmmmmmm

  5. sjboygroup

    wew,, i love that

  6. MyGambir

    yummy yummy....

  7. Atca

    A good your friend...I want the American pizza...hmmmmm yumyyy he..he..

  8. Soft.Request

    waw PIZZA...i like it...thank visited

  9. jauji

    hhmm.. pizza i like it,,, link back,,
    and give your comment in my post ...!! oke...

    i'm indonesian....

  10. flowers

    nyam...nyam..nyam.. feel hungry to see this post

  11. flowers

    nyam...nyam...nyam feel hungry

  12. just apple

    omg i wan pizza...is that really nice.>.<'

  13. Gagaukon


  14. weide

    I am hungry... :) BTW, can you link my blog?


  15. weide

    I am hungry... :) BTW, can we exchange blog link?

  16. iceah

    wow, love that it's been awhile since i tasted that again c:

  17. Tony

    Make me hungry and wants to have a pice of pizza :D


  18. Anonymous

    it really looks so delicious. yumyum!

  19. marvz

    i love pizza!



  21. Cellphone Issue, Tip's and Trick's

    Greeting from Indonesia. Hmm, it's same as Indonesian pizza. In pizza hut. I prefer pizza that thin like in turtles.

    blog tag:

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  23. aan


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